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  • detritus

    I've been PAYG for years now, because I always buy phones up front and have preferred the idea of not being tied to a provider.

    However I've just lost my rag at Giff-Gaff, who manage to piss me off at every turn.

    So, I'm thinking about getting a contract for my phone and want something data-heavy as that's all I really use that phone for (I have an old soap bar phone for making calls, etc).

    Who's good?

    I'm thinking - any warnings-off?

  • detritus0

    So on Giff-Gaff, I got a data warning as I'm using more than I do normally at the moment. At 80% usage warning I log on and add an irritatingly-named 'Goodybag' (fuck off) for more than I usually would, but in the meantime whatever 'credit' I had otherwise (I'm still unsure what the difference between 'credit' and a 'goodybag' is) ran out, so my 'goodybag' then wouldn't work. Why not? I just paid you money?

    No web access, aside from giffgaff's top-up page... but the fucking morons have so many third party analytics and social links added in, that I can't fucking top-up because every time I try to do so it just tries to reload the third party scripts it's blacklisted from access. Assholery!

    I've now spent £35 topping up a service I'd already spent £70 on last month because for some reason their system topped up my 'credit' (*5p per Mb, which eats up a surprising amount quickly) rather than my 'goodybag'.

    Honestly, who the fuck calls a data top up pack a 'goodybag'?

    • *shakes fist at clouddetritus
    • Holy shit, mobile service in the UK looks expensive.Continuity
    • It's actually not, which is why I'm really pissed off. I did get a partial refund for last month's £70. I just feel I'm getting ripped off by these cunts.detritus
    • I can get a completely unlimited calls and data plan for £35. I probably only need 10Gb though, at around £15detritus
  • Fax_Benson0

    I'm on a contract with the phone included but I find EE are pretty good for data and roaming and stuff. Just renewed my contract and actually got some half-decent extras. They've got a new app which is good for tracking your usage / topping up etc.

    • I'm sure they're ripping me off somehow, but they do it politely and without fuss.Fax_Benson
    • Thanks, i'm on EE for my soap bar phone - i think i was a bit wary about signing up to a contract with them getting bought up by BT :)detritus
    • haha, and without an irritatingly corporate-chosen 'friendly' Geordie accent too?detritus
  • Hayzilla0

    O2 - £16 pcm
    Unlimited Calls
    Unlimited Texts
    8Gb Data

    Great all round as far as i'm concerned.

    • Thanks Hayz - GiffGaff works on 02's network, so my coverage shoud be the same. Should've checked them first!detritus
    • I second this motion. And they do a contract where you pay your phone off 1st and just its RRP - so can upgrade phone early before contract is completefadein11
    • I have done this twice.fadein11
    • I presume this is SIM only - my Pixel contract is around £35-£40 - not certain without checking. But has similar calls/txt/datafadein11
    • SIM only yes.
      That's what he was asking about I thought.

      I was paying for the iPhone6 for two years with them then went to SIM only.
    • yep he was - sorry wasn't being picky at you.fadein11
    • haha, thanks fadein - I've literally no desire to upgrade my old Nexus 5, with the screen that's been bust for 3 years. When it's bust I will. Elsewise eWaste!detritus