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  • stoplying15

    • yesBluejam
    • dudefadein11
    • oi mate!prophetone
    • Sign me the fuck up.noneck
    • respectKrassy
    • 100%necromation
    • Nice.HijoDMaite
    • Added to "want to watch" listdee-dubs
    • < apparently back in the day JL used to release & take credit for mixes that were actually mixed by the Psychonaughtsdee-dubs
    • I've got the time machine mix cd which is awesome https://www.discogs.…prophetone
    • Looks ace. Intrigued to hear how the Shadow Levine relationship went sour.thumb_screws
    • Psychonauts are awesome - check out their Essential Mix, still amazing today even after 22 years...nigo
    • https://soundcloud.c…nigo
    • Yeah Lavelle couldn't mix for shit... he took all the credit from their mixes...nigo
    • Lavelle is known and respected for his ear & selections, not his mixing.Krassy
    • Totally agree - not dissing his talent for that at all, just shoulda given credit with his DJing back in the day that's all.nigo
  • dmay4

    • holy fucking shitballs... this looks amazingly goodkona
    • Hugh Jackson's too tall to be Wolverine.BK
    • Nice, I like the mature approachMaaku
    • Wasn't expecting much, but fuck me sideways that was good. Old man Logan indeed.face_melter
    • And Patrick Stewart looking like a dead ringer for William Burroughs.face_melter
    • Damn. Marvel's got this sh*t locked up! Hopefully my Wolverine mini-series goes up in value somdayformed
    • perfect track too._niko
    • the track is what does ithotroddy
    • cliché track but gotta love mel gibsonspl33nidoru
    • ha thought it was Mel Gibson tooRamanisky2
    • Mother of christ...elahon
    • cliche as fuck track.inteliboy
    • Looks hella nicesureshot
    • So basically it's The Last of Us with adamantium claws... I'm down.SteveJobs
    • so this is gonna be like those escort mission in video game...pango
    • can we finally get a good wolverine vs. sabertooth battle? So much good content to make it happen.sofakingback
    • Actually, I take that back. I'm not liking just how close it is to TLOU. It feels too heavily inspired. Logan even has Joel's bearded, tattered, greying look.SteveJobs
    • deesgonnabegood.gifGeorgesII
    • The kid is supposedly X23, which is pretty fucking neat.face_melter
    • Um... Steve... Old Man Logan (the comic) was written in 2008. TLOU came out in 2013.kona
    • facemelter if that's true this is going to be amazeballs. From the trailer that makes total sense.kona
    • HOLY FUCKING SHIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...i_was
    • What, no dynasty of redneck cannibal hulks?cannonball1978
  • wagshaft3

    • Chainsaw battle FTWwagshaft
    • 2:11, was that "The Gimp"?lemmy_k
    • That logo \m/ \m/Maaku
    • Oooh neat!MondoMorphic
    • Nick Cage movies are their own genre.DRIFTMONKEY
    • Anyone in London Fancy meeting up to see this? First film I've wanted to see in ages.mugwart
    • This looks AWESOME. Every year or so there's some totally left-field, completely different movie that rules, and this might be it for 2018.mg33
    • Can't remember the last time I watched a trailer five times in a row.mg33
    • whuuuuut..! That looks AWESOME!!!1!Bennn
    • I don't know guys... personally I can't get into that sort of thing, just looks like actors, props and pretending.shapesalad
    • Yup. 2nd wave giallo, loved Beyond the Black Rainbow.garbage
    • looks coolodocpoz
    • bahaha! are you guys for real? looks so stupid & lame. SMHchukkaphob
    • B-moviepablo28
    • "just looks like actors, props and pretending."
      Somebody just pointed out what a movie is and it wasn't Bennn!
    • passKrassy
    • "just looks like actors, props and pretending." Dont mean to come across as a cunt but thats called cinema....mugwart
    • i'm in, on drugs!Gardener
    • Looks amazing, hahaelahon
    • @chukka It's called having fun, you should try it sometime.garbage
    • LOL @soundMaaku
    • @garbage haha! fun movies don't look this cheesy. Try real cinema sometime.chukkaphob
    • but hey, if it bends your taco, enjoy! it's just not for me.chukkaphob
    • I'm intrigued because I love the idea Cage in a Cosmatos film. It's going to be visually blurpy and over the top. Kind of like how Herzog cast Cage for the..garbage
    • ..lead in Bad Lieutenant. It was great. What's the last "real cinema" you've watched? Not being snarky, just always down for suggestions.garbage
    • wtf is 'real cinema'?detritus
  • prophetone5

    • This looks great.Longcopylover
    • This look REALLY good... I felt like was watching my pastnecromation
    • Jonah Hill directorial debutHijoDMaite
    • KIDS 2Bennn
    • looks dope_niko
    • Has 80s nostalgia passed already?i_monk
    • Great. My childhood is now vintage, again.Maaku
    • ^^ ha!mugwart
    • Maybe Stranger Things will milk this as well.severian
    • Stranger Things 4: Sugar Ray Saves the Upside Downprophetone
    • its so dark thoughDRIFTMONKEY
    • Can't really relate but it's AWESOME. Very dark, yes. Like Kids 1.SimonFFM
    • Its not 90s until one kid calls another kid a “herb”cannonball1978
    • doesn't feel 'dark' at all—def. not getting a Kids vibe (I see no rape / over-the-top unreasonable darkness like Kids)—feels relaxed/nostalgic/pr...PonyBoy
    • ... pre-coming-of-agePonyBoy
    • ... fuck me Kids was grimmugwart
  • sted0

    • the music really sucks. kinda ruins it.inteliboy
    • yeah don't know what's up with these trailers nowdays, it's like a trend to use music what isn't working together with the pic.
      lol get out from my desktop :D
    • the music / audio is so unfortunate. The score was one of the best parts of the original. This is just generic, fitting into current trends.Julesvm
    • also the audio on scar at the top is fucked.Julesvm
    • looks pretty good. I agree on that music.dopepope
    • I think it looks pretty bad to be honestcannonball1978
    • my favourite voice actress (watch "her") needs to shut up more, and also missing the eerie…ArchitectofFate
    • Nice haircut :/Hayoth
    • Jack Black is in this? Sweet!Hayoth
    • She should not be in this. Horrible casting.severian
    • Looks OK aside from that wanky suicide-pop Depeche Mode cover. Nice as well to see a trailer that doesn't drum itself to death. And is that Guy Fieri?MrT
    • a little extra:…
    • did i see Tricky?prophetone
    • 2/5fadein11
    • weird suit she's wearing... makes her a bit puff...pango
    • Visuals are great. I imagine I'll like this like I did the first matrix but perhaps there will be some cringe-inducing scenes or music like the second and thirdSteveJobs
    • going out of my way on fb to avoid anything about this trailer so I can I enjoy on the theater when it comes outMiguex
    • that Depeche Mode cover killed the trailer for me, overall I think it's going to be a disservice to the original :/ernexbcn
    • not convincedBluejam
    • So sad that the movie seems to use all the "clichés" from the current action movies.
      And the OST from the anime could have been perfect...
    • Love DM but that song didn't fit at all in terms of the themes of the movie. Also annoying how they seem to have whitewashed all the Japanese influenceyuekit
    • and no Asian characters at all? Some of the visuals in terms of the cityscape with holograms look cool but can easily see this having a terrible script.yuekit
    • I love how everyone is expecting this to be totally shit. I'm intrigued to see how they make it work, whether it's good or bad.Ianbolton
  • colin_s6

    ex-machina was great and this looks wild

    • yupRamanisky2
    • was it...carbon based? lol_niko
    • oh worked on this one. One of the few films I wish I could talk aboutmugwart
    • Was just going to post this. Getting a The Colour Out of Space feeling from it.i_monk
    • loved Ex Machina and this looks fantasticRamanisky2
    • Somebody finds the planet that makes Chuck Anderson's artwork.de4k
    • She's beautiful these days.
      erm, anyway. Looks fantastic. I deeply regret not seeing Ex Machina at the cinema. So damn good, that.
    • I got to talk to VanDerMeer about his book for a bit last month. This looks pretty good.cannonball1978
    • Detritus - your based in London - I'm okay showing that in our cinema if you want. Not sure when though.mugwart
    • *giggles like a schoolgirl*detritus
    • Oh fuck yes. This looks amazing. Loved the Southern Reach trilogy, and this looks even better than I imagined.Cosmodrome
    • does it turn out to be some dad bod guy in a speedo with a giant bubble wand who's just trying to impress chicks on the beach?kona
    • looks great thokona
    • fingers crossed...I can't stand Natalie Portman.utopian
    • In a weird way reminds me of "Stalker" the Tarkovsky film, but way more interesting.wagshaft
    • I'm not a Portman fan either - her OTT looks distract from her acting. But this looks amazing.fadein11
    • by OTT I mean she always looks like she is posing for a magazine cover / perfume ad whatever she does.fadein11
    • Damn Natalie... you a crazy chick...cannonball1978
  • Bluejam0

    • cover looks like Jupiter Ascending

      will not click
    • it's not that bad,
      looks like a reboot of fifth element
    • looks funset
    • I like that they wrote "from the director of Lucy" as a selling point.ORAZAL
    • mehApeRobot
    • i'm in it for luc besson, that should be the selling pointscarabin
    • interesting.utopian
    • Ehhh.... I'll wait for it to hit Netflix.i_monk
    • Thought I would enjoy it - kinda - Looks like a shinier Mass Effect cutscene.face_melter
    • well the music is shit, everything else is great. all types of aliens and robots, gadgets and structuressted
    • One thing we can agree on is how Cara Delevingne's knockers are coming into their own! hahahaMondoMorphic
    • master luc, must watchArchitectofFate
    • Alien Rihannaprophetone
    • I'm not that compelled to play that video just to find out why are those children pouting like that... sorryMiguex
    • I just nerded all over my keyboard.Akagiyama
    • This kids have some eyebrows on them...ArmandoEstrada
    • Some serious low brained book cover judging going on in hereset
    • Set we all see that you have a bad day, it happens sometimes to all of us, so don't be so disruptive. you asshole :Dsted
    • I dig the Beatles track being mixed with sci-fiOP31
    • Why the fuck does the chick have to hit the guy in the trailer to show how strong and independent she is?cannonball1978
  • Bluejam10

    • fuck yesBluejam
    • wowmaquito
    • +1 lolfadein11
    • I'll watchGucci
    • Also...JCR looks unrecognizable. Amazing.Gucci
    • Took me a minute to register that was Steve CooganContinuity
    • Really looking forward to this.Wolfboy
    • So good, was watching some old clips the other day. The one where Stan thinks hardy can’t walk was brilliant_niko
  • Akagiyama1

    • "The 80s branding worked for Guardians, let's use it everywhere!"i_monk
    • Planet. Hulk!face_melter
    • mmmm now we're talking.ArchitectofFate
    • hahaha - that looks pretty good!MondoMorphic
    • I'll go see it, naturally ... but still: I can't help but feel I've kind of seen most of it already watching this trailer.Continuity
    • just saw wilderpeople from same director, highly recommend it._niko
    • That's odd - the preview image on this YouTube has a changed since I last saw it.detritus
    • looks fun and better than expected. those effects are cheese lolsince1979
    • "We know each other, he's a friend from work" Hahahaaelahon
    • you've gotta be half retarded at least to watch this shitMilan
    • u have to be at least fully retarded to comment ayesince1979
    • hehe - friend from workutopian
    • haha!! hulk in that helmetPonyBoy
    • If it's half as good as wilderpeople, I'm in...
      that movie was fantastic....
    • *ahem*
    • Fucking loved Wilderpeople as well as What We Do in the Shadows.
      Interested in this now!
    • looks great. Getting good directors has kept my interest in some of these superhero films for sure.inteliboy
    • Looks goodset
    • Cosmic Marvel is Best Marvel. I watched some of Civil War again last night, for some modelling reference. It remains dull as shit.face_melter
  • Bluejam6

    • looks good at points but have serious reservations about it really.fadein11
    • Never finished the first movie.i_monk
    • Twenty Years.
      Twenty fucking years.
    • ^ saw the first in the cinema. Fucking time, man. Whizzes the fuck by.face_melter
    • such an entertaining film. I really want this to be good!dopepope
    • I never watch trailers of movies I want to see, it ruins the movie for me.
      Excited to see the movie though!
    • @i_monk lol wat?sureshot
    • yessssssssprophetone
    • hope there is more of a story than you get from this preview, it doesn't seem to be about anything but nostalgiayuekit
    • needs more porno tbh.Al_dizzle
    • Also saw the 1st in a theatre but it was impossible to understand Spud & Bigby with their thick mashed potatoed accents.Ramanisky2
    • I should watch the first one again.face_melter
  • Bluejam0

    • fucking awfulBluejam
    • yikes. why is there a little boy in a predator film? and why is it lit like a daytime soap?inteliboy
    • looks like Requiem part 2.dopepope
    • That's what you get when you let a superhero movie director do it. More PG-13 looking crap.M01XXX
    • I sort of liked it... sure I'll hate it when I see it though!mugwart
    • Looks like a James Cameronesque attempt at Predator.docpoz
    • Shite, shite, shite.garbage
    • Is there a predator even in the movie?lemmy_k
    • needs more jungleprophetone
    • Dont forget: Aliens had a kid. Terminator 2 had a kid.docpoz
    • It will probably suck anyways but maybe it can be ok. We'll see...docpoz
    • OK why do we still see choreo'd action blow up scenes with carefully stacked fuel barrels and perfectly timed explosions, it looks so cheesy fake, ruins it imoprophetone
    • docpoz, those movies weren't PG-13 crap and directed by Ridley Scott and Jim Cameron. Masters of mainstream Hollywood.M01XXX
    • In the first Predator that was the worst part of the movie, the A-team style overly-choreographed base invasion scene with 'perfect' explosions etc.prophetone
    • ...also Colwyn wants his Glaive backprophetone
    • This whole thing where movies are rooting the emotional aspects in 80s pastiches is gettin oldcannonball1978
    • 80s movies, written / or directed by Black. The guy apparently helped the OG predator scripts. He knows 80s trope as well. (last action hero self awareness)dorkKn1ght
    • Oh, this pg13? Lol.docpoz
    • FINALLY!pango
    • predators 2010 was not bad. they needed this one to be off-world.hotroddy
    • @prophetone ... wash your mouth out with soap! I was a perfectly A-team style overly-choreographed invasion movie with 'perfect' explosions!mugwart
    • So mug. You working on effect for this movie? Please hide my face some where in the there. Thx!pango
    • @mugs haha well altho I do luv all things 80s esp A-Team... I want a gritty, smart, scary Predator movie... I swear if I see a car do a perfect MacGyver flip...prophetone
    • I want gritty... i feel like movies are waaaaaayy too polished now. Why does the Predator amor look like it's fresh off the line, magic erasered, amor all'd?prophetone
    • I dunno about this stuff now... (*sips tea calmly, stares out window, remembers when gritty was good, fears Goonies remake)prophetone
    • This is going to be the best predator movie. Especially when they paid me to do nothing to make this movie.pango
    • To do nothing?docpoz
    • To shut up.
      Was that something?
    • What was your role?docpoz
    • @pango - nope not this one. Probably the only reason I enjoyed this trailer.
      @prop - ;-) I'm the same. If there are no spinal cords and skull crushing goo then
    • shit not be preditormugwart
    • what quality production have you seen casting olivia munn hmm? jesus christ, using the predator name is a shame in this shitshow.helloeatbreathedrive
    • This is the movie directed by the guy in the first predator movie right? I remember hearing this dude was on point and had planes to make this a sick film.sofakingback
    • Give it a chance, remember there were plenty of films with a kid and its all about making predator mystical and vague. characters make the film.sofakingback
    • look, I was a kid when I watched this movie. it was random, mysterious and awesome. that was the key. you just didn't see the predator, there was no informationsofakingback
    • super super secret. loved it. imagine what that was like watching this as a kid! Now we know too much, can you make it mysterious again. I dont knowsofakingback
    • on that note, info overload:…sofakingback
    • Docpoz.
      My house was in the shot. They also had a generator in my yard. And made me sign a nda.
    • It's something I'd watch. Doesn't look terrible to me.robthelad
    • @oango. Thats sweet. Maybe youll see your house blown up in cgidocpoz
    • Lolpango
  • Ramanisky25

    please be good, please be good, please be good.

    • I liked the first one a lotMaaku
    • First one is one of my favourites. This looks like it's missing a lot of the nuance of the first. It doesn't look like Denis Villeneuve is involved in this.noneck
    • totally agree noneck ...
      but I'm being hopeful
    • I love Del Toro. Moar.since1979
    • Holy shit, the bad news is that Villenueve is not directing it, but great news is that Stefano Sollima is, who did Suburra! This should be really good.Milan
    • One of those movies, just by thinking about it gives me goosebumps, the uncanny and eerie feel and the soundtrack. some sequels just need to be left alone .helloeatbreathedrive
    • Soundtrack really helps to sell this.

      I suddenly want a Heineken.
    • I'm a big fan of cinema, but not action/violence. However, I found Sicario 1 just superb editing & killer soundtrack. Great film work.BustySaintClaire
    • why wouldn't it be?
      why wouldn't it be?
      that's Villeneuve's baby right there
    • I'm probably going to see it, but I think I'll leave disappointed. Sicario was great because it was restrained yet menacing.noneck
    • This looks like it's going to be a 'Murica cheerleading piece. "I want you to start a war...with everyone."
    • Didn't like the 1st (I know I'm the only one) this looks really good though.mugwart
    • why does he shoot like that?vwsung18t
    • ^ I'm sure he doesn't even know it why. But he is a badass and its a movie.helloeatbreathedrive
  • prophetone3

    • Hera be praised! A DC movie with actual-factual colour. Already looks about 3000 times better than B vs.S.face_melter
    • actually looks good.inteliboy
    • starts off like the little mermaidsince1979
    • I'm confused by captain Kirk in this.SoulFly
    • Coool. Now this is the kind of "princess" I grew up with.sea_sea
    • so whens the invisible jet?2002
    • it's in every scenemoldero
    • right! .... cause of invisibility.....2002
    • shes standing in it in the postersince1979
    • I think the invisible jet looks amazing...
      ... and if you can't see it... you're stupid
    • ^
      We worked fing hard on that jet!
    • Gal gadot is chic of the centuryHayoth
    • Love that wonder woman music at the end!Hayoth
    • that guy from star trek is doing well
      hes in this also
    • that ocean looks nice.friend
    • Wonder Woman fighting the Nazis!! I wonder who's going to win!robotron3k
    • Gal Gadot. Gal Gadot. Gal Gadot.OSFA
  • elahon6


  • PhanLo2


    • it's kind of fucked up that we can't watch this these days and not help but think he must have been a pedo or something._niko
    • that it's impossible for a grown man to be a kind friend and mentor to kids without some kind of darker undertones._niko
    • There are so many fucked up people. It's hard to trust that that somebody's not a disgusting predator.MondoMorphic
    • He was creepy when I used to watch him growing up, but I think he was the real deal.robotron3k
    • even if you are genuine and work with kids, someone will want attention and cry wolf for their 15mins. Unfortunate for those that genuinely want to guide kidsshapesalad
    • @_niko I heard 50% of the worlds pedo porn comes from america...we live in very dark timesmugwart
    • We do need decent kid's programs like this again though. Good to get a little innocence back in the worldmugwart
    • @niko, not everyone sees a pedomonospaced
    • That outlook ... that "world," as you put it ... sounds miserable. And it's just that, it's only in your head that you imagine him diddling children. No thanks.monospaced
    • It's not only in your head ... but this is Mr. Rogers. To me he was never anything remotely creepy or pervy.monospaced
    • I wish we had him uk. Seems naturally wholesome.mugwart
  • elahon2


    • First half of that trailer is awesome. Second half is either bad editing, or gives away too much. But hot diggety, it looks pretty good.DRIFTMONKEY
    • heheh oh yes.since1979
    • massssssive lady bonerautoflavour
    • looks crazy fun. hope the story goes in weird directions. apparently it's 2+ hours long.inteliboy
    • yesssssssssscolin_s
    • Oops, well, now its in 2 places. And, I need new underwear, AFK.Akagiyama
    • Take my moneyset
    • nice, nice, nice. I would love if they twisted up the story a bit more, not so predictable. You can pretty much assume whats gonna happen in the next 2 movies.sofakingback
    • Since when are Pokemon in Star Wars?wagshaft
    • it looks okay I guess.cannonball1978
  • Akagiyama5

  • i_monk3

    Full trailer:

    • That looks awesome.Akagiyama
    • kinda wish i hadn't seen that. teaser was enough.inteliboy
    • yep teaser looked better as well.fadein11
    • After watching the teaser, then watching this I have lost all interest in seeing it :/face_melter
    • likeutopian
    • not seen the teaser.... this looks pretty good.cruddlebub
    • fuck yeahmoldero
    • Teaser was great, this may have gone too far as the alien design cues are revealed hererobthelad
    • Nice.maquito
    • Oh she can do it! I know she can save the day!stoplying
  • Al_dizzle-7

    • the jokes were fucking awfulBluejam
    • Oh dear... this looks utter shitedee-dubs
    • I'll watch it.Al_dizzle
    • did you hear that? it was the sound of my childhood crumblingkona
    • ohhhhhhhhh dearcruddlebub
    • lol... is this thing gonna bomb?Al_dizzle
    • What complete & utter shiteRamanisky2
    • ...ETM
    • omg. your childhood crumbling. Fuck off.jtb26
    • I grew up on ghostbusters. Watched it literally hundreds of times. I wore out the vhs tape. Good news for you Kona - they aren't taking away the original.jtb26
    • and no one will force you to watch it. Don't be so infantile.jtb26
    • The hat/wig gag made me laugh - fuck all you miserable twisters.face_melter
    • The hat/wig gag was funny... i like her cut of some sorta jibprophetone
    • Oh yessss they did it !i_was
    • regurgitation at it's finesthotroddy
    • the gags are so badly done... hate this kind of obnoxious humour "look, we're making a funny!"inteliboy
    • they are showing too much, I feel like I just saw most of the moviemonospaced
    • O_O great......pango
    • "I had to dump a chunk of long term memory" ... "You had to dump a chunk of what"... "my childhood"trooperbill
    • Female gets possessed by evil spirit. Like that doesn't happen once a month already.MrT
    • If your only decent memory of your childhood is Ghostbusters then you either need therapy or have a long talk with your parents.face_melter
    • ouch. pretty bad. those ghost look shitting in that blue color, passsofakingback
    • http://ecx.images-am…utopian