Adding Gradients to an Adobe CC Library

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  • CyBrainX

    It must be possible to add gradients to an already existing Adobe CC library but I'm out of ideas. I'm in Illustrator and have a file of brand colors (gradient I'd like to add. Thanks in advance.

  • Gnash0

    create a bunch of boxes in the brand file, each filled with a different gradient, and copy/paste them into your new doc

    there may be a way to import but this is what I usually do

    • Thanks, But I have a list of solid colors that I see in every Adobe program's Library palette. I'm looking to add to that.CyBrainX
    • If you want them to be in every document that you open then you need to set the colour palette with no files open at all.Gnash
    • this will set it as the default paletteGnash