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  • DarkCover


    Some have seen my selective posts this last year commenting on agreed status of a feeling of an aged creative wondering why, about my daughter being diagnosed with cerebral palsy, and the hole I found myself in and struggling to dig out of, but had begun and was feeling good.

    Long story short I lost my gig of nearly 12 years where I was beyond loyal (70hr weeks, nights, weekends and neglecting myself, wife, and now family to maintain) to people who clearly aren’t loyal in return as I find myself jobless.

    Had that gig too long maybe and even when bad, I had it, and wasn’t going anywhere. With that, even though I was often jealous of the freelance life, or agency level clients, I laughed as I’d tell recruiters with contract work to buzz off cause I had a gig I could keep till I died. That was recently proven wrong in a very scapegoat, untrue, hassle of an ordeal that leaves me without options or even un-employment which I’d hate to collect but would with my kiddos situation. The nonsense was part of a company wide re-org and a very minor offense with no discussion removing my somewhat tenured salary as an easy target for a sales driven and failing company.


    Anyhow had a few solid leads for new FT that fell apart, with one dragging on weeks and thought was a sure thing with the conversations happening and died today. My runway of PTO pay is running out and need work.

    Yes, I searched the broadcasts but having been 12 years into FT my freelance clients for fun money have fallen off, so far upWork isn’t coming through as I’d hoped it might and told myself maybe this was the time to go FT freelance, and now may have to resort to other skills like bartending from colleges days or Uber if I don’t get something coming in soon or till I do :(.

    Anyone have other ideas on freelance searches/apps/sites or even work. On, upwork, fiver, meeting tomorrow to solidify toptal and using my entire network of fiends, acquaintances and vendors at this point.

    FYI - 15 year vet with digital focus, eCommerce, UI\UX and more. Was running a team of 14 with designers, copywriters, producers, photographers, retouchers and outside development. All those years and team management I have solid chops but not the agency style work for portfolio viewing whoch spreads a wide range of verticals that attracts agencies and similars attention being in house so long.

    Any leads or advise welcome.


  • docpoz-2

    Try your LinkedIn contacts. Keep positive. Life may become more exciting than it ever was.

    • I have been leveraging all my contacts via linkedIn, vendors and more. One that fell apart was a vendor and was told for weeks it was a lock...then wasnt.DarkCover
    • The loop repeats. Its a numbers game in a multiverse, bro.docpoz
    • PS - I am looking at it like a good thing. Probably needed the kick to move on from that gig as it wasn't that pleasant but loved the team I built from scratchDarkCover
    • ...know my next moves will have me and and my family in a better place and putting positive vibes towards it just need some work till i find out what that isDarkCover
    • Alright.docpoz
  • antimotion0

    I've been laid off a couple times - first the studio shut down (this was in 2009, so that was the norm in the U.S. for smaller spots due to crazy economy). Then last year after the company was purchased by a tech firm - they "deleted" the marketing department - only 1 or 2 people there now just to keep the lights on.

    The whole time, I maintained small freelance gigs and in general tried to keep up with folks and always attempt to connect with new people to stay fresh.

    Now I don't make $h:+ but I gotta say, I'm so much happier than dealing with the grind. Steady can be nice, yes, but when your mind becomes complacent with the same pattern, office, chatter, gossip, whatever, you lose touch of your being.

    I've found that working on personal projects that aren't necessarily money makers nor were ever intended to be are some of the first things people mention when they find me on networks or I reach out for work...

    There is absolutely no magic key to gain work but I stay positive and attempt to focus on that with every cell in my body -

    When you think of everything at the same time, it can be overwhelming for sure - it feels like your mind is being crushed as worrisome thoughts run through your head - that is exactly the time to seriously take a step back and just breath. Go to the park, beach, whatever you have to do to clear some of that static out.... The brain needs oxygen, so that should be first on the schedule.

    Things will happen if your head is clear - if you're unable to focus, you may actually miss great opportunities.

    In regard to personal projects - those I believe are key to self focus and another way to crush the crazy... Doing these may actually have a real chance at leading you towards something you truly enjoy because you put your heart into it.

    I was never a facebook user and to this day hardly look at or post frequently, but I highly recommend joining relevant groups and maybe even groups that may be a little off the beaten path - it helps to see other things out there. The better ones are really well moderated - not too many adds or too much self promotion...

    Also in reference to off-the-beaten-path - since you're digital focus if I read right, I just saw a post for Disney to create software for the new star wars film - if you know some good code languages, spots like that are seriously salivating for cats like you because everything is digital now.

    Anyways, I'm sure some folks here will post some interesting advice - Just know that we've all been there in some capacity and so I can only wish you the best of luck on your new found endeavor. Be well.

    • well said, you're right about personal projects, looking inward and creating for yourself is good for the soulspot13
    • For sure taking some time to breath. Got our on the HOG more thana few times and hit the hills which helps but doesn' change the fact I going to drain savingsDarkCover
    • *out on the HOG
      ...that I need to help care for my handicap daughter. Major debbie downer but about the kiddo and trying to not let that affect me but does.
  • antimotion0

    This might not be your focus, but you never know:…

    • I am in digital but more on creative UI/US over hard core code. Appreciate the link and a job for Disney would be swell.DarkCover
  • robotron3k-4

    Dark, sounds like something is first not right with your portfolio, second, it could also be an issue with your approach/mindset. Do you want to share a link?

  • Hayoth0

    share your port. I may have resources for you.

    • just post your 'resources', it may help others whom are lurking.plash
    • I would rather be a little more personal about introductions and want to really understand darkcover skills.Hayoth
    • Hayoth, down to share with you but defeats purpose of being DarkCover to share my port with my name etc inline. Appreciate the help if down to keep my Cover.DarkCover
  • Taschen0

    Good luck in whatever you do

  • shellie0

    Portfolio? I'm looking for another remote UX/designer. California a plus.

    • Thanks Shellie, same as message to Hayoth. Appreciate the help if down to help keep my Cover. I'm in CO but have many years working remote.DarkCover
  • DarkCover-1

    Those of you who offered to help (Hayoth, Shellie) I am happy to share my info and port privately... As you have probably seen, I have shared some personal issues like my child's cerebral palsy and others, so I would prefer those things to not be attached me, my email, or work on the inter-webs. Those things are why I created the DarkCover username instead of using the one I have had since 2003 if not earlier.

    Checked your profiles and don't see emails for you or would have just sent over. Let me know how to connect if down. Thanks!!