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  • SimonFFM

    My new blog is online for 2 weeks now. And I have received zero comments. I assume, the reason for that is that my articles are too boring, right?

    And I have only one subscription on my RSS feed so far. I think it's from the developer of my blog (the coder).

    Average fap time on my website has increased to 2 minutes 40 though. It used to be only 2 minutes.

    Yesterday I tried to open my page in the Apple store and had to realize it's blocked there.

  • sureshot2

    Post more nude females on the frontpage.

    • Hey Now!
      Yes I need more filthy whores to help paint my screen white.
  • SimonFFM0

    Thanks, sureshot. I will do it. As a slideshow? Background video? Latest Gallery featured?

  • uan0

    'they' say successful blogging is about good storytelling.

    I read your camera bag blog... frankly it's boring. the pictures are bad, the layout is boring. white text on grey background doesn't pop.
    the story is about a successful photographer with lots of fancy gear, nothing else. I need something more to come back, something I can relate to, or something that makes me happy (sureshot's proposition).

    then I browsed the site. those presets look interesting. blog about those. how you made them, why you made them, what do you think when changing something on a picture. why do push some adjustment in one direction and not in another... what do you think when doing adjustments or compositions in your pictures.

    ((disclaimer: this is my first post this morning))

  • SimonFFM0

    Thanks uan, very much appreciate your feedback. I want to be the opposite of boring. I'll try to improve. Have to learn the storytelling part. Thank you!

    • Write about your experiences with the girls, the more intimate the betterdrgs
    • Not easy, not easy...SimonFFM
  • mg331

    Where are you posting and having discussions on the web about your work? If you are, those might be good places to share some links to your blog, especially if you've got some tech / gear / process posts people might like. I know there are some high-traffic subReddits for photography, both non-nsfw and nsfw, you might find a way to share some posts there and draw traffic to the site.

    I'll check the site out on my phone during lunch, although if I browsed the whole thing on my work computer I don't know who would care... just had a bunch of layoffs and i don't even know who I report to right now. LOL :D

    Kind of agree with uan - some process related "how I did this" content might be nice. I'm sure you know as well as anyone there are a ton of people aspiring to get into your line of work that might like some inspiration, or just basic tips on photography like that.

    I'm assuming you travel a decent amount for these shoots. Could be some opportunity to talk about where you've been, what the cities are like, culture, and intersperse details about why you were there and what you were doing. I'd enjoy that sort of thing.

    • thanks, those are good points. many thanks, i will do this!SimonFFM
  • SimonFFM0

    Updated all: (NSFW)

    Next thing will be working on better story telling. I won't be able to speak about other people as this is my profession and not some goofy fun site. But I will be able to tell more about how I think and why I do things how I do them.

  • moldero0

    theres a WP plugin to pull your images into your RSS feed (good for mailers n shit) but it MIGHT increase your RSS subscriptions,

    I dont know, I dont use that RSS shit, but i have set them up for clients.

    I think this is it (it's been a while):…

    if you dont really care much about RSS I would just skip it, extra plugs add more weight and slow your shit down effecting your SEO's

    • I really wish WP had better options for customizing the RSS feeds.noneck
    • I don't even use wordpress. My blog is a custom php programming. I was tired of the bloated WP.SimonFFM
  • Bennn0

    People are visiting Facebook, Instagram and Twitter 98% of the time now. You need to to linked in there a lot to get visitors.

    People are not 'surfing' the web anymore, they're all at Facebook waiting for links to come.

    • Yes, true. I'm using Twitter. Hardly can post stuff on FB, because I find models there and can't risk to get blocked for nude stuff. But thanks!SimonFFM