New Markup Language?

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  • cannonball1978

    Considering how complicated designing the internet has become, I'm wondering of HTML is the best foundational markup language for displaying a page now.

    What if people designed a new markup language from the ground up, knowing what we know now about the drawbacks of designing pages, and where the needs for designing pages might be headed?

    What would that look like?

  • detritus0

    What would need be different for html itself? It's just markup.

    HTML5 in its most basic form seems like a fairly good result after years of to'ing and fro'ing, and then that whole hard XHTML separation of church and state mess.

    Having DIVs and hard-described distinctions between things like Headers, Footers and different media types is all you really need at the base level.

    Now then, CSS could do with a complete re-set - that's where all the difficulties lie.

    CSS Grid's pretty cool, but still seems like a bit of a cludge.

    I'd also enourage a solid think about SVG too, as that's the sort of domain that, along with JS, could allow people to do the old flash-style stuff that everyone misses... it's just too complex right now for most people to get their head around (sure, there's Greensock et al, but that's not for punters or morons like me).

    Some fucker needs to come up with a decent app that mimics the best of flash and spits it out in non-propriety forms...

  • prophetone0

    I'm not sure about complicated... I think there are many many options out there now, frameworks etc. I think it's more about adopting a 'keep it simple' approach, or implementing something with a tailored fit and zero bloat. So if I'm selling socks I probably shouldn't be looking at a $60 WP template built on 4 languages, has 23 JS scripts running and 14 query effects applied.

    • But I guess it depends on how kewl the socks areprophetone
    • Over recent years I'd often found myself envious and bamboozled when I see younguns and their frameworks and dependencies...detritus
    •'s only recently I've realised that a fuckload of their use is by rotae, and barely understood. It leads to so much bloat.
      Shit needs to be simple again
    • *rotedetritus
    • facebook is built on phpimbecile
    • i thought they moved away from php. i dunno.dorf
    • facebook is built on Hack, which is a php derivative. All the performance intensive work is done in C++.section_014
    • @det, see my blogpostfadein11
    • i had it in mind when I wrote ;)detritus
    • you're selling rocks?notype
    • How about doing something to fuck all the low-poly template and plugin factories?sted
  • soundofreason1

    To answer your question, it would probably look like this.

    • KILL THIS WITH FIRE.Continuity
    • "Oh hello... (clears throat with fist to mouth) like, barrrrrrk..."prophetone
  • section_0142

    HTML is fine. I'm not sure that a new markup language is necessary. Plus, when they added all the nifty new tags like <aside> and <nav>, everyone still used <div> for everything.

    It's the DOM and CSS that need to fuck off into oblivion. Yes, Flex Box and the new Grid are leaps and bounds better than the nightmare we dealt with in the 00's and early 10's. But, the DOM is still a hot, bloated mess.

  • Maaku0

    We surely don't need 40+ different brands of cars that all do the same thing, but we all like options. Eliminate options and things will be simpler.

    • Too many frameworks that do the same thing, too many browsers, etc, etc.Maaku
    • Frameworks really piss me off. They are frames = cages = restrictive. If you want to do something not supported, then you hit a roadblock.shapesalad