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    The tubing head is a device or nipple with flanges at both ends. Before perforating, install it on top of the top casing head. To support the tubing, and seal the annulus space between the tubing and the production casing. It also provides an entrance to the casing and tubing ring space through the side outlet.

    all types of tubing head

    Function of tubing head.

    Suspension well tubing string.

    The annular space between the sealing tubing and the casing.

    Provide a transition connection for the casing head and the tree.

    The two sides of the tubing head can be used for water injection and well washing.

    The structure of the tubing head.

    The tubing head consists of tubing head, tubing hanger, sealing device, top wire, gate valve, pressure gauge and flange. The top of the tubing is connected to the tree by a flanged flanged flange. The form of the connection is flanged and clamped.

    1). Tubing hanger

    The tubing hanger is a device that sits in the cone of the tubing head and is used to hang the tubing string and provides a seal between the hanging tubing and the cone seat of the tubing. Offshore oil and gas well completion is generally under subsurface safety valve, so the tubing hanger must be connected to the channel of fluid control line, underground electric submersible pump well must also have a bleed valve channel and cable crossing and seal. After connecting the tubing, it forms a round whole, and sits in the dual tubing hanger seat, and must be aligned to the guide block on the oil pipe line.

    2). Tubing head spool

    Tubing head spool is main body structure of the tubing head, tubing head spool connection at the bottom of the casing head, at the top of the tree, are at the top and bottom steel ring seal, tubing head spool to tubing provide a carrier and a container.

    The tubing head is used to observe the casing pressure of positive and reverse circulation well, and the operation of the ring space through the oil jacket.

    3). Tubing hanger wire

    After the tubing hanger is in place, the tubing hanger wire must be installed. The action of the tubing hanger wire is to lock the tubing hanger to prevent the tubing from moving and moving up and down.

    3). Top flange

    Top wire installed on the casing spool flange plate, tubing hanging sat on the top flange of silk, and act as a squeeze packing, sealing oil set of annular space, stuck pipe at the same time, prevent the borehole pressure is too high to tubing of the pillars.


  • CyBrainX0

    Casing pressure sure can be a bitch. Hang tight, bro!