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    Looking for a pad/portfolio that looks decent and, ideally, can hold a Moleksine-ish book (so a smaller case).

    The only one I've found that looks good is Tumi's and it starts at $150 for the cheap version (I don't mind paying for quality and design, but that's getting up there). The only one's I've found for Moleskine (most hold 8.5x11 lined pads) are on Etsy and look way too hand made/rustic.

    If it could hold a Note9 that would be wonderful, too.

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    I believe Moleskine might even make one.

    • Oh. Sorry. I thought you meant a portfolio itself. My bad.monospaced
    • Thanks, but yeah...they should. It seems like it would be good to have a design oriented case-thing that had a sketch padformed
    • Some of the generic ones are ok, but I can't stand lined notepads for anythingformed