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  • piperboytoy

    Hi all,

    I just finished working on my portfolio, It took a while since I have been busy with a bunch of side projects.

    I'm happy with things but to warn you, I used Adobe myportfolio instead of making my own.

    Anyway please have a look and let me know what you think:

  • _niko2
  • kona0

    The link above wasn't working for me.

    Overall, I love it man. Scrolling through, I really enjoyed how you chose to showcase your work. First paragraph, second sentence seems to run long and maybe could use a comma?! I'm no copywriter though.

    I think it's pretty great. Well done.

  • hans_glib1

    The last six years I work on defining brands...

    should be

    For the last six years I have worked on defining brands...


    Over the last six years I have worked on defining brands

    • There are also a bunch of unnecessary commas in that text.yuekit
    • Thanks, I will refine the writing, Its something i have been trying to improve over the past 2 years.piperboytoy
  • Projectile0

    Nice man, love it.

    Client list could do with a bunch of monochrome logos to liven up the page, at present it's a whole extra page just to read one paragraph.

    or perhaps a few samples of work with the mentioned brands

    • thanks, I thought about it and will probably work on that as an update. I just wanted to get this up.

      Will try to link them to the work. I just have so much.
  • shapesalad0

    Not keen on the typography / font choice. I get why you choose it, but it's feeling a bit dated. Or at least too bold.

    Not sure how easy it is in adobe my portfolio but not sure you need the grid gap between the menu covers not the front page.

    Also you could perhaps define 3 levels of typography hierarchy for the hover text that appears over covers. Currently it's a bit of a cluster. For example

    [Biggest size, bold font] – PDA Lifestyle
    [line break]
    [smaller size than ^, medium bold] – Brand and apparel Design
    [as you have it] – Branding Lead Design

    • *on the front pageshapesalad
    • thanks, I'll look at the typography and see if i can do some. I think the 3 level type isn't a possibility on the cover since the last 2 items are things I did.piperboytoy
  • Hayzilla0

    Nice work mate.

    1. About me and Clients page could do with some imagery on the left I feel. Bit sparse otherwise.

    2. Maybe push the concept/comp stuff down the order a bit? If 75% of the first 5 you look at are not actual client work the site could come across as a students site to people visiting quickly.

    3. As an aside, that gradient on the Phluid tile needs sorting. Too much banding

    • Thanks for checking. Some of them are work in progress, I guess i don't have to put them up but I been doing more brand design over the past few years.piperboytoy
    • the Phluid tile I'll fix. I just got that from their site which is already like that.piperboytoy
  • yuekit0

    I think you could get rid of the popup/zoom functionality considering that in most cases it produces a smaller version of the image. And seems especially odd on the About and Services pages.

    The logo for the site doesn't quite feel up to par with the work itself.

    Really like the piece you did for the Chinese school.

    • Thanks just fixed the popup. Yeah logo I haven't really spent much time on considering I'm mostly working on the projects and site. Will revisit for sure.piperboytoy
  • detritus0

    "woman aspiring to stay fitness with an active lifestyle"
    "woman aspiring to stay fit with an active lifestyle"

    I don't understand or like the half split text - why are you making my head move so much?

    Did you fucking disable my right-click, motherfucker? Why?

    The ph piece looks horrible, as hayzilla says - what on earth is going on with the compression there?

    if i'm honest - I don't like the figure styles in your concept artwork. Sorry, not my bag. Reminiscent of things I don't have respect for. in fact, i might consider knocking out all the concept stuff - i'm not sure what it usefully adds.

    the impact of your graphic work, which seems solid, is lessened by stuff i'm not sure of the commercial value of.

    • In fact, I might even consider splitting this into two sites - one just pure graphic portfolio work, the other the fashion development research 'stuff'.detritus
    • Tbh, at my age and having encountered a lot of people 'in fashion' with 'ideas' i find it all very off-putting and bullshitty. Sorry.detritus
    • OK, Adobe disabled my right-click, those motherfuckers.detritus
    • Thanks for your comments. Are you referring to the illustrations when you mentioned figure styles?piperboytoy
    • Yes. Also, I'm a blunt Northerner, so please ignore the tone of my language, I'm just to the point. With swearwords.detritus
    • You're removed some stuff about fashion and clean water goals, haven't you?detritus
    • *You've, even. Can't type today.detritus
    • Its ok, i like blunt, i think we sugar coat too much in life but some realness is appreciated. No i didn't remove that. Its still my goal!piperboytoy
    • i want to position myself to do more brand and illustrations, so I'm including those and will just replace things as I go, but it gives me room to do my own toopiperboytoy
  • omahadesigns0

    Your tagline has too many jobs. Just call yourself a "creative director" or designer.

    • Thanks, yeah I will simplify.piperboytoy
    • idea, remove all those grey titles and put your name and role under the site name on the landing page, "The portfolio site of Your Name, Your Title"robotron3k
  • desmo0

    Work looks good but my gripe is that you should better define your priorities as a designer. Are you focused on fashion, branding, print? It feels like you've dropped a large chunk of work on the viewer and have left it up to them to sort it out. Maybe work on the overall UX a bit more. Divide the navigation into your categories of work?

    • thats true, I always have been doing a lot outside of digital space and these are things I like working on. I would like to add a filter or secondary nav.piperboytoy