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  • bezoar1

    Nice toys! If you need prototypes gimme a shout. One of the studios I work for specializes in resin prototypes. Bezoar5000 at g mail.

    • yeah man! shooting you an email nowMiguex
    • this is good know, thanks bezutopian
    • ur welcome. this is the place I'm at https://www.facebook…bezoar
    • sweetimbecile
    • oh shit! you're just a couple hours north of me, ever take in visitors?imbecile
    • Yes, but the studio is going through some rennovations. The building owners took away half the studio so all the cool shit is in storage. Still neat tho.bezoar
    • Imbecile shoot me an email and we can set up a visitbezoar
    • sweet!imbecile
  • dopepope0

    There really isn't a 'cheap' option. It's just 'fucking expensive', and 'really fucking expensive'. I just sculpted a monster for some company. The guy said the molds alone cost him 25 K and to manufacture 100 figures will cost an additional 60K. They look great tho. Just released his Kickstarter today.…

  • imbecile0

    You might look into TPE; large durometer range, very affordable material.

    The molds are probably going to cost you though, that's usually the investment.

    I saw a range of $2,300 - $6,300 this week just for the single release mold for a 100mm x 100mm x 34mm part

    Prototype printing will not be cheap. Sculpting originals may be a more cost effective route?

    It appears those examples are multi-piece then assembled, increasing manufacturing costs.

    • they are actually a solid single piece, no movable parts. They are just good resolution. At least it's what I'm aiming for (the one w the cat could be 2 parts)Miguex
    • Yeah prototyping is pricey, I was quoted about $600 for resin, one for testing one for molding so it would be $1200 just on protoMiguex
    • I think resin might be more in my price range, but will look into TPE thanks!Miguex
  • fyoucher10

    Put them into some sorta creative small container / package where a kid would have to remove it strategically and they'd sell like hotcakes. Like an egg that breaks apart (think hatchables). Kids go nutz for that kind of shit.

    • oh yeah, I have nephews haha.
      I'm doing these for adults though
  • Miguex

    Hey, I have an idea for a designer toy series, i've been experimenting with 3D modeling for 3D Printing (quite different from what I've been doing with motion graphics turns out).

    Vinyl is out of my price range and also order minimums are too big for me. I want to do several toys on small batches hopefully under 300 units.

    After some research it looks like the way to go its polyresin which allow for smaller orders.

    Ideally I'm looking for similar size and quality to the PUTITTO series cpasule toys.

    They are about 2.5 inch tall and nice quality, smooth surface with nice level of detail for what I need.

    Anyone know where could I get started with these, been talking to a few reps on alibaba but I don't know what I'm doing, maybe someone here has some experience and can help me get started?