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  • CGN

    Looking for a hologram projector for an event. Know of any companies that are leading it and that are selling them?

  • sarahfailin0

    This is an awesome idea. I also want holograms at my events!!

  • utopian0
  • CGN0

    New Technologies

    Researchers at Brigham Young University in Utah made something they’re calling an Optical Trap Display (OTD). The device traps a tiny opaque particle in mid-air using an invisible laser beam, then moves the beam around a preset path in free space.


  • Miguex0

    I don't think the technology to create holograms exist, at least not at a commercial level.

    A hologram would mean that if you walk around the projected object/ subject you would be able to see all sides of it, as if you walked around a person or an object. There is no optimal point of view, if your stand on the left of the subject and I stand on it's right side we would both see a different angle of the same object.

    What it's available is flat 2d projection on translucent materials, like skrim or plexiglass that will bounce light and everything that is black is not bounces so it looks translucent. But everyone in the audience get the same exact point of view of the subject projected because its a 2d projection, exactly like on the movie theater, nothing changes other than the material projected on.

    There's the peper's ghost illustion, much like some of the old arcades if you remember in the 90s the "Sega Time traveler"

    Or recently revived with the tupac performance at coachella

    There's also a new type of LED panels that are translucent, the cables are super thin and they are packed on the edges of every panel leaving the screen area clean of hardware looks pretty dope, but its also not a hologram.

    I worked on a project for a dj called Flosstradamus where basically I had to render 4 views of ever animation so it can be mapped onto a pyramid

    Front, Left, Right, Back renders to simulate all sides of the object, but it's still a 2D projection mapped into 4 sections

    Basically it was this concept

    so, whenever you see "hologram" it's probably not, at least not now.

    A cheap way to do the simulation is get some sort of scrim fabric, fibers separated enough so when lights are off you dont see the material, but thick enough to to stop light

    Then make your renders with 90s 3D look, lots of wireframe with glows and you are on your way to recreate the illusion of a hologram, most people will take photos and tag it: #OMGREALHOLOGRAM and stuff like that haha

    • Technically a hologram is viewable largely from one angle. A volumetric display, is the ever-desired but largely impossible Leia thing we all want.detritus