Fault check and maintenance of special tubing head spool and casing head joint

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    Casing hanger also has a main seal and seal design, the main casing hangers types are rubber seal and seal USES is square type "O" ring seal in the form of combination of vice seal is to use "BT" sealing ring and sealing grease (PTFE) was injected through the seal.

    1. Seal ring leakage of two flange joints.

    If leakage occurs in the sealing gasket ring of the two flange joints, the main seal or secondary seal of the casing hanger has been leaked, and it may be that both the main seal and the secondary seal are leaking. The cause of the main seal leakage is square seal is damaged or heat expansion will casing pipe hanger upward lift, causing party type sealing ring seal effect, so should pay special attention to when the casing hanger, square seal damage can not be cut. The reason for the secondary seal leakage is that the "BT" sealing ring cannot be sealed. (PTFE should be injected into the "BT" sealing ring after the tubing head is connected with the casing head. With the increase in the production time of the wellhead, the PTFE in the "BT" sealing ring will slowly drain away, so that the seal of the "BT" sealing ring will slowly fail, which means that the auxiliary seal will not work.

    Treatment method:

    1. The solution to the leakage of the auxiliary seal.

    By injecting teflon into the "BT" sealing ring through the grease hole in the special four-way of the tubing head, the "BT" sealing ring is excited to "hold" the casing hanger, thus achieving the sealing effect.

    2. Solution of main seal leakage.

    Primary seal if leakage occurs, through tight wire casing spool flange on the top, make the casing hanger moves down, stimulate the square on the hanger sealing, so as to achieve the purpose of sealing. It is also possible to inject a large amount of sealing grease to compensate the leakage gap through a pressure hole in the special four-way lower flange of the tubing head.

    Through a and b steps later, can be through tubing head spool is a special flange of a pressure test hole check main seal leakage resolved, if solved, can the tubing head spool is a special flange and casing on the spool flange connection bolts are tight, so as to solve the leakage problem between two flanges.

    3. Leakage of top wire.

    The leakage of the top wire indicates that the main seal or auxiliary seal of the hanger has been leaking, or it may be that the main sub-seal has been leaking, which may be replaced by the top wire sealing ring after the 1.1 treatment method.

    4. Maintenance and maintenance.

    Seal the "BT" seal regularly (once every 6 months) to ensure that the "BT" seal can be reliably sealed.

    Check the flange connecting bolt and the top screw cap regularly, and tighten it immediately if it is loose.

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  • CyBrainX0

    That is one fine tubing head spool. Congratulations!