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  • nylon

    So I have picked up a client with somewhat of a lucrative contract IF I can deliver.

    So they want me to design eblasts in either Mailchimp or Campaign Monitor and send them on their behalf.

    I will be sending out one per day to over 20,000 people within the global organisation.

    They have asked me how secure it will be? Their definition is as follows:

    If it goes to firstname.lastname@globalcompany... and it gets forwarded it to another address that doesn't end in - they should not be able to read the email.

    Can you even do this? Is this an email validation thing? Is it SSL related?

    I dont know all the tech stuff so thought I would ask you bunch of boffins to see if you can help...

    Many thanks

  • pockets0

    All you can do is ASK the person not to forward things along, but there's no means to prevent them from doing so if they are so inclined. get the recipient to agree to an NDA otherwise this is not possible

  • bulletfactory0

    Hrm - don’t think it’s possible. No matter how secure an email is, if someone hits forward, the contents and images (if requested) go to the forwarding address. Once it leaves mailchimp it’s up to the recipient mail servers which you have no control over.

    • ...if their info is that sensitive, maybe they should consider a password protected webpage instead.bulletfactory
    • ^BabySnakes
  • BabySnakes0

    You could find a service that allows GPG Encryption on the email.
    Mailchimp doesn't currently offer it but maybe another service might.

    GPG Encryption will require the recipient to have a key in order to view the email. So if it is forwarded, the new recipient will just see gibberish unless they have the correct key.

    A lot of trouble to go through but if it is what you need.

    • How do you get the key to 20,000 individuals?ETM
    • Im not getting paid to figure that out.BabySnakes
    • and content of email can still be shared easilyfadein11
    • If sensitive info surely a password protected webpage with agree to terms tick box is more suitable?fadein11
  • monoboy1

    Sounds like they're using the wrong platform and method.

    Also, 20,000 people = 20,000 opportunities to circumnavigate any security feature from web passwords to secure PDFs.

    So if it's to be secure, don't send it to 20,000 people unless they're on the same network within the same organisation.

    Two-step verification online might work but you'll need custom development with a proper security expert. AKA, lots of money.

    Tell them that and you'll soon find out the bullshit reason behind it.

  • microkorg1

    If the email is to contain sensitive information then why not set up a NEWS/BLOG INTRANET type thing that anyone within the company can visit if they have a login.

    The emails that you send out from MailChimp or CampaignMonitor can just have headlines with teaser/intro text then there's a read more button that takes people to the Intranet that's behind a login/password wall.

    You get the login/password out to people by sending them a first email telling them about the newsblogintranet and that they've to click button to use their email address to setup a login n password.

    Would that work?