Acoustic Optics Q Switch for Sale

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    The acousto-optic Q switch is a functional element that acts as a controlled variable loss in the laser cavity. The laser pulse can be used to convert the continuous laser power output into laser pulse output with high peak power, Our company developed the sound and light acousto-optic Q switch.

    The use of patented technology, high-efficiency shutdown, the required drive power is small, reliable high.

    Acoustic Optics Q Switch

    Acoustic optics Q switch Features
    using the domestic quartz crystal to replace the commonly used fused silica crystal, as the sound and light medium. Its excellent performance, Low price, switch more efficient.
    simplifies the cooling of the waterway, to avoid the congestion caused by complex waterways, thereby reducing the probability of heat damage to the switch.
    for multi-mode non-polarized solid-state lasers, small polarized/unpolarized solid-state diode-pumped lasers.
    fiber coupling: Q switch and single-mode fiber coupling.