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  • ethanfink15

    I used to be super active on qbn in the 2000s! Then I saw this thread, and I launched a show this week. So I thought it was appropriate.

    Hope ya'll are well.…

    • Congrats man! Good luck with it.Hayzilla
    • Congrats, please elaborate...Are you the producer, creator or are you in the show?utopian
    • Holy shit that’s great!nb
    • Congrats! Looks like he's the guy in the show w/ his wife - all the best...whatthefunk
    • Sick. Should have gone with "Road Trip Money Pit".garbage
    • Nice!GuyFawkes
    • I just got a a budget for my docu series pilot. I'd love to know more about this project and your journey.shellie
    • I just watched an episode. Very fascinating but then noticed the pathetic number of people making comments on YouTube about ghosts and haunting.CyBrainX
  • nb7

    Better than Friends, am I right or am I right

    • Right you areMrT
    • Cheers is better than Friends. Frasier is better than Cheers.DRIFTMONKEY
    • +helloeatbreathedrive
    • And Seinfeld?Chimp
    • Niles trying to press his trousers was hands-down the best physical comedy in the modern TV era.Continuity
    • Zero laughs given.calculator
    • Getting Leukemia is funnier than Friends.face_melter
    • Oh baby I hear the blues a calling tossed salads and scrambled eggs, oh my, oh of I seem a bit confused well baby I got you peggednb
    • But I don’t know what to do with those tossed salads and scrambled eggsnb
    • I always thought it was overrated as it won every Emmy in the 90s. King of Queens was a better show in my opinion...and not appreciated enoughdkoblesky
    • of course.fadein11
    • I watched it back in the day after work when I got my first design gig. My Wife and I started watching again since covid hit. Funny show.aliastime
    • always remembered this line; "Audrey, you borrowed the dress, you tore it. As an old Greek haberdasher once said: "Euripedes, Eumenides."_niko
    • Frasier's a bit like Third Rock... - it's great until the suspension of belief lifts for a second and you realise how hackneyed and paint by numbers it all isNairn
    • (both are series I really enjoy/ed - I just had to take a decade or two off them before I forgot what I'd noticed. Watched both again fairly recently)Nairn
    • Seinfeld > Frasier > All other shows ever > TIE between Big Band Theory / Friends as worst show in history of man/woman/person IMO.ideaist
    • Fuck, I hated TBBT. I made me cringe, see red, then want to commit genocide.
      And leading with The fucking Barenaked Ladies after the cold open ...
    • ... didn't help one bit, either.Continuity
    • Yeah +1 ideaistDRIFTMONKEY
    • Cheer was better than Frasier. So was Seinfeld. Big Bang Theory was usually very good. Friends is probably the most overrated show of all time.CyBrainX
    • I'm convinced people have been taken in by three supermodels enough to overlook how painfully dorked those three male characters are. The show has no laughs.CyBrainX
  • mg331

    Yo - trying to decide on a new one to watch once a week with my wife. Something darker, espionage, thriller, murder investigation, etc.

    Debating between:

    - The Americans
    - Broadchurch
    - what else?

    • Also considering Friday Night Lights but might watch that on my own.mg33
    • Friday Night Lights so so good. If you havent seen The Night Of ... that will check most of your boxes. 10 eps.ridg0026
    • The Undoing on HBORamanisky2
    • check out The Undoing on HBO, yeah. Very solid. At first you think it's gonna be this then it shift to that and it's very good.Bennn
    • AMERICANStank02
    • Fargo?robotinc
    • Luther was probably my favourite thriller from the last few years. I mean, come on: Idris Elba.
      That said, Broadchurch was also very good.
    • I also enjoyed Marcella and River, though I don't know if they're on any of the streaming services anymore.Continuity
    • Spiral, the French series from a few years ago.face_melter
    • +1 for Luther.greyandred
    • The Night Of - HBO thing from a few years back with riz ahmed and john turturrowoowahesque
    • DARK on netflix... murder investigation, grim, amazing acting AND weirdness....
      it's got it all, baby :)
    • Happy Valley. Made me cry at the end.https://www.yout...Longcopylover
    • oh for f.. sake:….Longcopylover
    • I'll also recommend Dark. 3 series, excellent acting, intelligent, weird, beautifully shot.Morning_star
    • Breaking bad
    • Ozark if you haven't seen it already, a great balance of grim and cynicismspl33nidoru
    • Off.shapesalad
    • yeah Ozark :)sted
    • We started The Undoing. Looks good and like the mood of the first episode.mg33
    • OzarkHayzilla

    saw a couple of episodes. really like the pace and they have some great shots

    • soldmoldero
    • yup got this one all que'd upRamanisky2
    • +1Al_dizzle
    • started watching it this weekend and its pretty goodfeel
    • Good. Especially mixing it with real footage to show the absolute horror of Escobar.tank02
    • I'm gonna watch it now,
      thanks to reading this
    • kinda looks like movie of the week, no?pr2
    • it's ok. the production is fine but everyone looks to damn pretty.docpoz
    • *toodocpoz
    • YasssBrokenHD
    • 3 episodes in, really like it a lot. Love the actual footage interspersed with the content. Would recommend!ghandolf
    • My friends and I have a pact to only watch it together on Sundays; as many as we can fit. Watching "Kill The Messenger" on HBO to hold me overBrokenHD
    • just started watching this last night. looks shit hot!microkorg
    • this shit is gold brumilfhunter
    • just finished it.. its fucking awesomeautoflavour
    • yepGuyFawkes

    wow nobody will recommend this jewel?

    I did not want to watch until BAM best thing I've seen in years

    • many already recommended it in the Netflix thread ;)Bennn
    • Yeah great show!dbloc
    • LOLOLOL too many movie and tv threads! consolidate!dkoblesky
    • yes. you have now reposted it for the 3th timemilfhunter
    • Ending was ridiculous but great otherwise.mort_
    • Loved itpedromendez
    • Super series. And story told in 7 episodes is fantastic.stoplying
    • love it tooGardener
    • interesting that it was written in '83 by Tevis who also wrote the hustler and the color of money._niko
    • I also think it was one of the best series in a long time, loved it BUT SPOILER ALERT!!!!!
      One thing bugged me after the fact. When she goes back to the school
    • and goes into the basement and sees her shrine etc and says she still owed the janitor $10. How was it that she wrote to him, asked him for the $5 entry fee_niko
    • went on to win and not think to pay him back or at least write him back? after every success and every tournament win, not so much as a hi? thought about him_niko
    • constantly during her games but never once thought to go and see him, or at least keep writing? Everything she had she owed to him really._niko
    • @niko I thought that was quite consistent with the behaviour of an addict.mort_
    • @niko I hear you. Thought it too. But she is an addict, alone in the world, with a fair helping of Autism. Keeping up with pen pals probably goes by the waysideHayzilla
  • sted9

    Tom Hardy iz tha man

    • Cant get over how good this show turned out. Tom Hardy nailing Edwardian Tom Hardy! Think first time I've seen on BBC how corrupt the east india /royals weremugwart
    • Highly recommend it. Great series so far.confluence
    • wooden actorCygnusZero4
    • Best show out imofyoucher1
    • I can't get over Mark Gatiss. He makes the whole show like a League of Gentleman comedy for me. Still amazing though.Ianbolton
    • Great darma, Well worth a watch, Tom is great in it.wheelBoy
    • a little slow off the bat but getting really interestingRamanisky2
    • Whats with Toms grunts? I hated Mad Max and his grunts made it even worse for me. It seems its his new acting thing. Hurrrrrrrrnnn.ArmandoEstrada
  • Ianbolton4

    Start this last night. Anyone else getting into it?

    • Yep. Good stuff. I hope we find out what his endgame was.lemmy_k
    • Only 2 episodes in...Ianbolton
    • LOVE this showdopepope
    • The static tv quantum Jesus lookback thingy was a bit shit. Didn’t get past that.mort_
    • 1 Ep to go. Hope they can put together a solid ending. But really good so far.Ramanisky2
    • my main gripe is that the female leads acting chops are a bit weak when compared to the rest of the cast.Ramanisky2
    • Literally binge watched all episodes yesterday, waiting season finale next week, good stuffdrgs
    • It's premise though although like Ram said some of the acting sucks. The lead gal is meh... but Alison Pill is great (love her in whatever she's in)PonyBoy
    • Yeah Offerman and Pill are outstandingRamanisky2
    • yepPonyBoy
    • loving thiscolin_s
    • was on the fence for a while. But the sound design and score were more than enough to keep me in the game. Good rec.MrAbominable
    • Started realy stong but seemed like it could have easily lost an hour of montages, felt like it wanted to be weird like Twin Peaks but wasn't brave enough.webazoot
    • just finished. Last 3 episodes were good. And a salute to his movie Deus ex MachinaBeeswax
    • BV post about the release of the musical score for Devs: http://www.brooklynv…MrAbominable
  • haga5

    Already posted but I have to recommend The Terror. Binged it, absolutely loved it. And an awesome soundtrack.

    • as good as or close to the book?
      Loved the book.
    • good series, loved it toohelloeatbreathedrive
    • One of my favsfyoucher1
    • Quite enjoyed it too.PhanLo
    • great series (never read the book - will do now)Gnash
    • Never read the book and I'm actually glad I went in to the series blind. Had no expectations what so ever.haga
    • Looks great...thanks!yuekit
    • Easily the best series of the year so fare-wo
    • Best new show of 2018, along with Castle Rock.DRIFTMONKEY
    • the book is simply divine. So well written and such incredible characters. Worried Scott worked on this thoughmugwart
    • Looks good. How the fuck do you watch it in the UK?Hayzilla
    • FFS how do I see this? Is there an actual useable site/app that tells people how they can watch tv shows? I have every Sky channel, Netflix & Amazon! Can't findHayzilla
    • Found it.…
    • Enjoy bro. Nice slow burn.DRIFTMONKEY
    • ^ Unfortunately its on a TV service I don't have ;-(Hayzilla
  • Ramanisky26

    I know I’m probably late to this one but I enjoyed every pretentious second of this 13 hour Epic ... Def gave me the Lynchian vibes throughout.

    • I think I rec this before and got downvoted...grafician
    • It’s not for everyone... the stilted dialogue, the long pans but I truly admire the world building Refn committed to. Also the soundtrack is dope.Ramanisky2
    • Upvoted cuz you're a man of great taste it seemsgrafician
    • Pic not working. What dis?fyoucher1
    • Trailer looks good. Will check it out, thanks!mort_
    • oh, lol, I didn't realise this was from the TV series thread and assumed it was a 13-hour long movie, haha.Nairn
    • @fyoucher1
      Too Old to Die Young ... on Prime
    • Ed Brubaker is one my fav comic writers. Never heard of this till now. Thanks.DRIFTMONKEY
    • I fucking loved this show. You can tell they hit the end of the budget and it ended abruptly though.inteliboy
    • > Skull of the Day thread.CyBrainX
    • I'm grateful that guy isn't holding his gun sideways.CyBrainX
  • spl33nidoru6

    I watched this true story 7 episode mini-series when it came out 3 years ago and really liked it.

    Watching again, same if not greater pleasure, everything is top notch without being flashy, from seamless acting to impeccable cinematography, Ben Stiller directed this and he did an amazing job.

    Highly recommended.

    • it's a prison break story btwspl33nidoru
    • def a good watchdopepope
    • I enjoyed this so much but man what ever happened to Alabama?_niko
    • anything with paul dano!
      cheers for the recommendation
    • Yeah this was one of the best shows that year.Ramanisky2
    • Del Toro always looks like he just got out of bedStoicLevels
    • this is VERY goodBennn
    • Stoic, that's what he looks like when your gal keeps him up all nightcanoe
    • Lol wtf does that even meanStoicLevels
  • pango8

    just started watching Chernobyl
    this shit is good!!

    • Yep, terribely good!D4W33D
    • Dark and brilliant.mort_
    • Yeah, that's a good one.lemmy_k
    • really well done. excited as the same people making The Last of Us series on HBO.inteliboy
    • Brilliant. HBO are making Station Eleven too, more fingers crossed.MrT
    • It was brilliant but I have to admit I never even finished it, it was so depressing lolyuekit
  • elahon4

    The Boys S2 drops today. I can't wait to dig back in tonight, I loved S1!

    • Yep, good stufffyoucher1
    • Finished first three, great stuffhelloeatbreathedrive
    • Closest series to GOT for wtf moments12xu
    • +1 compound vprophetone
    • The comics are greatscarabin
    • So far so good, some banjos deaths.PhanLo
    • Halfway through S01 now ... I love this show so much. It's so fucked up.Continuity
    • some scenes raped my brain S01, i think there is no need for this wtf violence moments if the story is good, and the story was good.api
    • Although I had to laugh at *that* Popclaw scene in S01. Made me instantly think of drgs and his 'I want her to crush my head with her tighs like a watermelon.'Continuity
    • Just finished s02 ep04 ... really good stuff.Ramanisky2
    • I just watched one the entire first season last night, good shit.utopian
    • Starlight so hot.utopian
  • AQUTE4

    • been hearing good things about this - will have to start it. UI heard the intro song is supposed to make you feel very anxious. Eager to hear itbulletfactory
    • +1. Really well written.MrT
    • Enjoying this one. Pete from the office is the worstmisterhow
    • couldn't get past the 1st ep... annoying characters. maybe will keep going.inteliboy
    • It's a tarted-up version of Duty Free.

      Shout-out to the 80's UK sitcom massive.
    • lol Duty Free. That was just a sunnier sexed up version of Howards Way.MrT
    • def gets better as it goes onGardener
    • Anything "HBO Original" is top. It's like a mark of excellence.grafician
    • what was that 90's brit soap filmed in spain - - - it had a girl called "bunny" in it and was cancelled after 6 episodes -_me_
    • Eldorado !_me_
    • Howard's Way was a gentrified version of Triangle.face_melter
    • Triangle was just The Love Boat with ferries in the rain.MrT
    • Bloke across the road from us wrote a book in the '80s called "Ro-Ro to Finland" about roll-on roll-off ferries. Fun times.MrT
    • Really struggling to find a reason to watch episode 2 of this.mort_
  • _niko1

    can't get enough of this show, so good. If you're missing the wire, her's your fix.

    James franco is great. Plus Method man.

    I've always been a fan of 70's gritty films especially in NY. sprinkle in some porn and you've got something great here.

    • I know it was posted 4 up but maybe we need it's own thread lol_niko
    • I'll try it, since you compare it to The Wire ... I just can't stand Maggie Gyllenhaal.monospaced
    • same guy wrote the wire. Maggie g. is actually really great in this show.lvl_13
    • she's always greatFax_Benson
    • yep she is, what is there to hate about her?fadein11
    • so uh, what's it called?imbecile
    • I don't hate her, just don't really like her as an actress that much.monospaced
    • @imbecile .... 'the Deuce'Ramanisky2
    • Franco looks good in a wigsince1979
    • Gyllenhaal was good in this movie: https://en.wikipedia…)zarkonite
    • she's just not that good looking of an actress, she's got a quirky / cute thing that some casting agent must like, I just don't see ittimeless
    • so hotpango
    • Shes a great actresssince1979
    • The Secretary was a great movie with Maggie Gyllenhaal and James SpaderCyBrainX
    • idk, I can't get into this one.section_014
  • greyandred7

    The Terror. Nice and grim.

    • The first one was pretty goodlemmy_k
    • have been enjoying this. Nice mix of grim reality and slightly daft horror.Fax_Benson
    • second one was also decent, still the first one is amazingloool
    • my brother recently told me about this show. Looks goodfuturefood
    • agreed, season 2 was shitmilfhunter
    • Yeah, enjoyed season one, couldn't get into the second. (each season is a stand alone story for anyone wondering.)webazoot
  • loool4
    • Looks good, thanks!spl33nidoru
    • Black Mirror lost me with the pig fucking.CyBrainX
    • This was good. I forgot about blackmirrors after the second episode.
      @loool how did you coped with the end? :)
    • @CyBrainX Later we found out our Prime Minister engaged in bestial necrophilia as a teenager with severed pig's head. Art imitating life.PhanLo
    • @sted i was ok with it really...well rounded and quite goodloool
    • Black Mirror won me with the pig fucking thing.StoicLevels
    • @PhanLo I'd still take a severed pig head fucker over Trump or most of the next American presidents these similarly minded assholes will elect in the US.CyBrainX
    • ****misterhow
    • cheers for the heads up, been watching a few russel t davis things lately and hadnt heard of thiswoowahesque
    • Just my opinion, but this one was up there with some of the worst shows I’ve ever seenscruffics
  • autoflavour8

    most of the way through rewatching the Wire.. forgot how fucking good it was..

    so dated tho.. burner phones and pagers..

    if it was remade today it would be all Wickr and Telegram accounts with the cops having no idea.

    • I just did a full rewatch too. Loved every minute if it.DRIFTMONKEY
    • He made another series called The Corner that was a kind of precursor to The Wire. Pretty dark and bleak but worth a look.mort_
    • My hometown. Greatest City in America.…
    • I experienced my first murder when I was 9 on the parking lot behind my apartment. We heard a gunshot around 8pm, a while after a scream: You killed my brotherpalimpsest
    • Ten minutes later sirens. Thirty minutes later a Dr. Seuss story before going to bed.
      Good times!
    • Every time I meet someone that mentions Bmore I have to tell them that they shouldn't visit. You have to live there to love it.palimpsest
    • @palimpsest Are you familiar with Baltimore based photographer Patrick Joust? Love his work.
    • How are burner phones dated?Nairn
    • Because of the Covid 5G vaccine.palimpsest
    • @_mort
      Yes, love Joust's nightshots. Haven't been to Bmore in about 5 years but you should head down if you ever have a chance.
    • Watched it for the first time over holidays. Awesome show. So dated yes, but so many good characters.Longcopylover
    • The way the story arcs were constructed is what makes it so special for me. Each series from a different perspective but with the same characters.mort_
    • @palimpsest Would love to visit with a camera but I'm based in Ireland so won't be any time soon.mort_
    • The world building and the depth of the character stories is amazing in The Wire. I always remember this scene with very minor characters...palimpsest
    • ... saying a line that sums up the whole episode towards the end. It's in one of the first two seasons. It's a mother and child looking out the window.palimpsest
  • sted5

    • please be goodsted
    • so far so good s1e02grafician
    • will see it tonighthelloeatbreathedrive
    • Love it - totally my Sci-Fi kick_me_
    • Mental first episodeIanbolton
    • yeah ep2-ep3 makes you wanna watchsted
    • this is unbelievable, i really got hooked up on it, amazing stuffloool
    • It was cool for the first few episodes....lost steam in my opinion....after about E4dkoblesky
    • I probably wouldn't have been sold on this if I didn't see Ridley Scott's name.CyBrainX
  • drgs1

    • i think the movie was shiteESKEMA
    • same... overrated.inteliboy
    • I quite liked it, visually it was pretty decent. Story was a bit daft.PhanLo
    • I find it hard to bend my imagination around the impracticalities of this concept.Nairn
    • Once they got near London there would be leaves on the track and that would stop the train.PhanLo
    • Yeah mixed feelings about the film, director and concept were great, execution was lacking.yuekit
    • The original was fine but fuck this shit.MrT
    • I thought The movie was incredibly entertaininghotroddy
    • i enjoyed the movie a lot too.neverscared
    • why is this made again?milfhunter
    • tv showdrgs
    • TV show looks like it's a prequel to the movie? Maybe the first uprising John Hurt was involved in?PhanLo
    • can't wait to see Jennifer Connelly as evil bitch. so stop destroying my faith in the engine. she is already crying in that trailer.sted
    • this one has a bit more dumbfuck fights and white hands hanging out the porthole:…
    • beginning was weak. but it got better.pango
  • elahon3

    Really enjoying Dead to Me on Netflix.

    • Excellent BingeRamanisky2
    • are we actually admitting this?_niko
    • yep... the wife got me hooked on this onePonyBoy
    • the acting was greatGnash
    • and damn, is that Linda Cardellini cuteGnash
    • Yes to all of this, I love it, I'm not ashamed to admit!elahon
    • Haha what have we become?!?!

      And yup she’s so cute, ever since her freaks and geeks days
    • should be posted in
      Signs your getting old? thread
    • fuck you guys, now i'm gonna have to watch it :)renderedred
    • is goodprophetone
    • Just finished it last night, 9/10. Very enjoyable.elahon
    • The trailer looks shit. I saw my wife giving it a try the other day while I was doing some other stuff. When I asked her how it was she told me it was shit.deadsperm
    • great serieMarcelloB
    • After all your reviews I'll give a try. And I might need to smack a ho.deadsperm