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  • uan

    I'm looking for a CreativeCommons music track for a clip about sports I'm helping to produce (it's a zero budget project).
    I'm illiterate in audio, so I hope you can help me out a bit with the search.
    to find something similar to this would be great...

    how would you describe the track of this commercial?
    what genre, bpm, tags should I look for?

    can you recommend any good sites, sources or maybe tracks I could use?


  • fadein112
  • caterpus0

    ive worked in jingle studios as a sound designer for years and we get agencies mostly looking for knock-offs of pop music (the beatles 80% of the time. having a reference is all you really need so you're doing it right as the producer roll.

    this track was probably described in agency terms as fun, friendly, upbeat, bubbly, 'something you can bop your head too', simple but effective, with a verse chorus feel. might be a rip on hey ya by outkast, ha.

    i can send you a few unused tracks of my own if want.

    • Now that you mentioned it, it does sound a lot like Outkast's - Hey Ya.mrpt