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  • Projectile

    Hey queebers!

    I'm looking to buy a nice HTML template for a portfolio

    There are many out there, but few seem to have what I want:
    - To have a bunch of thumbnails, but when you click, it doesn't take you to a new page for that project, it just opens a larger gallery of the works that you can click through.

    - BUT with the option for some of those images to have further information and examples, so you can either scroll down for more info, or click right to see the next project.

    All the ones I've seen either have the faded-background image gallery, or reload the entire site and take you to a new page when you click a thumbnail.

    What I'd like to see is a new page, but with next / previous buttons, and a big X that will take you back to the thumbnails

    Any ideas or inspiration?

  • uan0

    look out for ajax portfolio templates maybe.

    sometimes click is click through, but sometimes it opens a new project? UX inferno.

    do you have cc, if so, check out, it's included.

    • No, you click arrows left/ right to go to prev/next project, OR you scroll for more info and imageryProjectile