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    The company USES the United States imported white ash wood, through natural gas dry health.

    Origin of the United State five-star of the wild logs, are over 50 years old. The CNC machining technology of the tight joint and four solid wood curing processes are the most important to prevent cracking and deformation. More than 36 important parts and 400 processes are necessary.

    office desk

    It is part of accurate handcraft carving, strong artistry and classic. Modern CNC processing technology allows the traditional mortise and tenon joint to be more precise.

    Our company desk's design is fashion, classic and outstanding and adhere to the minimalism design concept, design performance with contracted, natural, exquisite craft, rounded lines, elegant form, highlight fashion personality, fashion sense, meaningful and elegant, harmonious rhythm, productive performance, which reveals the parvenu gens' excellence office life taste.

    Wooden desk natural and eco-friendly, and the natural wood that is used in the processing and making process, compared with the plate, the use of glue is less. The amount of glue directly affects the level of environmental protection;

    At the same time it can bring nature's breath to the home environment, the wood's beautiful pattern can be seen from surface of material. It is popular with medium and high class consumer.

    Office Filing & Storage Cabinets:

    Are you looking for bentwood tv cabinet for your living room and office? Bezier will be your good choice. Our decorative cabinet is made of high quality bentwood which is mothproof and anticorrosion.

    With the development of the economy, the environment of office has been greatly improved, and the favor of the office workers to office fillings is increasing day by day. The office filling of our company adopts high-quality imported wood with thick material, firm structure, which is durable. The natural and primitive beauty is revealed by the healthy and environment-friendly solid wooden furniture. With the simplicity of wood endowed with fashion modeling, the moving of life changes into a delicate taste. The warmth of the furniture is integrated into the natural charm. Rustic color of solid wood, with a kind of expensive and unexposed sense of vision.The design with large capacity space, reasonable layering, simple acceptance. It's more convenient to find and store things. Make office life less cluttered. The surface of the office filling is characterized by moisture-proof, fire-proof, anti-fouling and wear-resisting. The appearance is natural and generous, showy, the grain of wood is clear, lifelike, without blemish. The base material is treated with anti-insect, anti-corrosion and special treatment. It has good hardness, strong anti-bending force and no deformation, and the water content is below the national standard of 9%. It is in line with GB/T3324 national standard. 2 mm thick with color PVC sealing edge, smooth line, it is integrated with the desktop.

    bentwood tv cabinet…

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