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  • section_014

    New IOT Platform from Google…

    I know there's a few of us on here who are working in the IOT / Raspberry Pi / Arduino world. Thought this was an interesting move.

    Apparently it's a rehash of their old Brillo platform (that fell flat). If I were building something that needed a user interface, this could be pretty awesome. Most of the interface libraries currently available for the Pi (Linux) leave a lot to be desired.

    Seems weird to me that the Arduino was off the list though. I'm guessing they're only targeting platforms that could run a full embedded OS. For now anyways.

    Either way, pretty neat!

  • cherub0

    This looks cool. They mention form factors on the site... So this could be used say for a startup that wants to invent a new device that needs to run this Brillo thing?