Paris Hebdo attack

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  • lowimpakt0

    Muslim shooter = entire religion guilty
    Black shooter = entire race guilty
    White shooter = mentally troubled lone wolf

    • Sydney muslim nutter who shot those folks at the chocolate shop was described as a lone wolf.d0mino
    • don't see the point in this post. All cunts.BusterBoy
    • pc worldyurimon
    • Agree with BusterBoy.

      @lowimpakt, your post has low impact.

    • Wrong again, liberal media.DRIFTMONKEY
    • Actually I agree with what low impact means. Otherwise all white people are racist cunts. But i know that's not true.pango
    • The guys who killed soldiers in Canada were described as lone wolf criminals, not Muslim representatives.i_monk
    • Saying this is just as ignorant lowmonospaced
    • And I'm pretty sure their Muslim affiliation had something to do with this incident.monospaced
    • of course it's a sweeping statement but maybe if you listen to news from a different perspectivelowimpakt
  • reanimate0

    So did they catch the guys? They got away??

    • 5 euro, que demain, il vont rentrer dans une banlieue, tuer un fou et tout lui foutre dessusgeorgesIII
    • < mer il et fouORAZAL
    • english pleaseset
    • Je peux pas t'entendre sous le son de ma libertéORAZAL
    • Pourquoi est tout le monde parle français?goldieboy
    • parce que c'est la classe.ApeRobot
    • Parce que c'est quelque chose qui est arrivé en France. #dealwithitORAZAL
    • Et parce que c'est la classe aussi !
      +1 ApeRobot
    • Parce que ce qui se est passé en France, donc vous devez parler français quand on parle à ce sujetreanimate
    • 公式セラーポータルサイトHAYZ1LLLA
    • I nominate benfal to start a live translation feedORAZAL
    • hehebenfal99
    • Cabrones! Hablen Ingles o Español como la gente propia!HijoDMaite

  • yurimon0…

    Disturbing, but There seems to be no blood from the incident. I havent been in combat or expert but...

    • Not everything is a conspiracyinstrmntl
    • seriously yuri...just shut the fuck up will you.BusterBoy
    • well, shouldnt it be more blood from being shot??yurimon
    • any war vets on here?yurimon
    • do you know where he was shot? Did the blood pool under him? Who knows...but don't assume conspiracy. Breeds dumb.BusterBoy
    • absolute paranoia which just leads to more ridiculous extremist views for those dumb enough to not know any better.BusterBoy
    • im jut saying. I never saw real life shooting. not ok to question? better to shutup an fuel the hate?yurimon
    • Ak47 to the head at point blank range should create serious blood pool. Wake up. Question everythingset
    • <fadein11
    • i dunno as well. yuri.
      why don't know test it out?
    • It's funny how people always look for anomalies in the event as proof of conspiracy.ukit2
    • If the French government/CIA/whate... was going to stage an attack, why would they bother with the life of a lowly policemanukit2
    • a lowly policeman?ukit2
    • Why isn't it like the movies!?!Peter
    • I cut my finger once cutting a presentation and there was blood everywhereyurimon
    • Attacking someone for questioning something is not cool.set
    • Worse than sheep. Sheep don't herd each other.set
  • georgesIII0

    naturally he drops it's ID

    • yep, this point is strange.D4W33D
    • I say it was deliberate.benfal99
    • They knew and wanted to die as martyrsbenfal99
    • of all things to leave behind. remarkableGnash
    • Glaring.set
    • benfal, if they wanted so much to gloat, why did they wore masks?georgesIII
    • People do stupid stuff all the time. He and his friends didn't seem to have much of plan for escaping either.ukit2
    • They wanted this to go for few days, not 1 hour. Terrorists will terror.benfal99
    • Id agree with benfal if it was before the invention of high speed communications systems.yurimon
  • organicgrid0

    • west vs islam : science vs religionhotroddy
    • The real problem is that all the social and political movements in the Muslim world failed during 20th centuryukit2
    • this is so much bullshit, you should be ashamed of posting this organic,GeorgesII
    • can't believe you posted material from stormfags,GeorgesII
    • Well at least they improved their colourspango
    • lol @ pangosem
    • no evolutionbenfal99
    • HAHAHAi_was
  • iCanHazQBN0

    If you're going to post something in french, at least post an English translation of it.

    • Google translate and add a French accent in your headgoldieboy
    • Oh yeah? How do I google translate the above image? Type all that out?iCanHazQBN
    • Es-tu en colère?reanimate
    • I think the english term you're looking for is R.I.P.
    • It's an English language site. If you want to discuss this topic in French, I'm sure there are many websites where you can do that.iCanHazQBN
    • But yes I should've written "RIP"... because we all know that Charb comes to QBN when he dies to read messages. So dumb.iCanHazQBN
    • dumb.iCanHazQBN
    • who made it an English language site?Fax_Benson
    • Oh please. You know it is. Enough of the bullshit.iCanHazQBN
    • who made it the law? French speakers discussing a France-based event in French.Fax_Benson
    • if you can't understand it, that's your issue.Fax_Benson
    • The title of this thread is "Paris Hebdo attack", not "Paris Hebdo attaque".iCanHazQBN
    • What's the point of starting a thread on this, if the only people who can participate are French speaking?iCanHazQBN
    • You all can speak English. It's not about "law", it's about courtesy.iCanHazQBN
    • 99% of the people who want to participate in this discussion can't because they don't speak French.iCanHazQBN
    • In thread about horrible intolerance and hate for others that are different. LOLHAYZ1LLLA
    • If you're going to limit the discussion to only French speakers, then why bother posting in a FORUM? An ENGLISH-based forum.iCanHazQBN
    • English based forum.iCanHazQBN
    • hahaha!HijoDMaite
  • i_was0

    • Mulims ! shouting "al akbhar" and killing a police mani_was
    • point blank shoot to the head, fucking unnecessary - poor guy was down and no threatBluejam
    • – i_was I can shout "allah akbar" without being muslim, that doesn't mean shit.ApeRobot
    • that's fuckedbrandelec
    • aaah manquais plus que le raciste du jour,
    • Rule #1 Play Dead.HAYZ1LLLA
    • and... gone for "shocking and disgusting content"monospaced
  • pablo280

    • fuckers.organicgrid
    • Inter-Netz cleared that up. Those are CIA's agents. They also have blue eyes.benfal99
    • Seriously, this video makes me feel bad.benfal99
    • french are tool cowards.never changed since wwII. see this happen in texas..bitchezyurimon
    • you lack perspective yuriIRNlun6
    • yuri: 2009 Fort Hood shooting killed 13jacklalane
    • fort hood outlaws weapons on base...but texas does allows conceal / carry in publicPonyBoy
  • dbloc0

    • lol tough fags behind a computer. take the mask off tough guy!CygnusZero4
    • many terrorists wear a mask too.dbloc
    • cowardsCygnusZero4
    • what are these assholes really going to do? close down some twitter accounts? the horror!!!CygnusZero4
    • < IronySep
    • You're a cunt talking shit online hiding behind a screen name, Cygnus. What's the difference?Sep
    • "...track you down to the last one and kill you."

    • irrelevantorganicgrid
    • Belgium LOLApeRobot
    • im also not threatening anyone. they are, behind computers, behind masks. nerd cowards lmaoCygnusZero4
  • futuremongolian0

    this "WHO DOES IT BENEFIT" line of argument is so mind-blisteringly stupid.

    The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour greatly benefited US military contractors. Does that mean Pearl Harbour was a false flag operation?

    The time my house was broken in benefited the security system corporation I purchased. Does that mean the security corporation was behind the break in?

    I broke my wrist skateboarding and surgeons were paid to fix it. Does that mean the surgeons secretly orchestrated the accident?

    • fuckin' surgeons, mandigitdaily
    • 'xactly futuremongolian. what i tought. That said, of course some conspiracy occured in history.benfal99
    • surgeons are behind all skate industry, common knowledgeyovkov
    • Thats a stupid. Military and government policy is deliberate planning for outcome, its a historical fact.yurimon
    • 9/11 is a perfect example and wmd fiasco. only reason you know about wmd as bullshit. is someone sacrificed themselves to whistleblow.yurimon
    • to whistle blow.yurimon
    • I remember thinking the WMD excuse was political spin before the war started. Didn't need any whistleblower to point that out.ukit2
    • Actually Pearl Harbor is very fit for CT, there's a bunch of them, just like 9/11. War Justification.ESKEMA
    • Even wwII with nazi invasion of poland. long list of false flags.yurimon
  • uan0

    how many churches in indonesia, thailand and other islam nations?

    • Tons, indonesia should be a model of how we can all co-exist happily. It would be dumb to label those countries anti-christian wouldn't it?_niko
    • ...wouldn't it? Plus Saudi arabia is the epicentre of the sunni islamic religion and a breeding ground of a lot of this fundamentalist doctrine_niko
    • fundamentalist doctrine._niko
    • The money trail of ISIS and al quada leads back to the saudis bankrolling this global Jihad. It's in their best interest to fan the flames of_niko
    • flames of this west vs Islam rhetoric._niko
    • Certain areas of Indonesia are very strict now concerning headscarves, terrorist bombings happen often tooWeyland
    • One can't considering thailand as an islamic nation... Indonesia is mainly ruled by chinese people...gonzalle
    • Thailand is 95% Buddhistukit2
    • อ้วนd_gitale
    • Indonesia a good model? You're kidding, right?Peter
    • yeah lol thinking Singapore_niko
  • autoflavour0

    there is a serious problem with the cop being shot on the street.. mainly if he was shot in the head, even without there being a massive spray of blood, there would be blood within the first few seconds pumping out onto the foot path.

    there is a massively dark feeling about this..

    • yea, it is weird, but its real as fuck
      the bulled might had gone to his chest instead
    • otherwise his head would really explode thru the sidewalkfeel
    • the shot could have gone to the pavement (the guy isn't aiming at all) but the situation itself could cause cardiac arrest.spl33nidoru
    • There is no absolute rule on such effectsi_was
    • It's not a movie okay guy?marychain
    • < thisD4W33D
  • _niko0

    We get this argument all the time, Muslims are peace loving, and the terrorists are a small portion that make the rest look bad, but let me ask this, when was the last time a christian shot up a bunch of people yelling "Praise Jesus"? or a bunch of buddhists blew themselves and others up just after saying buddha is great! or Hasidic Jews rampaged in New York holding a torah and flame throwing motherfuckers in the name of Abraham.

    I'm sure it happens and has definitely happened in the past but not on the scale of what's happening with muslims currently.

    I see it getting worse before it gets better until the day wake up and ban all religions world-wide.

    Then we can have peace and progress as a species.

    • vHijoDMaite
    • amen! .... I mean yepfyoucher1
    • Significant time a christian shot up a bunch of people yelling "Praise Jesus": Bush, 2001, Afghanistan; 2003, Iraqpressplay
    • drones are in the air now, shooting up peoplepressplay
    • carried out by christian nations no doubt, but show me where bush or anyone else called it a holy war in the name of Jesus Christ._niko
    • You must be fucking joking. This post is embarrassing.set
    • Prime example of the awful, scary and pathetic mindset that the media creates in sheepleset
    • Great argument, I like your points, well thought out and articulated. Tell me why this post is a joke.._niko
    • Show me what other group is acting like Isis or boka haram or al quada in the name of religion._niko
    • Show me any other religeous fundamentalist group that is doing this on the same scale._niko
    • George W Bush: http://www.theguardi…nb
    • We need to get all religion out of the public sphere. Forever.nb
  • i_was0

    • L'Islam est une invasion culturellei_was
    • Amalgame ; quand tu sers la politique et que tu créés la peur afin d'adoucir la masseD4W33D
    • Ces pseudo politique sont dangereuxD4W33D
    • Adoucir la masse ? la gauche le fait aussi, ce Mr par contre pratique moins la langue de bois.i_was
    • Je trouve son discours plutôt bien rodéi_was
    • I_was si je disais la meme chose sur les juifs, tu serais entrain de crier antisemitisme, t'es rien qu'un faux cul de merdegeorgesIII
    • Et toi, au mieux un malpoli... mais je penche plutot pour la grosse merde enervée d'être acculée dans ses convictionsgonzalle
    • since I know Spanish I can almost understand what you guys write. I should learn French.HijoDMaite
    • Gauche, droite ou centre, ce sont les même. Ce n'est plus de la politique mais de la communication...D4W33D
    • Confondre la culture musulman avec les extrmistes est juste une preuve de betise profonde.D4W33D
    • Mais oui mais oui D4w.. Et pour bien connaitre l'islam il faut être muz, et les nons musulmans n'ont donc qua crever... On connai la musique.gonzalle
    • Il faut juste côtoyer des musulmans pour savoir qu' ils ne sont pas tous extremistesD4W33D
    • c'est tout.D4W33D
  • mekk0

    I've read an article today, reported about schools having difficulties to held memorials in Germany and France. Students humming, saying things like "they deserved it". Teachers also report it is almost not possible to talk about it in class because students are clapping and not willing to talk about it. More than 200 reports going in, and that was only the number of causes they did not resolve internally.

    What a sad thing to read.

  • bklyndroobeki0

  • Beeswax0

    • I don't think anyone here is stupid enough to confuse these shooters with ordinary muslimsset
    • < what he saidfadein11
    • I don't know who is ordinary or not. I'm pointing out that my religion is not the instigator, it's something elseBeeswax
    • we knowbenfal99
    • like something already present at the human psychology. I'm showing this because if this verse had not existedBeeswax
    • existed maybe I'd find those killers right. Just maybe.Beeswax
    • you mean like a brainwasher?yurimon
    • You'd the find the killers right?set
    • Because of a verse in an old book?set
    • What?set
    • I hope I've misinterpreted what you said.set
    • < que? more info pweaseyurimon
    • he said if this verse didn't exist he might find the killers 'right'set
  • detritus0

    Fucking credulous fools - if THE CONSPIRATORS would bother faking any of this, for whatever reasons they have, do you not think it would not be way simpler, securer and more logical to do it for real and Just Fucking Kill Some People?

    Serves their purposes way neater than bothering to fake any of aspect of it.

    Honestly, some of you lot are so wrapped up in the idea of CONSPIRACY you leave all reasonable judgement and criticism at the door.

    If there is a CONSPIRACY CLASS at the top of everything, they're way smarter (and more ruthless) than us mouth-breathing keyboard fantastist dolts, which is why they're meddling with shit in the first place.

    Fuck's sake.

    • Self esteem issuesset
    • But yes saying it was fake is rather ridiculous. Who did it and for what motive is the intelligent question.set
    • Not sure what your self-esteem issues have to do with this, but thanks for the heads up.. I guess?detritus
    • look up operation gladio. was an actual conspiracy with similarity to this. what has changed?yurimon
    • You just proclaimed you're an unintelligent mouth breathing dolt, then expect people to take you seriously.set
    • Is allset
    • Conspiracy theorists: The Jehovah's witnesses of the atheist world™ORAZAL
    • QBN is fake, its all in your head.sem
    • Ah, my apologies - that was an instance of one of those communicative shades of gray you have problems with.detritus
    • and history repeats itself as those dont learn from its lessons.yurimon
  • ukit20

    A prominent Dutch cartoonist at Charlie Hebdo heaped scorn on the French satirical weekly's "new friends" since the massacre at its Paris offices, in particular far-right National Front leader Marine Le Pen.

    "We have a lot of new friends, like the pope, Queen Elizabeth and (Russian President Vladimir) Putin. It really makes me laugh," Bernard Holtrop, whose pen name is Willem, told the Dutch centre-left daily Volkskrant.

    "Marine Le Pen is delighted when the Islamists start shooting all over the place," said Willem, 73, a longtime Paris resident who also draws for the French leftist daily Liberation.

    He added: "We vomit on all these people who suddenly say they are our friends."…

    • fair comment.fadein11
    • Is that a French saying? To vomit on people? In like itset
    • I'll vomit on all you cuntsset
    • I'm glad he came out fuckn those jackals profiting of this actgeorgesIII
    • Read stuff on him today, that guy is a prclaimed anarchist. He hates politiciansbenfal99
    • He looks pedanti_was
    • Hes a caracter, hes cool i thinkbenfal99