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  • detritus

    Does ".well-known" mean anything to anyone here?

    As in a directory that one might find on a server via FTP?

    Just that.. and I hate to say this because it makes me feel stupid (especially because I did a fucking degree in managing, describing and searching for information) ...but I can't for the life of me work out how to get search engines to search for this as an exact phrase.

    I ask as it's appeared on one of my [shared-] servers at some point this year and i've no idea what it is. It looks benign, but .. well, i don't effing know.

  • detritus1

    I'm a moron. I've just searched for the name of one of the content directories, which should've been fucking obvious, and worked out it's something to do with domain verification.

    Why is it always that I work something out the minute I hit 'Broadcast'?

    As you were!