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  • CyBrainX

    I'm trying to get an alpha transition with motext. This would be the equivalent to one of those after effects text transitions where you see individual characters or lines of text fading in.

    I tried this tutorial by GSG friend EJ Hassenfratz

    but it works half the time and God forbid you try to switch from characters to lines everything falls apart, So I need a different approach all together.

    Thanks in advance.

  • baseline_shift0

    Have you tried it with normal extrusions instead of motext? Tried expanding the motext into normal polygons?

    You could also tr keying the opacity change in the material, then using the step effector to make the fade go sequentially letter to letter instead of all at once. (Use the time offset inside the step effector.) This might work.

    • +imbecile
    • That could work. My text blocks were no more than two lines, so I split those in two and used the Display Tag to change their opacity.CyBrainX
    • Thanks for the help. I'll look into that when I have time. C4D can really bust your balls over very simple things some times.CyBrainX
    • It totally can. Good thing is there is usually more than one way to skin a cat. Good luck!baseline_shift
  • MrBixler0

    You could try using a proximal shader in the alpha channel

  • feel0

    hmmm wait...

    why are you trying to make a simple alpha transition in 3d? can't it be when you are composing on after effects?

    because alpha transitions are a render thing, a material animation. you'd have to animate it's material transparency somehow.

    and besides that, alpha transitions are old and ugly af, theres so much you can do in 3d, to choose from an alpha transition.

    you should do it in post anyways, using layers and pre-rendered files.


    ok, just watched the tutorial, and he's using the color property of a clone or mograph, and then using color shader to get this color applied to alpha.

    its a fairly complicated process, just to achieve alpha transitions, idk... you should really need to have 3d transparency to do it this way.