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  • rabbit

    Describe your neighbours and what you love or hate about them.

    I am surrounded by WEIRDOS.

    The guy next door has not opened his blinds in 1 year. Literally. The same exact spot the entire time.

    I never hear laughter, music, or anything. It was not always like this. Only in the past 2 years.

    It is fucking creepy. At night you could hear a fucking ant fart.

    Do ants fart?

  • rabbit0

    Like, in my whole apartment block, there is never any fucking laughter, or music. Just muffled conversations in other languages.

    It is fucking weird and has actually gotten to the point where I consider selling and moving. lol.

    • I would prefer it noisy!rabbit
    • I prefer quiet neighborspinkfloyd
    • No i prefer loud, cause then i can be loud. Depends what sort of loud though.rabbit
    • I cant stand just hearing other languages at 3am. Thats all i hear.rabbit
    • your a strange one rabbitgilgamush
    • lol. what makes you say that?rabbit
    • because i enjoy my piece and quiet, even if that makes me sound like a curmudgeon. i do find the sound of the interstate highway near me soothing at night thouggilgamush
    • i kind of get what you are saying. when i was a kid i was in a boys home in the woods of maine for a couple years and the silence at night was unnervinggilgamush
    • thats what its like here, every night, after 10. drives me insaneee. i run white noise.rabbit
    • Apartment buildings suck in generalgilgamush
  • ETM0

    Properties to either side of ours have older retired folks. Friendly and quiet. They look out for your house when you travel etc.

    Across the way is a younger couple like us. We drink and hang out a lot while the kids play, have bbqs etc. The area we're in is older so a lot of the original owners are retired or selling while us younger people are starting to renew the area. I know most of the people in the area through annual block parties and events. So it's pretty good place to raise the kids.

    But you know what they say, if they're aren't any weirdos on your street, you're likely the weirdos. (or something like that)

    • hahah. sounds pretty normal.
      I am just freaking out about the no laughter thing.
    • That is a little odd.ETM
    • No one EVER has friends over. No music, no fucking laughter!? I am the loud one. But fuck I have to live.rabbit
    • Who NEVER has friends over here guys? Is it weird, or is it not weird...rabbit
    • Bit weird.ETM
    • Thank you for making me feel not crazy for thinking that is a bit weird lol.rabbit
    • The guy next to me has not had one single person visit in over a year - since moved in.rabbit
    • Have you tried to chat with them?ETM
  • rabbit0

    I feel like imma be a guy on TV one day saying " I always thought they were a bit strange."

    Like I used to hear the lady talk downstairs at night, then for months never heard her. I thought her partner killed her. Because at about the same time, a fucking FOUL ass rotting stench was drifting through the windows.

    Turned out she was on holidays, it was a sewer line. lol

    • Also - i am surrounded by men. Why cant it be all single hot fucking women that go jogging and do yoga and shit. Fuck off guys!rabbit
  • VectorMasked0

    Lucky bastards.

    There's a 30-year-old redneck next door. Dude never speaks to anyone. Doesn't even say anything if somebody says "good morning" to him. Few months ago looked like he has hiring a hooker or something. At least that's what people around here thought. Bitch now seems to live with him. Dude plays incredibly loud music on sundays when he goes out to wash his car. His friends always park in front of our house and we constantly have to knock of their door to ask them to move their cars so we can "make use" our property and park our car. Hooker also does not say hi to any person around here.

    On our other side, we have a couple who are also kinda reserved. Chick there looks like Hulk but with fat instead of muscle. And that's cool. I don't judge people that easily by the way they look. What she does have is that she is kinda jealous of what others have. She is also not too friendly. She just basically just interacts with people when she needs help. And she brags so much how her parents used to live in a middle-class neighbourhood. No idea why. Her husband is also a quiet guy. No problems with him. Only thing is that he plays really loud lame and obscure Iron Maiden kind of music about 4-5 days a week early in the mornings for like 2 hours each time.

    We also have this Argentine family with 3 big obnoxious dogs. Argentine dude is either racist, very rude and unfriendly or incredibly shy. Can't figure that out yet. Never opens his mouth and never responds to a simple "good morning", or "hi". Their dogs are always running around the neighbourhood, diving into garbage bins and they didn't care about people had to say around here, until recently one of their dogs bit me and had to be rushed to the emergency room. Dogs magically disappeared after this.

    AND... right behind us there's a bunch of drunks. They have been playing really awful northern mexican music for about 5 hours and will likely end in about another 6. My head hurts. it is incredibly loud and annoying. They are BBQing and singing along this awful music.

    Consider yourselves lucky guise.

  • Weyland1

  • pango1

    French musician.
    She doesn't wear bra.

  • pango0

    There's this really weird guy in my neighbourshood. He really creeps my out.
    I had my blind shut for the entire years and spoke in other language only. incase he's listening.

    • lol. but dude. who doesnt open their blinds ONCE in a year? EVER.rabbit
    • mine are always shut in my bedroom, only opened once a month or so. A few other rooms, now that I think of it (lets in diffused light)formed
  • utopian0

    I have a city block to myself, paradise!

  • CyBrainX0

    My next door neighbor is a gay guy who isn't around but I know when he is because the smell of weed is everywhere. I got a contact high once from opening the window to my bedroom.

  • formed0

    Can't hear anything from my neighbors. No music, no noise, no pets barking, etc., and only run into them occasionally. Good group, though, we all (or most of us) own our units and have for a while now. All professional and respectful of one another.

    I love it. The days of tolerating music at 2am are ages behind me or a dog barking, for that matter.

  • MrT0

    Great neighbours here but very Sydney. Two lesbicans with a young kid one one side - haven't got to the "how" stage with them yet. Other side is cool but a bit snooty. He's a big deal at Leo Burnett, has a nice 911 and a fussy wife which perhaps explains his 6 month stints in the NY office.

  • ArmandoEstrada0

    Small building with 7 units.

    No issues with anyone, can't hear shit.

    -Downstairs neighbors are mad cool.

    -The 2 guys across from us are nice too but we think they are gay (roommates ;(/) )

    -There is one chick who dresses like a stripper. Small shorts and small top, long legs. Always wearing stripper clothes. Light skin girl, kinda like a skinny Beyonce. We call her "Stripper Chick". She's always 'working' from 5pm until. Supposed to be a 'stylist'.

    -There were these two white girls who would never say anything, walk really fast whenever they see me or cower when we bump into each other. The fear in their eyes was hilarious. They looked like I was going to rape them so hard. They moved out and two other white girls took their place. They also cower when they see the 'hispanic guy'.

    • haha dont worry i get that too from this girl in my block always acting scared like imma rape her. fuck off with your shit and chill woman. then again, neverrabbit
    • know what ppl been through.rabbit
  • mg330

    We get along with our neighbors great. We live in a six unit building, an entrance on each side for 3 condos on each side.

    Everyone on our side had new babies within 2 months of each other last year and early this year, so there was a lot of bonding for the mothers before and after the kids were born.

    We do a nanny share with our first floor neighbors who will probably be life long friends of ours, especially as our kids grow up. We've known them since 2010 and they almost feel like family. Our nanny watches both kids in their unit.

    We'll grill out every now and then, do some landscaping work, walk the kids together. It's really great.

    • Everyone pregnant together, eh? Sounds like a swinging joint! *winkETM
    • Ha! We've got strange water on this side of the building.mg33
    • It's pronounced 'liquor'.ETM