The Keepers (Netflix)

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  • spl33nidoru

    Haven't started watching yet but this seems interesting.

    "In 2015, Netflix captured lightning in a bottle when the company premiered its original true-crime documentary Making a Murderer. And for a few moments, Netflix’s new true-crime docuseries The Keepers taps into the same charged verve as that earlier series, channeling its subjects’ frustration, desire for vindication, and anger while digging into the decades-old murder of a nun and its possible cover-up by the Catholic Church.

    But The Keepers is a different beast than its predecessor, one that doesn’t prompt its audience to don a tinfoil hat or leave them teetering on a cliffhanger. Instead, it will make you feel a haunting numbness, a triumph of its empathetic approach to a complicated tale.

    The Keepers, in spite of how it’s been marketed by Netflix, isn’t really about the unsolved 1969 murder of Sister Cathy Cesnik; instead, the seven-episode series finds its deeply affecting narrative in the events that took place before and after her death. The murder itself is like a corner piece in a jigsaw puzzle — a very important component, but in the end, just a fragment of a bigger picture."

  • doesnotexist1

    thank you

  • SteveJobs0

    Just binged this over the weekend. Pretty dark and nauseating at times but less because of the murder and more due to the explicit depictions of the priests' actions with the young innocent girls and the poor coverup of the church that followed.

  • fadein110

    Well made and an insane story.
    But not easy viewing at all.