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  • SteveJobs

    Approaching a site/service launch that I feel would be better served with a short promo video to explain the features/benefints/etc but there's no budget to hire someone to do this. Plus, this is more of an afterthought so just curious what's possible in ~48-72 hours of learning and putting together with zero experience in video.

    Literally just did my first google search a few minutes ago looking for quick and dirty solutions (kind of what envato or template monster do for websites but for video) and found and

    Pretty basic needs as far as content goes, probably some themed animated text, a few screens of the service in use, and some generic looped audio. Thinking along the lines of something like google might produce.

    Any ideas?

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  • SteveJobs1

    Ok, so after several hours of searching, reading, and watching videos, after effects looks like a good start. Turns out, it has several text effects built in, and there are tons of how-to vids on youtube.

    With 20+ years of photoshop, and several of illustrator and flash i guess this should have been my first consideration.

    Btw, biteable and animaker suck. Waste of time

    • Yeah. Those templated systems can be well designed but they're still too generic to be practical.CyBrainX
  • CyBrainX0

    I have confidence you can learn AE pretty fast but I wouldn't try to do a billable project while learning a major program like that. Unless you have a very open deadline for delivery.

    After Effects works a lot like Photoshop. You can even import layered PSDs or AI files and everything stays in place. Since you have experience with Flash, the basic keyframing skill will help too.

    Best of luck.

    • Thanks, and good to know on the PSD's and AI import abilities!SteveJobs