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  • Projectile

    I'm thinking of getting a cintiq, but have seen some interesting points regarding the iPencil, which gives you an iPad as well, or the Surface, which you can install Adobe onto.

    Anyone tried much illustration on anything other than a Cintiq?

    I like the idea of Surface as you can apparently pinch to zoom and rotate.. and there's a lot of zooming/rotating when drawing

  • pinkfloyd2

    Pros: Accurate pressure sensitivity, best drawing device. Larger screen for the 21ux and up
    Cons: Parallax (space gap between the tip of the stylus and drawing cursor, lots of hardware, heavy, cables (unless it's the companion). The companion also has less parallax, shitty screen size on the companion. The button on the stylus gets in the way.

    Surface Pro:
    Pros: Decent drawing experience, also a laptop replacement, cool keyboard, decent stylus
    Cons: Drawing experience not excellent, but good. Shitty screen dim so it gave me eye strain. Small screen. Less pressure sensitivity

    Apple Pencil:
    Pros: Hardware (very portable and the pencil feels good on the hand). No parallax, the glass is thin so there's no gap between the tip of the pencil and cursor. No lag, and palm rejection is very good, but not perfect.
    Cons: Pressure sensitivity is good, but not as great as the cintiq. Some lag when connecting to a mac using astropad. Ipad ios system, not a desktop so you have to use astropad for painting in photoshop.

    • someone's done their homework!inteliboy
    • yes, I have owned all these devices.pinkfloyd
    • </thread>fadein11
    • For the Apple Pencil, you can't use photoshop unless you're at home on your network? you're basically just mirroring your mac, right?zarkonite
    • Yes, using astropad.pinkfloyd
    • Even with 16gb of memory and a usb wired connection, the rendering was pixeled the first couple of seconds so there's a somewhat pixellation lag.pinkfloyd
  • imbecile0

    My Cintiq 21UX will be here Friday.

    I will report my initial weekend experience Monday.


    I was pleased to read this:

    "best drawing device" - pinkfloyd

  • monNom0

    What about a normal wacom?

    I haven't used a cintiq, but i have a surface-type tablet with windows and the wacom digitizer integrated. It's great for what it is, and it's definitely suitable for sketching, but for more detailed/finished artwork it doesn't really cut it. It's small and you have to work really close.

    I also have a large wacom with 2x 22" monitors at my desk, and I am soooooo much more efficient and effective with that set up compared to the little tablet. It might be similar on a cintiq, but I kind of think that the ability to be back from the screen is a benefit. You don't get the tunnel vision like you do when you're working up close.

    Just something to think about.

  • imbecile0

    I have used an Intuos medium for years.

    Personally, I am eager to have my image directly beneath my hand instead of a reference to the side / front.

    I am looking forward to that tunnel vision, as it will be connected to a touchscreen laptop, so I feel I will be fully immersed across two screens.

    I am sure the two tools are night & day.


  • pinkfloyd0

    I enjoyed using the wacom intuos tablet as a mouse replacement for web design, but it just never felt right for drawing. I guess it all varies depending on the users needs and drawing style. Drawing directly on the screen will always be better.

    Also, the ipad pro has procreate which is hands down the best drawing app not available on android.

  • pinkfloyd0

    The samsung galaxy note pro had a stylus just as good as the apple pencil, but it didn't have procreate.

    Another drawing device I really enjoyed was the sony vaio duo 13 which is unfortunately discontinued now.

  • err0

    Im waiting for the smaller ipads to become compatible with the apple pencil. when that happens i think that would be the best sketching device for me.

    I own an SP3. When used with the new SP4 pen its decent.