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  • CyBrainX

    I've been on Mac for 25 years including school without ever using Windows aside from the occasional use in Parallels. Apple has obviously forsaken the high end user. I'm not talking about web developers who use Photoshop on an iMac or laptop. I mean Motion Graphics designers who run after effects and 3D. If you disagree and hate the idea of it you'll be even more disturbed if you watch this whole thing. It's long but this is serious stuff.

  • zarkonite0

    Get an HP Z station and never look back. You'll get used to Windows, it does all the same stuff with a slightly different approach but definitely is not an inferior OS.

    • agreed - never understood the windows is shit argument (well for last few years anyway) - it's just what you are used to. MacOS is not anything special at all.fadein11
    • Aye, I use a Z440 at work, with a Xeon, an Nvidia K2200, and 128GB of ram. It could do with a GPU upgrade but it's a beast at rendering.face_melter
    • windows 10 is impressing me.... little things are faster like scrolling through RAW thumbnailsvaxorcist
  • section_0140

    I've always been surprised by the number of people that use Mac's for heavy 3d/motion work. I mean, you can't even install 3DS max on a Mac, and that's gotta be the most popular 3D package.

    Plus, these new Macs don't even run fucking Nvidia cards. Are you kidding me? A Unix subsystem is the only thing that kept me onboard over the years. For the web serverz.

    Just for the hell of it, I spec'd out a PC build. It came out to $1600 or so. Fastest 4.0 i7 (latest gen), 32GB ram, 1TB SSD, GTX1070, and one of those 3 fan ultra CPU coolers.

    Compare that to an iMac that cost the same. There's no comparison.

    • Thanks for the spec but I have a feeling I'll be spending a lot more. Not quite the $10K they spent on my trashcan but I can't see it being less than $5k.CyBrainX
    • I don't think I'll be buying a computer for a about a year. I think I'll get Parallels running on my Macbook Pro and get used to things for now.CyBrainX
    • I'm still shocked that people use windows for this as well. It's always been Unix/linux in my industry.mugwart
    • exactly mugwart, buddy of mine works at weta nz. almost everything runs on ubuntu, a few macs, windows for some administration stuffphomic
    • Do Adobe and Cinema 4D run on Ubuntu?CyBrainX
    • If only, cydorkKn1ght
    • Seconded on what do they use in Linux? I have blender on Linux, but wasn't aware of others.section_014
    • In the same boat. As soon as the rest of my Mac's implode on themselves (like the last 3 in past year) then I'm getting HP Power Stations. Check it.toemaas
    • Maya, houdini, nuke, mari, all system administration, custom in house software, render farms.
      every time macs/windows are use they always break.
    • true cinema 4D isnt there nor adobe nor affinity.
      but for when your software depends on environments linux wins everything hands down.
    • Did not know Maya installed on Linux. That's pretty awesome. I think if the people @ affinity get on board with Linux, people will move over.section_014
    • they are not sadly. more and more people are moving over to linux. So hoping soon they get persuaded!mugwart
  • imbecile-1

    welcome to a decade ago

    • It's all about hardware and performance for me. That's shat she said.CyBrainX
  • dorkKn1ght0

    ugh I wish hackintoshing wasn't so volatile. Or better yet, get adobe/c4d/toon boom to support linux.

    • It's not as volatile as you think I run a hackintosh for audio work. Picking the right motherboard and video card is crucial.section_014
    • After that it's a dream. I have a firewire audio interface, 4 midi controllers, and lots of software running perfect. 0 issues.section_014
    • my hackintosh works as long as i don't care about sound....vaxorcist
    • Even the new pascal cards?dorkKn1ght
    • my hackintosh has occasional start up issues but works ... I just need some form of vector software to run on a linux I'll never need to go back.mugwart
    • get a usb sound card, vaxorcistscarabin
  • fruitsalad-4

    windows / mac... either way it's a race to bottom. Craft and time well spent using your hands to create works of art/design, it's all being lost to stock libraries, advances in computer graphics and plugins. Automation. Algorithms.

    It's only a matter of time before 3D graphics will be produced in realtime, no need to render. A matter of time before photoshop and illustrator are so full of plugins, effects and stock library shit that you won't need to create anything from scratch, it'll be collage at best, requiring no skills...

    it's time for a revolution. A call to arms. I say we all go to work on Monday with pencils in hand, pens at the ready, brushes fully loaded and tell our Creative Directors and Account handlers that those digital adverts won't be produced no more. Those flashy motion videos... permanently on paused. That website and iPhone app ain't being uploaded. It's straight back to the 1920s and art deco, to the renaissance and the Neoclassical... It's time to be respected, to work with our hands and not 'mice'. We'll be smelt before we're heard as we march with the scent of marker pens and paints thinner.

    The Pyramids weren't designed on a Mac. The Coliseum wasn't designed on a PC, Machu picchu wasn't planned in Autocad. The Mona Lisa wasn't photoshopped. David wasn't sculpted in Zbrush and Andy Warhol didn't use illustrator.

    • Oh ya dying penniless and of lead poisoning sounds great. STRIKEdorkKn1ght
    • I'm all for burning shit to the ground, but i'm fine the now, thanks - I actually want realtime 3D to match renders. Saves me waiting 8+ hours for a still.face_melter
    • I hear you.
      Might sound ironic but I'm writing software to try and allow writers to be 'creative' in the traditional sense. Everything feels so sterile.
    • True, I've been dumping handmade collage I made *in high school* on Elllo and folks are eating it up because it stands out against all the digital things.evilpeacock
    • That was a great speech even though I still love my Adobe and C4D.CyBrainX
    • There's a company making logos with an algorithm...it's well funded and costs $49/logo...progress, I guessformed
    • orthodox.sted
  • since19792


  • CyBrainX1

    One thing I've been hearing since the 20th century is how Apple is so much more expensive. I just tried to customize an HP on this page and it came out to be exactly the same price as the Mac Pro trash can I got at work last year - $9800


    • but I'm still going to switch since the HP hardware isn't 3 years old, unlike the Mac Pro hardware you can get now.CyBrainX
    • Just build it from a local shop, not from a vendor. Ensures 100% upgradability since upgradability parts, and likely cheaper.ETM
    • *since standardized partsETM
    • wtf? I got that shit what i have next to me for $1700, and it beats the new macbook pro.sted
    • you could build that $9800 machine for about third (if not less) of that pricePonyBoy
    • build your own! http://pcpartpicker.…plash
    • You need compare specs, that HP is waaaaaaaay faster than a trash can mac. $ for power, PCs win.zarkonite
  • section_0141


    Apple is so much more expensive. I have no idea about the $10k pc market, but I can only assume it represents a fraction (of a fraction) of a percentage.

    For the sub 10k market, PC's are much less expensive. The top of the line iMac is $2,200. That's a 3.3 i5, 8GB ram (lol), and an AMD R9.

    Spend that on a PC and you'll get the flagship 4.0 i7, 32GB RAM, and a GTX-1080. Plus, $500-600 to spend on a 4k 27" monitor. And, a 1TB SSD hard drive or two. Plus, you can expand on it, add another video card, whatever you want.

    Seriously, fuck Apple. Most of us that sang their praises for so long would kill for a fuckin mid tower that we could work on ourselves. But, they don't give a shit, and neither do I. Build a boss computer, and Linux will run so fast in a VM, you won't even notice it's a VM.

    • That's not the top iMac spec or price there. It's much more expensive and you can get the i7 and a big gpu.monospaced
    • But you're still right. Can I build a machine with a 1080 and have a hackintosh?monospaced
    • I'm not in the iMac range. I need a beast to render 3D and After Effects. I wouldn't even consider switching to save $1k to get some Photoshop work done.CyBrainX
  • Hayoth0

    For me, the stigma for Windows is virus acceptability but I understand the performance issues and it is a big deal.

    • *accessibilityHayoth
    • The built in defender virus app, seemingly resolves it? Just cursory awareness myself. Im also leery.dorkKn1ght
    • i dont really sue protection. only time i got a shit virus was a unpatched win2k. where it must have open a remote access, because every measure to remove itdeathboy
    • it would block the next time it appeared. started corrupting data and just said fuck it. pretty hard to get a virus you dont actually installdeathboy
    • Windows is no less secure than OSX. There are just more of them and a better target. That's changing, of course, as iOS faces the same problems as Android.formed
    • In 25 years, I never had a virus on any of the Macs I used. (or iOS)CyBrainX
    • First of all, HP are not so good. I would prefer ASUS, as they build their own components. I recommend ASUS, not HP.rabbit
    • If you are going to buy a machine (AKA not an Apple), buy an ASUS, or Toshiba. Nothing else, nothing less.rabbit
    • ...Trust me.rabbit
    • HP are fine - my office has ran them for years with no incident. In my experience, Toshiba have been firestarters.face_melter
    • See how that works?face_melter
    • Asus machines have some shite components in themselves and Toshiba shit the bed years ago. There are no blanket answers, only research at time of purchase.ETM
    • I still say build a ground-up machine. Standard hand-selected parts from a local shop that does custom builds. Easiest to maintain and swap components.ETM
  • utopian-2

  • plash1

    I have to advocate building your own system. for a couple reasons, First, you can swap out parts, so your system can grow with your needs. (you can do that with a branded machine, but you'll be much of aware of your system if you build it). Two, I'm in the school of thought that a professional knows their tools. sure there's a level of depth that you can choose in that thought, but building your system is well within the capabilities and gives you options when things go arise. and thirdly, bang for the buck! i don't really care about which OS is more expensive; if you build the system, you'll get more of the money.


    as for viruses, I've been running windows for years. I've maybe gotten a virus once maybe twice in ten years. i suspect those people who get them regularly are individuals who make pirating software a regular occurrence. downloading shit off the web without taking the minimal protection policies and/or are using one machine for all applications (ie. their production machine is the same system they use to play games, download shit etc. (one system for all tasks.))

    • the advantage for a pro to have an HP is that they offer on-site same day repair service. It's worth a lot if you need to "get shit done(tm)"zarkonite
    • I've found that it tends to be cheaper now to buy a well spec'd dell, or whatever during one of their sales than to pick-parts and build.monNom
    • You also avoid purchasing parts that just don't play well together, which can happen and is a major PITA. Hard to return a computer you built yourself.monNom