Anyone used Bidvine?

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  • Fax_Benson

    Couple of people have suggested it as a way to pick up work (although they're not designers / design-related). I think they send you project leads and you pay a nominal fee to submit a quote.

    The sign-up process is quite full-on, so wondered whether anybody else had used it before I give it a go.

  • microkorg0

    Only one person wins here ...
    and his name is Sohrab Jahanbani.

    • is it a big thing? I'd never heard of it - or never really taken any notice.Fax_Benson
  • microkorg1

    You get this sort of site/app/platform for handyman jobs.

    My experience with it is that you get lots of people bidding and trying to outbid each other with cheaper and cheaper bids.
    In life experience - you get what you pay for.

    Tried it for plumber and electrician before but ended up going with a reputable company I could find info about on Google. Same for removal companies about a month ago.

    So i'd imagine that design wise it's similar. you are going to be competing with much inferior designers who are going to price way below you are willing to go and they'll end up getting the jobs meanwhile you are paying to pitch left right and centre.

    Sohrab the CEO ends up as the winner with everyones pitch cash ;)

    • always word of mouth recommendation for trades people or at worst use a site that isn't trying to do every single industry at once. There are better sites forfadein11
    • single industries out there.fadein11
    • yeah, I guess the model means they all end up this way. Was told that people more likely to be looking for a professional than a bargain on it than other sitesFax_Benson
  • canoe0

    Since the hurricane I've had to make up for the businesses/clients that closed... so I went to Upwork. I've been able to snag a few clients that stayed with me... draw back is that I'm working at 75% of my rate...

    I'm tired of freelancing, thinking of working in-house, this hurricane fucked me... might even have to move.