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  • CuriousGeorge

    Anyone else recently start receiving an onslaught of spam emails in the past few days? Like 30-40 per day from the following weird URLs:


    And every address is so unique that adding them to my blocking filter is fruitless.

    Ant tips to block these mofo's?

  • arne1


    • i receive them,but have no solution, sorry.arne
  • e-pill0

    sorry guys i saw your emails back in newstoday n i figure why not..

    • hahaha!!!!e-pill
    • just kidding!!!e-pill
    • no um really.. seriously you guys posted all your info back in newstoday :Pe-pill
  • dopepope0

    stop spamming me ePill

    • you of all people.. i will never stop!!!

      your next email addy is .cummish
    • your mortgage is expired and your cock is failing.. buy these backpacks!!e-pill
  • e-pill1

    my next emails will be :



  • e-pill0

    ^ thread killer!!


  • arne0

    within your spam filter you can blacklist them like this:


    • i just figured this out today because of this post and my inbox is so quiet now it's spooky.arne
  • arne0


  • fyoucher10

    Spam Sieve

    Best thing ever (for mac Mail though). Worth every penny. Used to get 100's of spam emails, now it's very rare it doesn't catch it.

  • scarabin4

    make a filter for the word "unsubscribe" and you can do away with spam altogether

    • blowing my minddoesnotexist
    • If you no longer wish to receive any emails from .... , click here.omg
  • prophetone1


  • omg0

    Block all incoming mail unless they are in your contacts or known friends and acquaintances. Create an automated response email to inform those who have been blocked that their previous email sent to you was junked, and in order to get through your gated garden, they must prove they are human by responding to a secret captcha code that allows their email through your front gates.

  • utopian0

    Simply never use email again...only accept inquiries and orders (via) the fax machine.