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    Free Space Optics equipment(For short: FSO) is a communication mode that uses the laser to transmit information through the atmosphere. FSO equipment can transmit a variety of data, voice, image information. The system has the advantages of no electromagnetic interference, flexible network mobility, high communication reliability, good secrecy and high cost-effectiveness, and has wide application prospect.

    Compared with radio communication, FSO is excellent at these aspects: without diverting any radio frequency resources, good electromagnetic compatibility, strong ability of anti-electromagnetic interference, No interfere other transmitting equipment and strong confidentiality. The system has the advantages of easy to install, easy to use, it is suitable for work in a place special topography and where wired communication is difficult to work and meet high mobility requirements. Compared with the optical fiber communication, FSO communication has a flexible and efficient network construction, operational safety, cannot easily be tapped, can be moved and upgrade, etc. Thus, free space optics equipment can greatly improve the communication capacity of optical communication system.

    GEM LASER Co., Ltd international cooperation together with Russia laser expert, developed several advanced FSO equipment, with technical indicators leading international, high reliability, high-cost effectiveness and so on.

    Free Space Optics equipment Parameters
    1. Very high transmission rate, up to 10Gbit /s
    2. Maximum communication distance up to 7km, Double-channel ensures7km of link distance even in case of bad weather.
    3. The minimum laser beam divergence angle of 0.2mard. Effectively block other signal effects
    4. A fast automatic tracking system (ATP), It can effectively prevent the beam drift
    5. Double channel function with FSO and radio channels. In normal circumstances, using FSO channel;But in heavy fog or other bad weather,automatically switching to the radio channel so that to maintain the stability of communications.

    Atmospheric Laser Communication Equipment

    Free Space Optics Equipment for Sale

    GEM Free Space Optics Equipment

    Free Space Optics equipment is the use of laser through the atmosphere for information transmission of a communication. Atmospheric laser communication equipment can transmit a variety of data, voice, image information, with no electromagnetic interference, flexible network, flexible communication, good confidentiality, cost-effective advantages, the application prospect is very broad. Compared with radio communication, atmospheric laser communication has the characteristics of non-crowding radio frequency resources, good electromagnetic compatibility, strong anti-electromagnetic interference, and does not interfere with other transmission equipment, strong confidentiality and so on.

    Atmospheric Laser Communication Equipment

    Atmospheric laser communication system uses fiber laser with wavelength of 1.54μm (eye-safety wavelength)as the light source, The advantageous is as follows : High quality beam, Stable performance, strong penetration, can be used in bad weather situation to achieve a point to point communication at distance of 0.2~3km . anti-interference, good security . It is widely useful for field exploration operations and measurements.