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  • piperboytoy


    I've been working on a research blog on sustainable designs, architecture, fashion, artists. As a hobby and to learn about circular design. My original intentions were to find beautifully design upcycled brands and products that are noncrafts looking.

    Almost all content is curated, and I have plans to do some original material like video stories from artists and designers on the environment and their practices, etc.

    My mission is to inform, inspire action curbing climate change. There are a lot of women's sustainable blogs, and I want to make mine to be more gender neutral, targeting males. I wanted to create more content to respond to the toxic masculinity and its negative impact on the environment.…...

    Love to get some feedback from this creative community. I've only just started, and now I'm trying to figure out what I should focus on next.

    Any feedback would be appreciated.

  • Hayzilla2

    Nice looking site.

    Every photo is of women, womens clothing, baking etc. And generally looks 100% like ladies work for ladies. Not that I care but you said it was aimed at lads right? Or maybe I don't get your point.

    • Thanks, I agree, that was how I started since it was easier to find women's fashion. I do want to find more content that more geared towards men.piperboytoy
    • Needs more dick pics ;-)Hayzilla
    • lolpiperboytoy
  • piperboytoy0

    Also are there content that you liked and if there are things that would make you want to come back?

  • detritus1

    Your email-wanting drippy-background overlay that imposes itself as soon as the site loads is the sort of thing that makes me instantly close websites down - *especially* when the close X is a tiny little thing hidden in a corner. That's really annoying and anti-user. if I like your site, I'll sign up. I literally don't see the point or use of asking for an email the minute I land on a site.

    As Hayzilla says - this distinctly looks like its targetting women, not men.

    imho - more immediate content, less scrollyscrolly.

    • lol, fucking squarespace. You realise your website is over 13Mb?detritus
    • sorry, for clarification: "the first 'page' of the site, not the entire thing"detritus
    • 5Mb of Javascript, and a half megabyte index file. ffs, squarespace should be banned.detritus
    • or, better yet, taken out back and shot in the head.detritus
    • lol, detritus, you have a real hate-on for site size :)Gnash
    • I'm no web-head, but does it really matter that much anymore? loaded quickly for meGnash
    • Prossibly not, but it should. *Especially* in regards to inefficient JS - all that shit needs to be compiled and run = high bandwidth and processing overheads.detritus
    • (i'm pretty ignorant of that back-endie stuff - but if a site takes too long to load I always bail, so I guess it's relevant)Gnash
    • Thanks I will update that image as its not that nice and i kinda forgot.piperboytoy
  • utopian1

    My first impression is...that overall the design is clean, but it does not feel like a sustainable design website/blog. I also don't feel that the "Aurora Borealis" image translates as sustainable design. The interior pages are nicely designed, easy to scan and read.

    I would also find a way to make the site look and feel more curated. This can simply be done by crediting the writer, featured artist, etc...with their name, small pic and a link to their bio in the intro of each article on the site. This would also help personalize the webpages.


    • Thanks for the curated idea, I didn't think about that going into it but will work on that.piperboytoy
  • shapesalad1

    at first the main page was empty below "SUSTAINABLE LIFESTYLE", I scrolled down, "WE VALUE THE BEAUTY THAT..." started to load up, then suddenly whole page taken over with an annoying email signup thing(man I hate these so much).

    By this time, I'd had enough. Now I'll read your post and see what it's all about.

  • Hayzilla1

    Pages like this feel a bit disjointed/messy. Font wise.…

    Before the story even starts on this page there are all kinds of fonts, cases and colours...
    1. aktiv-grotesk
    2. proxima
    3. vinyl
    4. bodoni
    5. brandon-grotesque

    I liked the zero waste article. Could maybe spread that over 5 different posts to make the content go further.

    I was less interested in the Africa article. Difficult why to say without sounding racist or elitist but I can't really relate my efforts to climate change with small craftsmen in poor countries. Like you know, a boy making toy cars from bottle tops. Personal opinion sorry.

    • The newsletter signup over the whole page pissed me off.Hayzilla
    • Thanks Hayzilla, I don't know why i didn't see that. I guess i've mostly been focusing on finding and curating relevant content. But now I'm going to clean up.piperboytoy
  • detritus1

    Further to what Hazilla says about fonts - you're loading in multiple weights fo each, which adds on even more to the page weight than I mentioned above...

    aktiv-grotesk, 4 weights
    baskerville-urw, 2 weights
    brandon-grotesque, 8 weights
    ltc-bodoni-175:, 1 weight
    proxima-nova, 3 weights
    vinyl, 2 weights

    20 fonts! Impressive.

    • *Hayzilla.detritus
    • oh man thats crazy. I'm actually just using square space and did not realize I have all those fonts. It might have been because I switched templates.piperboytoy
  • Gnash1

    I'd prefer to see a little more than just the title of the article. perhaps add a few lines from the opening paragraph in order to add a little dynamics to each entry.

    also, at the top of each entry think about adding the category the article falls under; maker / art / design / ... But small, like the date.

    I find the 'mission statement" panel (the arctic scene) will become annoying after visiting the site a few times. I think it's okay for an occasional "plug" of some initiative you may support but it's intrusive with repetition.

  • uan1

    "inspire action curbing climate change"
    I miss a list of possible actions in a prominent position. simple ones but also more difficult ones.

    found something like 'buy a reusable water bottle' which misses the point, because you could just recycle a bottle you already have as a reusable water bottle. but the tip on the site says to buy a new one, which will use more resources and produce more waste.

  • oey0

    is it down or is it my connection?
    ah! there it is!

  • piperboytoy0

    Thanks all for your feedback. I will take a look and address them all. This is very helpful and I thank you for giving me the time of day in my personal quest.