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  • imbecile45

    • imbecile screenshotO0O0O0
    • LOL at the upvotes vs the downvotes.O0O0O0
    • 24 upvotes? whoa. So many QBN users online today.chukkaphob
    • What are we upvoting? Upvoted.set
    • i dont know but i upvoted it without even trying to read the blurred text and/or understand anything. Because internets.Ben99
    • LOL
      If you really want to know go to the thread.
    • This is the best.sureshot
    • login will other accounts to down vote this post!utopian
    • say whatbklyndroobeki
    • 44 Upvotes! So many lurkers.nb
  • oey20

    a) QBN membership only with valid Website and e-Mail address.

    b) Only registered users can see other users info.

    c) Registered users can either know other users E-Mail address or contact them in chat via QBN.

    d) Filter content option

    e) Ability to correct post till 5 minutes after original post

    f) No sexism, racism, homophobia, etc...

    g) Free QBN Stickers!

    • valid website or blog or whatever with creative work as content.oey
    • i am so down with a and b.capn_ron
    • you no want free stickers?oey
    • LOL!oey
    • says the guy with a logo for a website :/since1979
    • I already have stickers!!!! i sent one to mugwart recently.capn_ron
    • meow.since1979
    • Social injustice clause on line F.omg
    • you know since, yes, because of that i wrote my first comment.oey
    • and...I'm working on it.oey
    • Free Speech = Free QBN Stickers.omg
    • Hate ≠ Free Speechoey
    • E is my favorite option. reduce to 1-2 minutes is betteromg
    • omg, i thought you would like a and b?capn_ron
    • You can't have love without hate.omg
    • A&B = mehomg
    • come on omg, take of your superhero mask for uscapn_ron
    • Requiring a website is stupid as fuck. Sorry.monospaced
    • don't be sorry mono. I'm sorry for the stupidity. just forget about it and move on.oey
    • besides, I meant and/or...oey
    • background checks. for the whole 1st degree family. we want a safe envirkjfdkjhgBeeswax
    • ^ ?oey
    • h) You can't have an opinion on shit unless your portfolio is linked (lol)cannonball1978
    • i) no opinions at all allowedcapn_ron
    • But this is where I come to vent about the stupid shit bitches be doing. Don't take that away.hotroddy
    • Who fucking cares, I mean seriously... Who cares. Spam, trolls... Not exactly a big problemset
    • say goodbye to 35% of content on here.hotroddy
    • Free stickersautoflavour
    • no to a
      no need for e
      no to f
      no to g
    • no to f?! wtf dude?!oey
    • oey needs his safe space. lolomg
    • No to g? Wtf!pango
    • I think the problem with f is the etc..eryx
    • nahGnash
    • I am w/ set. Who fucking cares. Also I already have stickers.sureshot
    • make qbn facebook!renderedred
    • just leave it as it is. Its fine. Also I am a conservative Dutch dudesureshot
    • i might have to make a shitty WIX site to be able to continue posting and step up my political correctness to make sure i don't offend any qbn snow flakessofas
    • Yes, let's create a positive feedback loop! Which is a nicer way of saying circle jerk.rabattski
    • @sofas. snow flakes? dude I love snow (not the Canadian rapper).sureshot
    • @sureshot No licky boom boom down?rabattski
    • no rhetoric please rabattskisureshot
    • Snow! LOLpango
    • @capn_ron did send it is proudly stuck on my laptop for the world to see I'm a cunt!mugwart
    • Figures the pinheads are moaning about 'social justice' and snowflakes. If you don't like it, fuck off. Not like you post anything of worth anyway.face_melter
    • What will happen to "chick of the day" or "Official NSFW Thread"?err
    • Nice description of your safe space. Please don't offend me world.Hayoth
    • ^^ err - will be too politically incorrect. First thing to go!mugwart
    • Oey 2020!!!sarahfailin
    • i like where this is going!renderedred
    • hate to say it but in the end some of you sound like donald trump and the republitards...oey
    • #MQBNGA!moldero
    • Is that the new Godwin you're trying out?rabattski
  • PeterPancake1

    Propose we close the Chick of the Day thread and its various derivatives. All for nudity, erotica, NSFW etc. having a home on QBN, but not in such a sexualised and prejudiced presentation. Surely we can do better?


    • I upvoted because i agree. Then down voted because i disagree.capn_ron
    • you're okay with NSFW chicks, nudity and erotica etc, but not presented sexually? I don't computemonospaced
    • +1Gnash
    • My point doesn't object to sexual content, outright. But there is a limit? http://www.qbn.com/r…PeterPancake
    • Should make it clear, it is the prejudice presentation which is the focus.PeterPancake
    • Erotica/Nude of the Day, Official NSFW thread. gr8 - no discrimination between sexes and no thread titles which could be interpreted as derogatory...PeterPancake
    • Boobs of the DayPeterPancake
    • that's a sexy tortillapockets
    • +1 on just having a Erotica/Nude of the Dayplash
    • wasn't this closed a few years ago ... only to be put back shortly after?
      Isn't it a choice of if you want to click on a topic or not?
    • Right on. It's a stain on a nice shirt. A dirty bathroom in a 5 star restaurant. The shit in a shart. A nasty burp at the end of a perfect date...canoe
    • Don't mix threads please, some are categorize for creative inspiration, others for deviant inspirationrobotron3k
    • How about a "secret" tab that opens all that stuff if you are a granted access. Like FFFFFound, only members can approve you.Maaku
    • I Want Dick 2018 ?Maaku
    • I downvoted this because i think this would be the first step on a road to hell. We're all adults and able to distinguish between a commonly used term and a...Morning_star
    • ..purposefully derogatory insult. I see it as being no different from a thread called "Guy of the day'.Morning_star
    • If we're going to "clean" QBN, might as well get rid of Car of the Day, Set PSB, Politics, and anything unrelated to design and code.Maaku
    • @Morning_Star, tbf, i we're all mostly adult males. And if I'm not sure we're likely to achieve parity in objectification anytime soon with CotD breaking the...PeterPancake
    • ...26k post mark, amongst other fem. related threads and DotD a mere curiosity with circa 700 posts.PeterPancake
    • @Maaku Yea, I don't think we should be stopping people post CotD type content, just it should be posted in a more gender balanced thread. eg Nude of the DayPeterPancake
    • get rid of all the OTD threadsimbecile
    • You can close it down, but it will leak through cracks and holes in other threadsdrgs
    • Although I'm fine with chick if the day thread going away. It doesn't show up on cover page.pango
    • Maybe stop clicking the thread and feel bad about it?pango
    • I'm surprised this is on the chopping board before the NSFW thread.pango
    • @drgs Grand irony that the CotD thread started as a parody and mutated in about 2.5 cock strokes.PeterPancake
    • @pango Not a fan of the don't like, don't click argument. It's in the sidebar, yo.PeterPancake
    • Also I'm totally fine with the NSFW thread. As long as it doesn't end up on the cover page, DP the hell out it short of snuff.PeterPancake
    • it's only about 2 people who post in it isn't it?fadein11
    • Darn Peter, where were you back in 2000 when the shit was getting started??robotron3k
    • ^Think they operate in shifts. And they'd be more than welcome to carry on in the e.g. Erotic/Nude of the Day thread x)PeterPancake
    • @robotron3k nascent batterPeterPancake
    • @ PeterPancake . Could you shed some light on how you think it's prejudiced.Morning_star
    • Please do not make QBN PCtgqt
    • @MS Chick/Boobs/Butt aren't exactly the most progressive terms. Doesn't take a great leap to imagine this turns off many potential participants to this forum.PeterPancake
    • @tggt QBN Porn Collective? More adult, more progressive, more accessible does not equal PC. Fuck it up some more.PeterPancake
    • Mostly CotD thread is boring as fuck and old fashioned. Get me some 21C grot.PeterPancake
    • Thanks for your reply PP. I agree with you about the CotD thread being dull as fuck. However, QBN is pretty good at self censorship/editing those people and...Morning_star
    • no one can/should dictate what others want/ or should like. Just cause you dont think it is "progressive" (we read as PC) doesnt mean others have to stop.mugwart
    • ...opinions that are a step too far. I guess that this side thread illustrates the breadth of opinion about CotD.Morning_star
    • a community has many voices. I dont like the religion thread - doesnt mean we should ban that.mugwart
    • @ mugwart. 'Snap'Morning_star
    • Think this is pretty democratic so far :)PeterPancake
    • @mug, the religion thread is a debate thread. not a psalm of the day thread.PeterPancake
    • ^point being, the CotD thread has the power to turn people away from qbn. those people don't have a say because they don't join.PeterPancake
    • and to re-iterate, it's not about banning the content, it's a about putting it in a box that won't offend potential users.PeterPancake
    • (and current users, obv)PeterPancake
    • I'm pretty anti-PC but I'm with Peter here. However I'd obliterate it all, esp nsfw and similar. Too much junk slipping into cover page. Sorry, not sorry.SteveJobs
    • There’s nothing prejudice about chick of the day. The title is fine and so is content. There’s also dude of the day if you’re into that.monospaced
    • Because of the threads like chick of the day there are no chicks here. You guys shoot yourselves in the foot. Seriously, I think it limits the gender variety.Beeswax
    • I'd be good with it (+nsfw-focused threads) disappearing. I'm not offended and enjoy an occasional scroll through, but they def kinda lower the bar around here.horton
    • Okay okay ok now, let's not talk crazy now. Just make a Pancake of the Day thread and be done with this nonsense.fyoucher1
    • I would never have created a COTD thread. But the QBN community decided my work belongs there. Even PeterPancake posted a lot of photos there, btw.SimonFFM
    • I doubt that's the reason there aren't more participating women on here btw.
      Also, leave cotd alone, chicks dig it too. oddly offended. *eye roll
    • There. That settles it. Bunch of men speaking for women. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯pango
    • no from me.renderedred
    • The moderators met last night to discuss this ;)

    • @SimonFFM Your work absolutely has a place on a design forum.PeterPancake
    • There's no way to prove it turns people (men and women, btw) away from the forum b/c ofc. they arn't here for their voices to be heard...PeterPancake
    • It's not really surprising that some female members are ok with the thread @sea_sea. Would be interesting to hear what others think.PeterPancake
    • @pango we're all in this together, bro ;-)PeterPancake
    • Summary: Boobs and Butt OTD gotta go. Ordinarily I would be fine with gendered Dude & Chick OTD threads. But in QBNs case this doesn't work...PeterPancake
    • COTD is everywhere and has 26k posts. DOTD is a curiosity, and has less than 1k i.e. this is inherently sexist. Solve it by keeping the content, but removing...PeterPancake
    • the gendered labels, e.g. Erotica/Nude of the Day.PeterPancake
    • what are you trying to do @PP make this facebook? wtf?renderedred
    • i want my COTD! every day and curated by chukka!renderedred
    • Perhaps a separate QBNX page, same layout/code etc as qbn.com, but a dark colour theme, and all nsfw stuff there.shapesalad
    • I think leave it as it is. I'm a big fan of jungs shadow therory so we all have sides not appealing! If you want to click on a link then click on it. It createsmugwart
    • very organic threads and ideas for community. Some die and some get renewed.mugwart
    • why I love this place - we all have such different backgrounds and thoughts. Banning/ renaming idea's reminds me of Animal Farmmugwart
    • (book not bestiality film!)mugwart
    • As long as it doesn't pop up on the main thread page. The only thing annoys me is when you click on blog and the link changes to NFSW thread, which gets loaded!mugwart
    • @rendered again, i don't think we should be censoring the content, just re-labelling.PeterPancake
    • @mug, I understand the appeal of letting threads live and die in the timeline.PeterPancake
    • But also support democratic discussion and nudge towards a different style of posting, by altering very fixed elements, such as thread titles.PeterPancake
    • Censorship usually starts with "labeling" things differently... Just sayin'.renderedred
    • Censorship can be defeated in about two clicks, utilising the Broadcast button.PeterPancake
    • Worm. Not even broached the inequality issues within the design industry and QBN's potential responsibilities thereof. CanPeterPancake
    • why dont you just create this thread and see where it ends up?mugwart
    • woke SJW being woke. trying to get laid.severian
    • working on it mug. fuck off severian you trite cunt.PeterPancake
    • https://www.youtube.…mugwart
    • @PeterPancake Thank you!SimonFFM
    • I'll throw my thoughts in the hat since I am a chick here. Had I not joined 15 yrs ago, I wouldn't join now w/the NSFW or cotd threads even on p1 thread list.shellie
    • Perhaps more problematic threads it should just not be in the thread lists or front page but searchable via filter for those who know to look.shellie
    • stay woke.severian
    • You should also mention to women to stop wearing high heels into the office.severian
    • Bc @severian can't look at a woman's shoe choice without loosing his shit like a 11 year old when the lights are turned off in class for a movie. Cute.shellie
    • Not that it'll happen, but I agree with amalgamating all the masturbatory threads into something a bit less overtly sad blokish. 'Chick otd makes my toes curl.detritus
    • The Official NSFW thread's for all the stuff that's not masturbatory, so should be left out.detritus
    • Totally agree with having some mechanic to keep them off the front page, though can't think how that could happendetritus
    • Also think it would be amusing to mix in men to the generic porn thread, just to unnerve the basement-swelling masturbators on here mid-shuffle.detritus
    • QBNX is a pretty neutral title. Mark it NSFW. Allow users to choose whether to see NSFW in the sidebar - seems there's a call for that.PeterPancake
    • @shellie, men are primates. Women sexualize themselves daily. Dress, makeup and behavior. They be peacockin.severian
    • And maybe hide NSFW threads from potential users (i.e. when not logged in).PeterPancake
    • the problem is on both sides of the aisle.severian
    • another question is , why are these women taking their clothes off for money? Quite sad isn't it?severian
    • sev, take it to the feminist thread ma'dudePeterPancake
    • Wtf? (-___-) I'll get my coat.shellie
    • I don't care while NSFL thread and Handshake of the day keep livingmaquito
    • K.... Ya this discussion just turned retarded when severian showed up.
      I'm out.
    • ++ Thanks for all the contributions. Enjoying the diversity of opinion. I'll follow up with a thread that attempts to tackle the quandary. May all go tits-up.PeterPancake
    • Surely you mean tits-out? ;)Morning_star
    • Easy for you pango, you are fluent in retarded.severian
    • You're right M_S, that was a cock-up ;)PeterPancake
    • if it ain't chukkapproved i ain't cliciking ;)renderedred
    • haha chukka is the key to this all, no doubtPeterPancake
    • Naw manjagara
    • lol, just seen det's comments, haha, I second that. most of us are 40ish now and above, surely we don't spend our days wanking like safari park chimps all dayfadein11
    • anymore. I know I do... sorry back in a bit.fadein11
  • moldero16

    this would save a lot of time

  • sted7

    On monday I will publish the first qbn browser extension, make some suggestions now if you want some extra features. currently its just hides posts by specific ppl, it will never work for threads.

    • +and notes, not just postssted
    • wow!oey
    • sted, link please and does it ignore notes?imbecile
    • aiapaec please keep in mind that this has only impact on the front-end, so there is no way to notify people about these events.sted
    • there is a function to show specific notes/posts by the ppl you want to ignore. still testing this to make it usable in the way that it will not break the uxsted
    • @imbecile: still beta testing, and fixing some issues (for fucking chrome), i will be ready somewhere on sundaysted
    • sweet!moldero
    • lol @ all this time spent. more time spent complaining.yurimon
    • yeah sure what a waste of time.
      *just to point out why you're an idiot again: now I know how to build browser extensions...
    • make a european version only versionsureshot
    • ;psureshot
    • good for you sted, you only need to master few other things and your set.yurimon
    • I've still got $5 says that yuri can't master an apostrophe within the decade.monospaced
    • $5 say you wont master greater consciousness this lifetime. my material reductionist friends.yurimon
    • Yurimon. sounds like you don't like the idea of this extension. I wonder why.pango
    • right click menu for other website content > post to Pic of the Day, Gif Animation Thread, etc.sarahfailin
    • @sarahfailin yeah not a bad idea thx :)
      @yuri betting in money and talking about greater consciousness hmm again you mean you're talking about :D
    • nah, its all good. i think its hilarious everone got their nazi period as soon bernie lost.yurimon
    • ya that's what spam email sender would say. "You're a nazi if you block me!"pango
    • pango, i know you are not that dumb. posting is different, im not soliciting anything. lol. nice try. i'm observing the behavior of very emotionall frail peopleyurimon
    • and being condescending all the whilemonospaced
    • Yurimon. You're saying you're more like a preacher in public space yelling shit nobody wants to hear? Expect people to ignore you.pango
    • its fine no prob pango.yurimon
    • It's fine calling people nazi when they try to ignore your shit? Thats pretty trivializing the death taken away by the nazi party. I dont think you're this dumbpango
    • Yurimon - self proclaimed saviour of the sheeple!*fadein11
    • oh lighten up, you guys take yourselves to serious.yurimon
    • too*fadein11
    • seriously*Continuity
    • Another string of notes full of Yurimon arguments. Bored of it. This extension will have a use! Nice workset
    • Though it won't block replies so I imagine qbn would become rather confusing, no?set
    • which browsers ?d_gitale
    • its not going to work. time wasted complaining, programming, when you could have just shown restraint, etc.yurimon
    • i'll help you test it.yurimon
    • lol, yeah. you dont see me all over the site on every note or post. i keep to minimum to certain content.yurimon
    • Actually, we DO see you all over the fucking site. Which is why we are where we are today, with politics restricted to one thread, and ...Continuity
    • ... and people trying desperately to find new ways to shut YOU out of their daily QBN experience.Continuity
    • Like a pigeon, there's hardly a thread you don't waddle into and shit all over.Continuity
    • Sted. Mate. Seriously, I don't think you can get this plugin working fast enough!Continuity
    • where am i all over the site? oh you live in naziland. never mind. :)yurimon
    • 'Naziland', eh? Get fucked, you spineless, self-aggrandising, patronising little cunt.Continuity
    • So does this mean some people will just be talking to themselves?sea_sea
    • Yespango
    • yurinemon's trivializing the lifes nazi has taken away again.pango
    • Not to mention insulting an entire country of people have absolutely nothing to do with that era.Continuity
    • ^ i'm sure you extend the courtesy of that understanding to everyone..butyurimon
    • Naziland is waz too far yuri...fuck dude!oey
    • i know someone like yuri in real life. has this: https://en.wikipedia…inteliboy
    • Oh, we know Yurithing is a narcissist of the first order. And yet, apparently, he is still tolerated.Continuity
    • How did you come with that? I've taken alot of abuse from the lot and when i make a sarcastic comment with a smiley face everyone goes nuts.yurimon
    • my origins started out in testing alternative views and i a got a backlash. its still based on a few people that dont like my ideas. if you watch the site youyurimon
    • see the preference. even if I post a valid question it gets bombarded with trolling, Sorry you are taking this way to heart. more because its political.yurimon
    • adding the feature to hide up/down votes, and its done, search with the proper keywords @ the extension repo for your browsersted
    • thanksoey
    • WHERE IS THIS PLUG IN!!pango
    • Is the extension ready yet???Continuity
  • moldero15

    I'm kidding

  • sted16

    Thanks for all the and people who keep this place running.

  • i_monk10

    Edit/delete option for a minute after posting.

    • for a minute?!?
      how about an hour, that's fair
    • _sureshot
    • for a minute -- editable by everyonedrgs
    • ^ i like thatAl_dizzle
    • for the next hour you can change it back, so no probdrgs
    • that would be great for quick question thread that you know will be irrelevant for future useBennn
    • [add url of site with that impossible to close "Are you sure?" js alert window]sted
    • Yeah option to change for spelling grammar as well as remove within a time frameyurimon
    • lolmonospaced
    • A minute gives you time to fix a busted link or spelling, that's all that's needed.i_monk
    • no edit, think before you post!ernexbcn
    • the message posts suddenly while you typedrgs
    • ^ forward thinker.Al_dizzle
    • no, please no. just think of the horrible trollingmekk
    • http://vignette2.wik…mekk
  • Moderator11

    Ladies and Gentlemen:

    Orazal has been banned and will never be allowed to return to QBN. He is an immature troll who has participated here with no fewer than 18 screen names, often registered within a day of one of them being banned. This is not the place for such instigating, juvenile behavior. He did this to himself, and after already once being warned by QBN themselves this year. Nobody, not moderators, nor the owners of QBN will tolerate his behavior any longer. Orazal - if you are reading, grow up, gain some maturity, and stop wasting people's time. You truly did this to yourself. Time to go elsewhere.

    • funny to see this inbetween cotd, would you of the day and kfm thread. the guy posted design content and is a designer (even if annoying and crazy sometimes)uan
    • His being a designer is of no concern when it comes to him being a rampant troll and instigator on this site. Again, he did this to himself.Moderator
    • weird... he didnt bother me..musta missed it...sureshot
    • me neither, I understand the fun but 18 accounts maan...that's a lot for one person :Dsted
    • it's a mystery for me how he reached back from the grave and posted on that truecunt account :)sted
    • I called it! hahah!! ORAZAL, you sneed. Lol.docpoz
    • thought so too. buh byejaylarson
    • So are you mods going to enforce your three strike rule or whatterry_cloth
    • who?Gardener
    • Three strikes? c_cloth you would of been gone years ago then!utopian
    • Thanks, mod. Much appreciated.Continuity
    • the silence is deafening. so grandstanding and unfulfilled ultimatums is how the mod staff is going to characterize themselves. what a shameterry_cloth
  • imbecile9

    long awaited return of the ignore™ feature

    • yes ... PLEASE!!Ramanisky2
    • aka, safe zone™yurimon
    • it's not safe without yourself and drake shitting on everything, yurimon, it is simply a better experience.imbecile
    • I don't come here to give 2 fux about left/right politics & ur inability to make friends. I come here for like minded banter & to share cool shit i make & find.imbecile
    • you ruin that experience for everyone. sadly, it's intentional on your behalfimbecile
    • ^ exactlyRamanisky2
    • aka, millenialization of qbnyurimon
    • i dont know. this type of feature seems more of a bandaid to a problem of emotionally not able to cope with certain posts. maybe a more viable solution is goingyurimon
    • to a dr to deal with such inabilities. just sayin.yurimon
    • Yurimon - full autistic spectrum bore.detritus
    • "AutoBores - Transform! [the dialogue into the same old vortex of cretinitude]"detritus
    • *khe-khru-koo-kghrug...
      Yurimon Transforms back into his father's dildo
    • thats gross. says something about you for bringing these things up.yurimon
    • Isn't it sad that you have to fight against an online form feature optimized for people to ignore you? Think about that with your morning coffee.sofakingback
    • Emotional problems indeed.sofakingback
    • The problem with people that ignore you is that they don't know they're ignoring you.aiapaec
    • lol, not really fighting, no struggle. im giving suggestions. you guys are the ones fighting.yurimon
    • No, we're the ones beyond asking you to shut the fuck up with your boring boringness, you utter, utter bore.detritus
    • BOO HOO. WAHHHHHHHdrake-von-drake
    • Oh, very considered and articulate input, drake. Your mother must just be brimming with pride at the little genius she gave birth to.Continuity
    • Wahhhhhhhdrake-von-drake
  • capn_ron11

    user blocking abilities, then i could finally stop calling robomgurizal a troll all the time. I'm almost starting to feel bad for continually calling them a troll, but they are so trolly that it is hard to stop calling them a troll.

    • < This!Continuity
    • i upvoted just causecapn_ron
    • Trolly-trolly troll-troll.elahon
    • oh yes please.fadein11
    • Nice try capn ron, last time I saw you you were in my apt wasted, scaring two Asian girls they had to leave, then you followed them out stumbling drunk.robotron3k
    • Speaking of troll...robotron3k
    • such a trolly thing to say robo. just keep up the trolling. troll.capn_ron
    • how was the fact they were asian important to your story robotard?fadein11
    • he's been saying that joke to me for a while now, it has no basis, i think he just likes asians or something.capn_ron
  • nb5


    We should count total upvote/downvote score for each user, but keep it hidden.

    The member with the highest score at the end of each month gets to delete one user of their choice.

    The deleted user can sign up again, under a new name. But they can't use their old username ever again.

    The User Of The Month is displayed somewhere, but the deleted user is kept a secret. You only find out who got deleted because there's suddenly a yurimon2.

    • Everyone's count would reset at the end of each month. This helps prevent one user from keeping it forever.nb
    • I'm serious. I think it would encourage more great posting, less stupid nonsense.nb
    • Don't even need to "delete" the account. Just force the user to change their name, and retire their old name forever.nb
    • this would also increase everyone to post MORE and probably to downvote more so they have more points than others.sarahfailin
    • you really have an inner drive to see your fascist dream a reality.yurimon
    • dude 2nd of all i dont know how you personally rate on your posts but technically you dont qualify by your own standards, only by popularity of other prim8s.yurimon
    • only yurimon could relate this to a fascist dream and one's inner drive to see it throughmonospaced
    • @sarah: Good point. Maybe upvotes would count towards your score, but down votes would not count against?nb
    • Although, we'd have to stop people from voting for themselves.nb
    • COME ON GUYS let's do this so I can live my fascist dream!nb
    • its has flaws because it still a popularity contest, there isnt enough emotional discipline in majority of this group to really has no value to count estheticsyurimon
    • have a sense of*yurimon
    • then at the beginning of every month we would play another game called "guess yurimons new username"moldero
    • It's a popularity contest! A fascist popularity contest!nb
    • After a year of this: yurimon12 has just logged inyuekit
    • Are you a primate Yurimon?pango
    • loluan
    • yuriman, yurimen, yurimin, yurimon, yurimunisleptwithsirenstonight
    • Georges would be protected from public shame because he's already got XXVII different usernames.nb
    • Yurimon... All votes are popularity contest.... Which ever idea or subject gets more vote is the popular one.pango
    • The only none bias system is to flip a coin.pango
    • inb4 vote stuffing from yuri. also remember yuri is also isleptwithsirenstoni...garbage
    • I think it's time you got off my dick.isleptwithsirenstonight
    • Are we doing this yet?!? COME ON.nb
    • It's happening!!!!
  • utopian11

    + A respond/broadcast button on the top of each thread
    + Add Notes: make the text selectable
    + Ability to block Pango

  • Continuity8

    A PM feature would be nice, that way we don't broadcast sensitive contact details in posts and notes.

    • <OBBTKN
    • Nah. I don't want the possibility of unsolicited communication with any of you bog-brained goofballs <3face_melter
    • </3 :(Continuity
    • Yes for contacts. The confidential threats from our resident lunatics would just be a fringe benefit. Might even spark its own thread.garbage
    • Threat of the Daygarbage
    • Ohhh You have no idea how many dickbutt pic I have emailed to people here.pango
    • As much as I'm hurt by face here, I don't disagree. Would be nice to find some magic mechanic that allows us to share contacts non-publicly. No idea how tho!detritus
    • Thisset
  • e-pill13

    QBN Radio™

    you know in the top right corner!!

    JK hook it up again



    love love

    • mr dobs used to drop the jams

      hook it up!!
    • bonSEFF used to drop sickness

      top left corner!! ™
    • Wow. I haven't thought about that in ages.CyBrainX
  • drgs13

    Disallow uncertified users to start own threads, only post comments

    • And while we're at it, a new subclass of outcast users: only allowed to post sidenotesdrgs
  • georgesIII10

    + some text editing function: bold / italic / underline

    • <utopian
    • Suggestion for the people of QBN: stop using arrowsORAZAL
    • ^Continuity
    • +100 orazalset
    • markdown would be simple and effective for this, no need for a wysiwygESKEMA
  • sted4

    Use this -> https://pastebin.com/2x4J1f91
    To get this ->

    customize the file for your needs, the example shows how to hide u/d votes, change colors, hide some specific things...

    • nice!fadein11
    • /* detritus is racist */ ??Hayzilla
    • i can digpockets
    • A bit too bland. Seems like a site for dark web shit or atm repair diagnosticsdocpoz
    • + sweeethelloeatbreathedrive
    • Need 'Stylish' extension version for Safari. Come on, can't be that difficult to do?M01XXX
    • @Hayzilla this is an old stuff. detritus wanted something and I added various colors with names like trump for orange and that white. it does not matter.sted
    • @docpoz if you get the file working, it's really easy to change the colors. and remember unfortunately modifications require browser restart.sted
    • @M01XXX right no i have no idea how the custom global css works in safari...sted
    • Why can't the QBN creators/ mods provide or create it? Or a dark theme switch on the site?M01XXX
    • how is this done on chromedbloc
    • QBN Gods, just make it so!dbloc
    • firebugpockets
    • They can't even pick a picture for a PS Battle FFS. You think they are going to develop the website? LOL.Hayzilla
    • ^^^ https://memecrunch.c…err
    • lol @ HZdbloc
  • moldero6


    • damn, so that means he's still out there lurking, frustrated, just watching us, still not getting laid, waiting for the right time to get downvoted againmoldero
    • I have a suggestion for you moldero, stop talking about trump in every fucking sidenote, it's not cute. Thanksterry_cloth
    • sometimes you are more like the ones you do not like than the ones you like.yurimon
    • whaT aRe yoU talking about yuriMon :Pmoldero
    • Trumpy trump trump~!pango
    • Stump the Drumpfutopian
    • think about that.yurimon
    • it flew right over your headmoldero
    • Yurimon. Are you saying we're alike? I mean... What?pango
    • wha T a R e yo U talking about yuri M on :P
      I may have been too cryptic
    • sometimes what is perceived as opposites are really the same.yurimon
    • When is this sometime?pango
    • Where are the mods. You fucking clowns made some sort of proclamation and yet this stupid shit continues. Half step central out here, step up to the plate or stterry_cloth
    • -op posturing like you are going to enforce shit in an impartial fashionterry_cloth
    • Stand by what you say or go back to being scarceterry_cloth
    • What? What's there to moderate here? Quit being so dramatic. We're not even being mean at all. Your the only one throwing a fit and cursing.pango
    • Calm your tits!pango
    • Gilgamush / Terry_Cloth: I think you of all people are in no position to issue orders here.Moderator
    • c_cloth is whining again, just eliminate this troll already!utopian
    • lolscarabin
    • reneging on the ultimatums you've made in these recent public shows of force makes you part of the problemterry_cloth
    • terry. have you paid anything to be here? have you paid the mods? do they owe you anything? does mods get paid?pango
    • if you don't understand how thing work here. or couldn't get a long. why do you keep coming back to get pissed?pango
    • "Trumpet trump trump~!"
      -pango earlier this post. There you go mods, that's how seriously people take you and your rules
    • Orly? Nahhh that was directed at you not mod. You don't tell me what to do. Btw your the first one to mention trump. So there's that?pango
    • No one's obligated to do what you suggest. Especially not mod.pango
    • And I said trumpy. Not trumpet. Get it right!pango
  • juanluisgarcia4


    • Hey QBN admin. Why don't you just admit that this redesign is a failure and go back to the drawing board?iCanHazQBN
    • I know we don't pay money to use this site... but jesus, it shouldn't be this hard to get it right.iCanHazQBN
    • new site is great, just make default NT, not cover or feed.inteliboy
    • Why don't y'alls admit that this is a reflection of your interests?ORAZAL
    • Can't believe they took it off the cover!ORAZAL
    • hehe how funny http://i.imgur.com/a…juanluisgarcia
    • Y'alls the kind of people that get drunk, puke & piss on your street and complain about the neighborhood being dirty the next day.ORAZAL
    • Ahahaha!yuekit
    • juanliuis: yep, the irony!ORAZAL
    • At least our puke and piss are contained within the appropriate threads. It's up to the user to click on them or not...iCanHazQBN
    • This is just bad planning and design with no foresight. They launched the new site, what, about a month ago? And are still trying to figure it out..iCanHazQBN
    • They've got it figured out, they have given us the tools. The offending post has 7 upvotes at the time.ORAZAL
    • Yeah, but it's displayed as the first thing one sees when landing on QBN.com... that's the point.iCanHazQBN
    • Yes, that is the point.
      To each his own.
    • Hillary-ceptionyuekit
    • @Icanhaz,
      you can always not visit during work hours, I like dem fat saggy titz :(
    • I have no problem with it personally. I am da boss and nobody can see my monitor. But for others it could be a problem. Plus it just looks bad to have that asiCanHazQBN
    • the Home page. The Home page should be more controlled and design-related.iCanHazQBN
    • Agreed, the Home Page is too important to just leave it to "the people." They will just end up posting Hillary's tits over and overyuekit
    • It was a bad decision to allow upvoted content to show up on the homepageernexbcn
    • democracy = reddit or 4chan, jerry springeryurimon
    • Some men just want to watch the world burnORAZAL
    • It is what it is. Own up to your shit haha.docpoz
    • http://i.imgur.com/9…ORAZAL
    • ORAZAL, when guests come over to your house, don't you hide your dirty clothes and Fleshlight for a more welcoming environment?iCanHazQBN