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  • GM27822

    Picked up this 1968 El Camino SS last nite:

    • Archer?face_melter
    • fuck yeah!!!monospaced
    • ^ No, I bought it in Waco, TX. Archer is way north of Dallas. :PGM278
    • NiceHayzilla
    • looks like a sicario car... nice room back for a MGOBBTKN
    • ;)OBBTKN
    • damnernexbcn
    • tidy!microkorg
    • Holy hell that's gorgeous!BonSeff
    • gorgeous indeedPonyBoy
    • hell yeah!
      bike in the back or trailer?
    • man that looks in great shape. Nice paint job.dbloc
    • this is fabu man!kona
    • Moldy, I can fit two bikes in the bed. (Needed a bike hauler.)GM278
    • Thanks all. I'm pretty stoked.GM278
    • It's glorious.aslip
    • The grill is amazing! Love the pipes too.JackRyan
    • The grill is an original from the previous owner's 54 Corvette. I can probably get a grand for it if I wanted to put the stock one back on.GM278
    • Did it come with a mullet?severian
    • BALLS OUT!stoplying
    • Fuck yes!mugwart
    • severian, it came with the ability to haul my race bike to the track and an ever increasing return on my investment...but I'd totally rock a fake mullet cap :PGM278
    • damn. nice.Gnash
    • u better drive it across the countrysince1979
    • Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii...Muncher
    • .......ce.Muncher
    • Alright, alright, alright...

      heeeey, watch the leather man!
    • SteveJobs....that was a 1970 Chevy Chevelle SS 454 although I DO live in Austin where that was filmed.GM278
    • helllllssss yeaaaahhfyoucher1
    • Balls on the wall man!pango
    • I may have to reconsider my stance on el caminos. Sickhotroddy
    • NICE Rideriteshpatel
    • nice with he iroc wheels!BabySnakes
    • that shit it sexy brothermoldero
    • How much?cannonball1978
    • You can't ask that! It cost what it was worth. = )Muncher
  • GM27816

    Just a little update on my 68 El Camino that I posted on pg 63.


    Horrible IROC wheels, suspension was worn out and still had drum brakes

    Engine was a disaster!


    Cragar wheels, completely redone suspension, Willwood disc brakes

    Modified the motor slightly ;P

    • oh sweet man, looking sick!BabySnakes
    • Mean looking!stoplying
    • I MAY have watched Mad Max once too many times. (Yeah yeah XB Falcon is not a Chevy but working with what I have) :PGM278
    • fuck thats nice - love the paintworkpedromendez
    • Well you'll love it even more next week - redoing it in a semigloss black.GM278
    • wow! looking great man!renderedred
    • love itPonyBoy
    • that's not fucking around, damn!jaylarson
    • So nice, I'd love to hear some in car audio sometime, just doing a few cheeky pulls!slappy
    • /人 ⌒ ‿‿ ⌒ 人\utopian
    • Holy Frigg! Nice!microkorg
    • damnGnash
    • With the supercharger and two 4 barrel carburetors it's my version of an EcoBoost motor. I'll be boosting the economy every time I turn the key. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯GM278
    • I want to hear that thing. Nice job!zarkonite
    • is that your garage? *swoonsimbecile
    • What a beautnotype
    • I wish that was my friend runs a hot rod shop. My garage is full of bikes. <-- Most impractical bike hauler ever!GM278
    • love thisRamanisky2
    • The choice of matte black works so well on this car. Congrats, big time.CyBrainX
  • detritus6


    • I likeHayzilla
    • BMW 2002 lights, Alpina rimsmekk
    • Like a Golf GTi and a Fiesta XR2 fucked after a drunken night in a Travel Lodge.
    • More like a Golf and a Peugeot 205, imhoOBBTKN
    • ^ ThisHayzilla
    • Did a Chrysler PT rape a Fiat 500?Continuity
    • How much pony power on this Honda?HijoDMaite
    • Makes me yearn for a Peugeot 205 gtiLukeO
    • Nice, has the shape of the original. The wheels don't really go, but I get its a concept car.sofakingback
    • serial production planed for 2019...with same lights and smaller wheelsuan
    • I like. just another concept car though :(inteliboy
    • i REALLY like this. saw it on FB the other day. Cross between an old Golf and 205. Epic looking 'leccy hot hatch!microkorg
    • love itmonospaced
    • Looks a little like a VW but I still see mid 80s Civic.CyBrainX
    • Looks like a hipster Pinto with Daytons, copying off of the Benz glowing logo.fyoucher1
    • You have to hang out the window to check your charge.robthelad
    • I wish Honda would do something cool. The Civic is fucking ugly as hell now, and the Fit has no power (but the manual box is nice).section_014
    • looks like a toyBennn
    • true, looks like a VW, neatfeel
    • Like: Rims, Paint Coat
      Dislike: Too fucking small
    • I like itGM278
    • I disagree that it looks like a golf. I own 2 of them and I can tell you these lines are much closer to the Civic early models. Look at the hatch and back windosofakingback
    • Golfs have harder angled lines, with a pointier wedge feel. Civics have softer round lines. also, lower for and generally more compact looking...sofakingback
    • even though the original golf is smaller, it's design feels more spacious, the higher roof helpssofakingback
    • http://blog.caranddr…sofakingback
    • Front grill is more like the golf than the civic imomicrokorg
    • Love it. It's like they mashed the design language of the element with a 70s/80s civic http://i42.tinypic.c…monNom
    • interesting.bklyndroobeki
  • mekk11

    Finally decided to ditch my E46 touring for this beauty:

    Bought it in mid feb. 2.5l inline-six, the "small one". Having great fun with it, although it needed a $1000 roof fix quickly after my purchase. Everything running smooth af now, replaced fluids and filters last month. 70k miles on it, no scratched bumpers, no curbed wheels, interior looking fresh aside from one button being used heavily, no cracks in the leather etc. Service history complete.. Totally happy with my hairdresser vehicle :-) Vroom vroom bitches!

    • great car_niko
    • Congrats!GM278
    • Looks funlemmy_k
    • Nice. Please add to Midlife Crisis thread ;)spot13
    • I'm 29 :-(mekk
    • just curbed a wheel yesterday :(jaylarson
    • Didn't want to go with the coupe?ShaneHolley
    • and i'm still on the hunt for an e46...imbecile
    • Shane, there is no coupe of the E89, only the previous model had the E86 coupe.mekk
    • @imbecile, E46 is still my fav BMW series somehow, I hope to be broke the day I see a well kept manual Estorilblue or Stratusgrey 325/330ci for sale.mekk
    • that was my E46, for anyone interested:… Kept it for almost three more years after starting to look for sth else...mekk
    • But... why? when we have Mazda Mx-5's in this world.shapesalad
    • Miata was considered but the cabin is too small for me, I'm 6'4mekk
    • Nice. I like the BMWs six cylinders. I am longing for an Alpina at the moment. Mostly an e90, maybe an e46. But only petrol and touring.Longcopylover
    • i have an e90, much enjoymentimbecile
    • I had an e46 manual estate wagon with the sports package. It handled like it was on rails, hauled the kids and the dog nicely but was a money pit to maintain.fooler
    • Love my Carbon Black E46 M3! :-) SMG trans has cost me a fortune, but otherwise no problems ever.formed
    • sister has onecannonball1978
  • GM27810

    Well, my car is painted and finished (for now). Sorry BabySnakes, I know you loved it but the 58 Corvette grille lost out to the more classic look of the stock one. I also replaced the side exhaust with shorter ones which IMO look better. Thanks for all the positive comments in my progress photo posts.

    • Whooaa beauty I wannna drive :D
      you did a great job, have fun!
    • Nice. My first wreck was in a 71. Tottaled it, a van and an IROC.lemmy_k
    • Cool and Meanstoplying
    • Ooh, I like the James Bond style pop up missile launcher.Nairn
    • Love the matt finish.PhanLo
    • HAHA @Nairn yeah it rains death down into the motor with 16lbs of boost turning the car into a 700hp missile ;)GM278
    • Still looks great! So when we gonna see your quarter mile times and video?BabySnakes
    • That’s some Mad Max Road Warrior type shit right there. Badass.Ramanisky2
    • @BabySnakes There's a sea of youtube videos where you can watch ppl total their cars at drag strips. I ain't got nuthin' to prove. HA!GM278
    • Is that your "backyard"? Damn...Maaku
    • ajaha still 700hp fuck you, i'm glad you cut that shitty exhaust lol it was like a dragster before :Dsted
    • sweet subaru baja dude!!deathboy
    • hahaha you're thinking of the Subaru Brat. A friend of mine in high school had one as a first car and ended up rolling it.GM278
    • oh yea the baja was the re-invent. looks some hot august nights on itdeathboy
    • Holy shit that's an amazing whip. Kudos, always wanted one. Someday.garbage
    • is it faster than a Volvo ;)necromation
  • elektro1

    • Looks like a bit of a cut and shut.Nairn
    • Cracked Head, Every Valve Rattles, Oil Leaks Every Timezarb0z
    • Is that the new Vette?lemmy_k
    • 488 knockoff?Palindrome
    • 60K for a 495hp 0-60 mph in 3 seconds car is quite interesting. Hopefully they made the interior better than years before.fooler
    • *yawnmonospaced
    • Engine in the middle of the car from my understanding rather than front/back.ideaist
    • congrats zora, your dream finally came to fruitionimbecile
    • I'm so in on this.showpony
    • The thick exposed stitching on the interior seems so out of place. Hideous, actually.mg33
    • it's like a 360 Modena and an Aventador had a kid?prophetone
    • I can see myself driving thisMaaku
    • Is this one of the Brazilian knock offs?see_thru
    • I love this. It does look like a mix of every super car out there. I see Vette, McClaren, Audi, Lambo. Still, can't wait to see it in person.mandomafioso
    • They moved the engine to the rear. The insurance for this will be even higher than before.CyBrainX
    • As a kid I wondered why they couldn't make a fast looking car with a cheap engine. Ppl are paying for looks.sarahfailin
    • The Tesla Roadster 2020 looks betterNBQ00
    • and costs exponentially more. This is a steal. They'll sell these hand over fist. I'd never want a Vette, but this would get me in the show room.formed
    • I'm getting one of these. This is exactly what they needed to do with the Corvette. Amazing.section_014
    • small background... https://www.detroitn…imbecile

  • Krassy9

    • still wouldimbecile
    • New tyres, new battery and sure it runs smooth as silkOBBTKN
    • Still worth an obscene amount.section_014
    • Near mint condition. Some patina. Price firm.prophetone
    • There's one in the garage next to my car. But a brand new one.SimonFFM
    • Sold. My dad restored a 1965 sedan Mercedes so I would be following in the family tradition.CyBrainX
    • Over a million Euros when restored, but you've to spend thousands to get it in good condition...OBBTKN
    • this would make a great rat-rodfooler
  • HijoDMaite6

    Range Rover by Larusmiani

    • What does the Larusmani add? I just see a very nice 3door version of a RR.Longcopylover
    • that's a damn fine car.sarahfailin
    • you can learn to fly on that back seatsted
    • beautiful.shapesalad
    • That blue is looking fly as hell! Not to mention the clean details.davey_g
    • Purdy. Too bad it'll break down after 10 miles.fyoucher1
    • Interesting car!williamhillx
    • Lovely! The kind of car you'd see Seinfeld driving on 'Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee'mort_
    • wownotype
    • that colourinteliboy
  • fooler10

    • rip banditRamanisky2
    • :(Longcopylover
    • This car was a classicpinkfloyd
    • My friend just bought one of these blew it up in a week :(mattwrightgd
    • My first roommate bought a pristine one with some inheritance money in the early 90's. He caught the engine on fire trying to rig a N2O bottle to the carb...fooler
    • he blistered the flaming chicken and 6.6 LITRE decals on the hood and scoop. He sold it after a friend beat him in a drag race with his dads Ford Taurus SHO.fooler
    • the SHO was one of the best sleeper cars ever._niko
  • Nairn6

    I think I posted a similar article on this a while back (probably from same website too). Small update on the Bollinger electric Land 'B1'.…

    • Maybe the new Defender show look more like this instead of that "Chelsea tractor"(something I read in a YT comment)dmay
    • Thats the ugliest thing I've ever seen. Sorry.Hayzilla
    • I appreciate the effort, but they made that 4-door Jeep that everyone has, but somehow uglier. The lines hurt.garbage
    • i know these guys. started in a tiny (and i mean TINY) town in upstate NY. electric is perfect for hard working truckshardhat
    • i like the sheer brutality of it.hans_glib
    • Revisiting it: It looks good at 90 degree angles. @hardhat agreed. There's a good documentary that you might have seen called "Who Killed the Electric Car?".garbage
    • My uncle (who lives in Mississippi of all places) had a friend who was a part of an electric truck project by a major manufacturer in the 90s.garbage
    • He said that he was amazed at how effective it was as a work vehicle, and then project was revoked for "reasons". Hmm...garbage
    • Torque on EVs is brutal, so great for Work Environment. Trouble is, batteries were shit back in the 90s. Now? I think most site vehicles will go EV very soon...Nairn
    • ..I can even imagine some construction stuff getting plugged in, because why the fuck not?Nairn
    • The only thing EV suffers from (and it's only a minor issue) is range. Or, sustained top-end output, but that's only for race cars and cretins with tiny dicks.Nairn
    • Actually, cretins with tiny dicks only like to fartblast around towns for short sustained periods before they dampen their Y-Fronts prematurely.Nairn
    • You lost me at Y-Fronts, lol.garbage
    • speaking of range / power issues:…PonyBoy
    • A lot of people won't like it, but a LOT of people do. And there's some really smart thinking behind this truck. They're a nice bunch with true intentionshardhat
    • The cut-through as grown on me. Also it would look pretty amazing when mudded / dented up. Those distressingly perfect lines well earn character.garbage
    • Do we still need cars?!grafician
    • Cleaner cars = Faster horsesdeadsperm

    • Signs you're getting old, I know what auto-stop is.lemmy_k
    • citroën visa
    • interesting! what car?pr2
    • my parents had one when I was a kid; my first car was an axSimonFFM
    • Those interiors, visa, ax, bx... Crazy designers, love itOBBTKN
    • Ahh, Feu Orange. The car scent of choice for the discerning driver.microkorg
    • prefer a home and a car like that, dont care. #lifegoalshelloeatbreathedrive
    • a 1969 velvet underground live cassette makes this whole ensemble majesticGnash
    • The time was obviously very important to these designers.monNom
    • Oh, damn, the VU and Beatles cassettes make this even better. That clock is insane. This is so wack it's amazing.CyBrainX
  • HijoDMaite9

  • sted3


    • love the idea but the top speed and range are stupid!trooperbill
    • yes, range is not bad at all, but 45 km/h... tune the engine and up the top speed to 80 km/h and I'm inOBBTKN
    • it wouldnt get me to work :(trooperbill
    • "What does accessibility looks like"
      Did Bennn write the copy?
    • Top speed and range are not stupid, you can drive this without a license, that is a key part of the idea.deadsperm
    • hiBennn
    • a mopped can go fasterBennn
    • Yeah so when u pass your 18th birthday it will add an extra 20km/h to its speed, 60 if you get your license.sted
    • Oh and over 18 you can use the boost lanes in the selected areas to gain some extra speed on roads where it's safe.sted
    • Urban areas, which this intended for, are limited to 50 or 30. You either like the idea or you don't. I you want to leave the shire you best be getting an SUV.deadsperm
    • France already has a bunch of these type of toy cars that don't need a permit. They're mostly used by alcoholics who had their license revoked.deadsperm
    • it's an applianceBustySaintClaire
    • More like Heelys.
      If you can't use a bike or rely on public transportation in your daily life you need to reconsider your life choices.
    • goofy lookingutopian
    • my commute is under this - this would be a great 2nd vehicle - does it need to be insured?timeless
    • love the idea. who knows how city transport will look in 10 years.inteliboy
    • Hopefully city transport will abolish private ownership in the future. I see self a driving cars as cars as a means to this end.deadsperm
    • I am less impressed in the technological development of self driving cars than in the social change that they might bring.deadsperm
    • in the words of Henry Ford "If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.”deadsperm
    • "Cleaner" energies wont bring a significant change to transportation but a change in how we use/consume transportation will.deadsperm
    • The people are focused on how "cool" driving cars are only thinking of getting one for themselves and not the social impact they would have.deadsperm
    • I'm too drunk to make sense.
      Self driving cars = abolishment of private ownership = real environmental improvement.
  • imbecile9

  • pr2-4

    Some pics of mine 1973 280.
    (It was for a photo shoot - so cleaned. So no, normally i don't keep it THAT clean inside):

    • Sent the picts to a friend in NYC who is obsessed over old mercs. He has a serious hard on for your column shifter (apparently rare)GM278
    • They build almost 20,000 of these specifically. Hard to say how rare the car is after 45 years but they do pop up for sale.pr2
    • thinking of buying a 70s porsche. a 911 or 912. how often do you drive this? did you buy it original/restored or do that after purchase?dirtydesign
    • I bought it for $6k more-or-less like this but put another $7k into it. So if i spent $13k in the first place to get prime example i would be in the same spot.pr2
    • But then I wouldn't know the car then like the back of my hand (i touch pretty much every component of this car at some point).pr2
    • wow! hell of a car dude!kona
    • Bottom line: great experience to learn about workings of a car but next time around i buy a prime example.pr2
    • Great parking!pango
    • she’s a beautIRNlun6
    • Pardon me...would you happened to have any Grey Poupon? But of course!utopian
    • Pango, when i attach the Nigerian side flags to the front sides of the car i park however i want!pr2
    • dirtydesign speaking as someone who has a classic as a daily driver (see above) it really boils down to the condition of the vehicle when you get it andGM278
    • how skilled you are at working on it. All classic cars need a bit of love and maintenance. You just have to be willing to deal with itGM278
    • (and definitely have a back up mode of transportation that's more reliable ;P)GM278
    • and be prepared to spend comically silly amount of $ for spare parts (because they are hard to find).pr2
    • Shes a beaut!instrmntl
    • wow, that's beautifulMilan
    • damn blast from the past, my family rode a similar but earlier model without the neck-protectorn thingy. Beautiful specimen!ArchitectofFate
    • Good job man! What did you use for cleaning the leather?mekk
    • we had wild times with such a car when I was around 18. a friend of mine got it from his grandfather...SimonFFM
    • Older guy in town has one of these in Brown. I always tell him to call me when he wants to sell it. So sick. I love these cars.section_014
    • mekk, 3M Marine Vinyl Cleaner for vinyl seats and 303 UV Protectant for dash.pr2
    • section, they pop up on craigslist quote often - unless it's one of the "muscle car" versions - they are quite cheap.pr2
    • Very nice but that rust around the wheel well is alarming. break out the grinder. Hows the undercarriage? It'd be a shame to have her sitting prettyMHDC
    • meanwhile rusting away underneathMHDC
    • Corrosion Free 3000 is a good undercarriage treatment. I think the Canadian army uses it. Anyway i liked how it worked and crept into all the creasesMHDC
    • MHDC, i would have to weld then repaint. Too much effort. Much easier to cover it with Fluid Film and just let it be.pr2
    • Its a very pretty car and you've done a good job cleaning it up. £6k to buy a car that needed £7k spent on it though... eeesh.Muncher
    • MHDC is right, you need to cut that rear wheel arch out and address what's underneath. The other arch looks like it has a bit of filler too in the one pic.Muncher
    • I had a 1960 Humber that came to me with a bubbled wheel arch like that. Left it alone. Two years later, it all had to be cut out and replaced.Muncher
    • Muncher, now that i had my "mechanic adventure" and touched every component of the car with my hands i would rather spend $12k on a car in great condition...pr2
    • ...rather than "save" money up front.pr2
    • That said if you are new to old cars and don't know much about mechanics, don't spend $12k! Do what i did and get one in good condition that still needs...pr2
    • ...little bit of work. You will learn a lot and when things do go wrong with your now $12k car you will fix it with blindfolds on your eyes.pr2
    • I go the other way: There's sometimes not much difference between a stock 12k car & a 6k car aside from cosmetics, more history, and a persuasive seller ...Muncher
    • So I buy at the bottom of the price range and fix up what's been neglected over the years.Muncher
    • You won!ShaneHolley
  • hoppa747


  • sofakingback3

    Heres my latest and greatest resto

    1980 E12 528i

    Engine is still in the works, actually considering switching to a 3.5L

    • had an '82 528e... same color... loved itPonyBoy
    • Great. Are those Alpina-Rims?Longcopylover
    • This is your hobby? Ever consider making it a career?dirtydesign
    • yea those are alpinasofakingback
    • I wish I could build cars for a living. From what I've seen its tough to make good money out of it... I still dream about tit though.sofakingback
    • NICE!!!!!!instrmntl
    • Very nice, indeed.Maaku
    • beautiful!inteliboy
    • 80s BMW's are amazing! would kill for a nice old estate tourer.microkorg
    • damn, this is dope. great work!lvl_13

    • Alfa Romeo TZ3 Corsa by ZagatoOBBTKN
    • beauty_niko
    • though not totally sold on the rear_niko
    • ^the rear is quirky, i agree, it's an evolution of: https://en.wikipedia…renderedred
    • ah interesting, and better than the original which looked like more of an afterthought_niko
    • A Beauty.
      I visited the Alfa Romeo Museum in Milan a few weeks ago. They have so many nice design studies.
    • Oof, the rear is hideous. Kinda reminds me of a Ferrari 599. But more bulbous.section_014
    • rear is classic Zagato thoughShaneHolley