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  • Boz0

    yes.. I had so many variations and setups with my home office over the years but I found that my current setup where I sit in the middle of the room is the best.. I have tables go around me.

    I just need to punch a big hole (kind of like arch) in the wall to the right to open it up to my theater room so it's totally open.

    I just did a clean up and a nicer photo shoot of my office as I have a whole room dedicated for it.

    Here's mine.. my design/dev shack:

    • dude, what's your electric bill like?
    • chuck norris has the same setuppinkfloyd
    • around $150 .. actually what kills my bill during summer and goes up to $350 is AC not electronics.Boz
    • do you get radiation burns?scarabin
    • Thats a lot of wasted space and clutter for what I assume is just testing purposes. You can't use them all at the same time, can you?Amicus
    • you should link them all together into one big screen and play games on itscarabin
    • this setup screams "get a life"horton
    • far too cluttered for me!!
      lots of nice tech though. what tablet is that?
    • <3ARTsamurai
    • +1 horton. i'd be embarrassed if a girl came in and saw that.CanHasQBN
    • lol @ horton.. you should see the rest of my house then :) It's just geekiness and the fact that I do EVERYTHING.Boz
    • @CanHasQBN
      Girls don't go there dumbass..
    • I'm curious to know what the rest of your apt looks like. I bet it's all high techy.pinkfloyd
    • your girlfriend must love it! ;)OSFA
    • have not heard a single one that complained.. actually they love the home theater room especially.Boz
    • i'd be curious to know when you're away from home and if you leave the door unlocked. also, anybody know of a good rental truck place?scarabin
    • rental truck place?scarabin
    • why so many screens?utopian
    • geezus bro that is like star trek enterprise.VikingKingEleven
    • Boz has to be American! God damn that's shite... it is like a giant tanning booth.utopian
    • lol @ tanning boothpinkfloyd
    • older monitors over the years.. I probably don't need more then one on the PC but they are not worth shit so I kept them. If anything it's nicer to work on when I do 3d or similar with multiple windows.Boz
    • anything it's nicer to work on when I do 3d or similar with multiple windows.Boz
    • You can watch 7 different clips of porn at the same timepinkfloyd
    • @utopian.. it's ok dude.. it's work.. I don't expect you to understand..Boz
    • 77 different clips of porn u mean...utopian
    • I now know what my house would look like if I never left it.Andrew_D
    • Are you sure that is
      not the 2001 CES
      trade show floor?
    • LOL @ Utopian. I've gotta hand it to Boz, though, his house is just as annoying as he is.Andrew_D
    • Work??? All I see movies libraries on all 48 monitors...utopian
    • Best Buy Just Called...
      They want their
      showroom floor back,
    • LMAO @ tanning booth.CanHasQBN
    • hahahahapinkfloyd
    • I just got a tan looking at that set-up!

    • you all hatersBoz
    • lol @ tanning boothdMullins
    • I get it you don't like it.. move the fuck onBoz
    • You prolly use more power than the fucking pentagon!sureshot
    • hahahahaharandommail
    • I say rock on.randommail
    • why are you guys all giving him shit over so much tech? he has an easy button... problem solved.kona
    • all that's missing is a box of tissues.horton
    • @horton.. towel! http://www.designbyi…
    • ah yes... for professional fappinghorton
    • i do like the desks though, love dark wood like that, very classy.

      nice android phone too! :)
    • that really is sadmonospaced
    • what happens when you push the big red "easy" button? why the fuck do you have that there anyway?monospaced
    • wow, talk about a tech victims... You really need two cell phones dude?benfal99
    • must.... consume.... more..... natural.... resources....mydo
    • now i can see why you started the thread in the first place.mydo
    • Boz you need an intern? lol Teach me yoda. lolVikingKingEleven
    • I thought you were going to walk away from that houseJosev
    • I like the desk boz.moldero
    • welcome to page 55lajj
    • this must be the most comments on a post, must be lots of cordsmetafus
    • This is a fuckin nerd station if I ever saw one.CygnusZero4
    • who cares about his setup? as long as he doesn't claim to be too green...(and notes stop at 99)Jaline

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