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    wegner easy chair

    Wegner easy chair is a chair for rest and other uses. Because the recliner chair is more relaxing than traditional chairs, and in a semi-sleep state, it makes people relax and rest all over the body, so it is widely used for hospital escorting chair, lunch break chair, outdoor chair for leisure and so on.

    In our home, a wegner easy chair can also be placed on the balcony, in the winter time, lying quietly in that, basking in the sun, reading a novel, which is also very comfortable. And the recliner chair that has a sense of design can also give the balcony adornment to make the balcony more colorful, having a unique style. The company's recliner chair adopts durable and good-quality wood ash to ensure high durability and tear resistance. All our solid wood is fresh. The water-based paint imported from the United States is environmentally friendly. The PP materials we use are of the best quality in China. Natural, environmentally protective, healthy real wooden chair reveals natural and original beauty. The fact that the real wooden chair endures, from analysis of color, it is its natural color. Original wooden color furniture is natural and has non-chemical pollution, which is a healthy and fashion choice and conforms to the psychological needs of modern urbanites in nature. And it has a long life.

    Each of our furniture product is made of hand bending, which shows the pursuit of quality and technology. Only human spirit can give furniture art a unique sense feeling of life and emotion of life. Complete the details in life, quality reveals style, countless day and night exploration, just to give you a perfect furniture.

    The design concept of products is based on the double home life demand for furniture function of aesthetics and art, to create beautiful, high-grade home life for the purpose of combining the craftsmanship and modern aesthetic concept, create exquisite, elegant and beautiful modern fashion furniture, not only the pursuit of the ultimate aesthetic design, but also fully reflect the practicality and artistry of furniture, each piece is a perfect art boutique, bit by bit reveals the luxurious taste and highlights the beauty of furniture mechanics.

    The material of Bezier wegner easy chair:

    American ash wood features:

    Ashwood furniture is one of the main production materials of American top-grade furniture. Its texture is natural and beautiful, and its endurance is very high. It is suitable for making furniture and can be used for collection and display.

    Bentwood features:

    The bentwood furniture is strong in craft and beautiful in decoration. Good-looking and natural, lines are also very smooth, in maintaining the integrity of the wood texture, there is no damage to wood fiber structure, a beautiful arc, and other furniture materials cannot match.

    Environmental protection paint:

    Out company tailored for the furniture, independent research and development of flame retardant anion environmental protection wood paint technology, with zero formaldehyde, high flame retardant performance, can delay the fire more than 30 seconds.


    Application of wegner easy chair:

    Home, Restaurant, Hotel, Cafe, Waiting Room

    Dimension (cm):

    128W * 71D * 100H

    Timber options:

    (a) As our model (b) Customized as your request

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    Not a bad chair, but you're still spam. My parents had one from the early 60s.

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    Finn Juhl > Hans Wegner.

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    Nice chair. I'm torn.

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    Ok this one looks comfy. I'll take 3

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    New law that came into force in the UK last year sadly saw the end to being allowed to sell the design rip-off chairs. So no more Eames Loungers or Wegner Easy Chairs able to be bought here.

    Not sure how legal it is to buy these in from China either. It's effectively counterfeit goods.

    • 'Sadly'? Aren't you a designer?detritus
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    • I guess it's harder for me to be a hypocrite about this, given most of my clients are makers and designers of physical things and, rather than graphics or web.detritus
    • ..THAT's me on my moral 'steed'.
      Honestly, though, there's a glaring cognitive dissonance at play < here.
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