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  • SimonFFM

    When making an animation with Adobe Edge, is there a way to export the animation as one single file (html file)?

    So, all graphics are base64 encoded integrated in this single file and all js files as well?

    With Swiffy I get such a all-in-one solution, but with Edge, I get multiple files.

    Does anyone know a solution?

  • detritus0

    go through the seperate files and bundle them into the main HTML file?

    • that won't work for images etc.fadein11
    • Really? I see base64 images embedded in HTML all the time. And what else wouldn't work?detritus
    • yes but you say bundle them into the main file - lot more complicated than that isn't it.fadein11
    • with images I mean - easy with JS and CSS but not a case of copy and pasting images into a HTML file.fadein11
    • Given the complexity of the query, no it's particularly complicated. There are a ton of base64 encoders and the query implies he already has access to themdetritus
    • read his latest note and you will fully understand.fadein11
    • Ignore that OP distinctly says "So, all graphics are base64 encoded integrated in this single file and all js files as well?"
      Do you fully understand?
  • fadein110

    I don't think there is a way. Is it for an advert? I

    • yes, it isSimonFFM
    • if you speak to who you are advertising with they will be able to advise how it is needed and often convert into how they like it.fadein11
    • +1fadein11uan
  • uan0

    can't you load your site into swiffy and export from there?

    or you can use chrome dev tools to encode images to data objects and replace them in the code by hand. also use script and css tags to put that stuff into the html file.

    • I want type to use as svg or real text, not as a base64 or jpgSimonFFM
    • that goes between the html tags, I was thinking about sprites or images you need to send with the html.uan
  • fues0

    Let me guess: too much assets for GDN?

  • SimonFFM0

    Thanks guys, the thing is the following:

    I'd like to deliver good html5 stuff with type that is not converted into graphics. Swiffy does that. So I am looking for another solution where type remains a vector or is included on a html basis. I think Edge is good at this.

    But Edge exports a package which contains a .html file, .js files and an image folder. I can integrate the .js files (as inline scripts in the html). I don't have an idea how to integrate base64 images that were previously included by long, long javascripts. This will be difficult to do.

    It would all be possible, if we speak of 1 banner ad. But I speak of more than 50 files.

    So, does anyone know a solution how to output an edge animation to just one single html5 file (like swiffy does)?

    • yep thought as much - not as simple as placing into one file unfort.fadein11
  • fyoucher11

    Not entirely sure how you would get 50 files for a standard banner ad and still fit within a standard banner file size spec (unless each text character is a separate file?). Rich media banner I can see happening but there's a 100 file limit for DoubleClick. You had mentioned GDN so I believe the limit is 15.

    You could create an SVG sprite sheet for your visual assets to lower the amount of assets being used and to get within file limit spec. However, that may be a major pain the ass to do all of those in Edge. I'm not sure what your 50 assets consist of though or how a 15-sec banner would even have that many assets (unless we're talking rich media).

    (I don't use Edge btw, use GSAP)

    That method you still wouldn't have one file like Swiffy. Swiffy base64 encodes all image assets and uses canvas for vector shizz and includes all scripts etc in the HTML. Even if you were to somehow base64 encode in Edge you'd be looking at about a 30% increase in file size -- probably not what you want to do in a banner.

    As you had mentioned, you could take all of the external JS/CSS and put them inline in the HTML file using style or script tags but you'd still have a ton of files leftover.

    • 50 x banner ads, 50 x banner ads - read his message properly.fadein11
    • Nah, i think he's talking about files within the banner (reason why he says yep to GDN two posts above). Banners have a file limit spec.fyoucher1
  • SimonFFM1

    Thanks a lot, fyoucher1. I have 11 files within one banner ad, so most probably my contact was wrong with me asking to deliver all in one file.

    Overall there are several banner campaigns, which means 50 times the whole thing, fadein11 was correct about this.

    Thanks, you helped me out.

    • lol - you keep changing what you are doing "It would all be possible, if we speak of 1 banner ad. But I speak of more than 50 files." so it is 1 banner ad -fadein11
    • it's easy in that case - and if you are having a problem with too many files it is over complex, simplify it.fadein11
    • sorry for the confusion.SimonFFM
  • fyoucher10

    Ohhhhh. This is easy then. You DO deliver one file. Just ZIP it :)