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  • deathboy0

    and you know valentim I've never seen a study, more than likely beause no one to finance one with goals to any outcome related. but what percentage including suicide, gun fatalities happen under the influence of booze or another substance? a precursor to an event. If found say somehting liek 80% of gun related violence was under the influence of a substance how would you react. Still go after guns or go more for what seems like a root cause as others have done? think you are being puppeted by pop causes pal.

    • why not look at it the other way around: if there were no guns around it wouldn't happen? same difference.renderedred
    • Guns serve no purpose but to kill. Alcohol is enjoyed by billions without problems. It's really pretty stupid simple.formed
    • There is only one purpose to guns. People kill people but guns makes it easier. You going around and around almost convincing yourself...valentim
    • well render. if no guns magically didnt exist there would be no "gun" violence. You can outlaw them and still expect alrge amount of violence. Do people notdeathboy
    • shoot heroin? It's a banned substance. And guns do not only kill.. really so juvenile of a statement. they protect. are police armed only to kill? they are alsodeathboy
    • recreational. shit did you know there are olympic events with guns! youre just being maniuplated for control and politics pals.deathboy
    • a gun is a tool like many man made things. hell probably does less damage than a cellphone culturally.deathboy
    • and valentim the question still remains. if booze is a catalyst to using a thing like a gun do you go after booze or the gun. Think of DUI law and causesdeathboy
    • @noteboy your argument is obsolete because heroin should be legal in my opinion. then what? more guns?renderedred
    • @deathboy yes! police is armed to kill. anybody with a gun is supposed to be ok with killing someone no matter the reason.renderedred
    • oitherwise why own one?renderedred
    • 80% of gun owners i met were either total pussies or psychos. there's that...renderedred
    • so, my logical conclusion was to NOT own a gun, not the opposite as you might suggest...renderedred
    • Ridículo.valentim
    • render. you adovcate for heroin regardless the social harm addiction has. people do a lot of harm for a fix. available weapons can create problems.deathboy
    • and you are cool with anyone owning a gun to kill for any reason?.. not sure you are even seeing any of the big picture here. you clearly support guns throughdeathboy
    • claims it seems. but hey you got valentim riding your dick in hopes he doesnt need to answer a question.deathboy
    • @deathboy your body is YOUR property. you wanna kill it with heroin? be my guest. very simple.renderedred
    • what i said is different "anybody owning a gun should be ok with killing" otherwise why? for fun? as a sculpture?renderedred
    • you don't use a gun to paint your house or drive a car :) guns are made to kill. sole purpose.renderedred
    • blah blah blah...get a life, what question is that? Is you that seem to have all the answers, there is nothing I can really clarify to you!valentim
    • render there is plenty of reasons again for owning a gun besides harming others. think olympics. not zero sum in your world viewdeathboy
    • valnetim i dont have the answers you are looking for. merely hoping you see your own ignorance as well.deathboy
    • but you may broaden your horizon on statistical data if available or even create new models in nature of gun violence and other relations to societydeathboy
    • also render for fun what is the purpose of owning nukes? A product whos only use is to destroy humanity. multi use and value is quite subjectivedeathboy
    • I know, no answers needed boy. Relax. Read. Share your ideas, make sure my ignorance ignorance knows what you talking about. But do read a bit.valentim
    • you can start with Crowley, Roger. but this is not about: who has or is the bigger dick. Do you agree with guns?valentim
    • i agree a gun is an object like a hammer and serves a purpose?.. i think some ppl have selective blinder sot the purpose base don differing cultural viewsdeathboy
    • but it is an object and any value is based on the person using it. quite like a paintbrush.deathboy
    • also think its a subject media has a hard on for because it triggers beliefs so they pump it harder and it self fulfills for clicksdeathboy
    • now more people are migrating to cities. among many societies. i can see people growing up in large populated places in thinking guns only used to kill.deathboy
    • and among the poorer ppl a gun being security + power in large cities. Those with scared of people without with guns is quite natural.deathboy
    • but than you have rural communities or outside large cities and in the wild where man still deals with predators. and the wild open offers opportunities for recdeathboy
    • open space you can easily leave city space have some beers and shoot targets. i have no idea why but ill say destruction is fundeathboy
    • blowing up bottles disinetgrating objects...(wish trail markers didnt make such good targets)deathboy
    • also chances of running into a cougar or bear might be higher than having house burn down but insurance for one is not questioned.deathboy
    • there are absolutely tons of reasons to validate guns. before even going into the individual liberty aspects and legal issuesdeathboy
    • and this is coming from a non gun owner. well i have 22 from a spanish maker that probably blow up on me my gramps took of a nazi.deathboy
    • but as much as i can see the need for a gun for defense. I have the capital to avoid it. not all have that. Move to good ol similar cult econ suburbdeathboy
    • But still its probably better and less expensive than an insurance policy to have as something you never use.deathboy
  • valentim0
    • USA rank 128 out of 163 in the Global Peace Index.valentim
    • and the metrics of this global peace index should be trusted because? are you even familiar with the methodolgy?deathboy
    • Right... you free to prove them wrong fella!valentim
    • eh it looks like 100 pages. ill stick with the common sense aspect and call bullshit on ability to measure an intangible concept on global leveldeathboy
    • lets put it this way see who has a higher immigration rate and look at the free market aspect. people buying somethign is better than the rest.deathboy
    • You sound sick in the head. Go take your medicine boy.valentim
    • haha being rational is "sick in the head." Baseless insults don't count as discourse. They're just emotion showing usually as a protective buffer to keep worlddeathboy
    • view as it is.deathboy
    • First of all, this was about guns and the US politics on it, and for most people especially outside US it's bad. People with guns kill people. (period)valentim
    • Second you came with some graphics about how much people love US and how much these want to immigrate to the US and how much valid that should be.valentim
    • Then the peace Index are not to be trusted.
      I say if, those millions on your graphic knew about the reality on my graphic, your number would much smaller.
    • Go and look for world map, look at it. Question yourself why Portugal is right in the middle.valentim
    • people with guns kill people.. you do see how irrational that statement is right? if you don't see how stupid that is we can just quit there.deathboy
    • Look you probably have a bunch of national pride blindly similar to americans you believe have regarding guns.deathboy
    • But the truth is you are a small fry country. And any opinion u have on our culture is no different than US habit of tryign to flex culture on other nationsdeathboy
    • It’s more or less irrational than: people kill people, not guns? Your pick you ignorant little twat!valentim
    • < is it*valentim
    • yes it is far more irrational. ppl kill ppl. with or without guns. for so mnay insane reasons. dont be a madd mother who lost a kid to a drunk driverdeathboy
    • and try to ban all alcohol. or be that selfish small perspective cunt. MADD is kind of funny because it fits. you do you. i wont try to ban your crazydeathboy
  • valentim0

    • haha even western cinema dispalys more significance in global culture than anything portugal might have. dont hatedeathboy
    • Ignorant cunt.valentim
    • insult when that is all you got. you do what you have todeathboy
    • would not expect you to know much about portugal or any other country for that matter, your head is inside your ass!valentim
    • im not going to try banning shit on your ignorance.deathboy
    • hey valentim please enlighten me. how is portugal culture on world stage as US? the best way to prove someone wrong is with examplesdeathboy
    • and hey maybe my ignorant ass could learn from your advanced perspective of history. but cant happen unless you take that stepdeathboy
    • fucking lol at the idea of portugal not having had any global influence...hans_glib
    • @right?
      "people will only see as far as the education they had"
    • I meant @hans... right?valentim
    • and yet you cant state the global significance... hans more than likely equating global significance vs the whole culture in other sidenotes abovedeathboy
    • to jump in and say global significance = gun rights makes no sense. i totally agree but to act nieve to the conversation had well that is saddeathboy
    • dont look for cheerleaders val. seriously look to back up your arguement. back to the us ppl stupid for loving guns and wild west.deathboy
    • if not all you have is a lazy opinion. ignorant of a culture you cant even seem to connect withdeathboy
  • jaylarson8

    america. i am disappoint. we can do better. vote in people whom will change laws.

    • but america voted in trump who changed laws? He even banned bump stocks... can u guide america to your specific changes in mind?deathboy
    • or are u practicing non specific comment behavior engineered for the most positive response without any real horse in the game?..hmmdeathboy
    • if you actually state your stance you might make ppl call out your reasoning and have to show your work in thinking such a way.deathboy
    • also might just gain negativity out of plain ignorance... and if this is what you avoid how do you think the future of discourse is going to be?deathboy
    • ANYTHING is progress. You know, common sense items that anyone with half a brain would agree on...background checks, reselling, etc.formed
    • formed there are plenty of background checks in place, reselling only turns lawful people into criminals. sheriffs in nv wont even enforce the latest effortsdeathboy
    • on that policy. but there is stuff like READI in Chicago focused on rehabilitating violent people.deathboy
    • still early on but pulling ideas from Africa. people think gun violence they think mass shooting but the majority is poor crime ridden areas and violent peopledeathboy
    • mass shootings scarier to the masses not living in poverty and dealing with that shit on a day to day basis. That is where real work is needed if you wantdeathboy
    • reduce homicide numbers. A lot of that is economics, education, etc...deathboy
  • valentim-2

    Thats why you "muricans" are so intelectually retarded, all you can think of is guns, you still live in the wild west!

    • Not all american's are gun nuts. To me, the problem is not the guns itself, the problem is the humans that pull the trigger.ApeRobot
    • Sure not everyone are, but thats the image we get here, there is no sympathy for americans....valentim
    • If there is such a thing as a singular American culture, the wild west is most definitely it. Self defense is codified in our founding documents.IRNlun6
    • You need to fire some guns Valentim.PhanLo
    • America was a shithole when I live there 10 years ago and it’s even a bigger shithole nowscruffics
    • @IRN who said I didn't yet? That's not the point, its the whole US system, create fear, sell guns, produce oil, build more guns, need more oil, fear...blah blahvalentim
    • Image and reality are 2 different things. The loudest voices are typically the most ignorant. Also, saying it's a "shithole" is a pretty silly statement.aslip
    • lol scrufficsmonospaced
    • @valentim I agree on the wild west and fear being used as a tool. There's no better promoter for firearms sales than politicians threatening to take them away.IRNlun6
    • It may seem like a contradiction that with high gun crime rates that vocal support for gun confiscation would be popular, it's entirely the opposite.IRNlun6
    • "the problem is not the guns itself, the problem is the humans that pull the trigger"
      That way of thinking is THE main problem in the USA ..
    • You guys are stuck in an endless spiralBennn
    • The real problem is human mortality.deadsperm
    • You know the real truth valen, we don't drink Port wine with our desserts in America because we don't want to ruin our desserts! Take that!! Ha haaaa!robotron3k
    • What desserts? Banana Split...give me a break, there is only a few of you that know what Port wine is anyway, nevermind knowing where is from!valentim
    • You think people want to live in portugal or UK? You ask people around the world where'd they rather live and they'll say USA.hotroddy
    • hotroddy with the hard facts.deadsperm
    • pff...What people? Thats a lot of people. Don't pretend you know the answer to that question, you dont, nor what I think. This was a guns turned desserts...valentim
    • ...conversation, anything to say about that?valentim
    • #hardfacts
    • and guns are used like grapes in the 'The Fox and the Grapes' fable.hotroddy
    • Well if thats the case, i wouldn't be so proud to announce it, since you not going allow them in the country.valentim
    • https://infographic.…deadsperm
    • "Thats a lot of people. Don't pretend you know the answer"...
      ... You started this conversation w/a somewhat similar sentiment, son. Hypocrite much?
    • it's shit, a shithole like someone already said, I know it, you know it.. and we can smell it from here across the atlantic...bye cowboys!valentim
    • it's not over till they pass the guns and dessert bro...…robotron3k
    • @valentim, when you generalize like that it kind of seems like you actually haven't visitedmonospaced
    • @mono Its the whole gun thing, you need to sort that out, internally and externally, people don't want, it's up to us to do a bit better, you guys are not...valentim
    • doing a good job in deciding "the" leader.. it has a impact on all of us around the globe. I have been, it was a good experience, thats is not in the basis ofvalentim
    • argument. Stop the fucking guns.valentim
    • *weapons (knifes included)_valentim
    • Portugal = a third world country with the geographic convenience of living on a first world continent.hotroddy
    • is that your best attempt to insult? or attempt to know about Portugal? You're pretty good proving with graphics and everything about USA most "wanted" countryvalentim
    • can you do the same towards what you've just said?valentim
    • valentim you live in a very small country that hasn't quite had the global influence of the US. We share very different cultures.deathboy
    • Different histories. We didn't have to join a EU out of fear of some uppity stache country. That fear alone probably helped grow a different culturedeathboy
    • Where as maybe we would have to rethink it if an uppity state tired to use force to dominate others. thing is the uppity ones are the ones trying to disarmdeathboy
    • AND its also a deterrent to invasion. A big reason we arm civilian populaces in areas of invasion.And it is a double edged sword. defense from domestic anddeathboy
    • foreign. Who is gonna send in armies to defend unarmed us citizens against a stupid shit head popularly elected dictator?deathboy
    • but really its not a big deal. its more like weed. years and years of outlaw creating black markets that for the sake of good and safetydeathboy
    • and guess what all the hype was pretty unjustified. and now actually taxation and growth it is creating real jobs tax revenue etc.deathboy
    • 2018 FBI rifle deaths were ~257 from link above. Roughly 88K die from alcohol deaths. DUI 11kdeathboy
    • Like that fake scientist tyson guy tried to say is this shit is all relative. the news doesn't show you any relativity to it. because its emo baitdeathboy
    • Deathboy, my country has building, institutions, laws, universities etc.. that are twice as old than the US. Learn a litle bit about history...valentim
    • all countries have those. what real global significance have you had. did you even borrow from the us republic philosophy?deathboy
    • i know portugal has historically had no real significance to society as a whole. it has been helped by US policy though. can u say the opposite?deathboy
    • oh and age doesn't mean significance. there are quite old rocks in society. never done anything just existed... you see the age angle means little right?deathboy
  • deathboy-4

    didnt the fbi report come out that stated knives killed more than "rifles". Thats not to say death by gun becuase hell we know suicide makes up a ton of those statistics. but all the hollering about rifles and media attention to ban and it's less than basic knives and fisticuffs? The context is cray cray

    • Knives aren’t used in mass killings, in schools or elsewhere.monospaced
    • And no. No statistic exists that supports the bullshit claim that knives are used more for murder.monospaced
    • 4 knife murders in the past 4 weeks here in the UK. Zero rifle murders.robthelad
    • That’s because guns are regulated there. Different country and all.monospaced
    • mono why dont u take a look at the fbi report…deathboy
    • quite surprising facts vs fearmongering right?deathboy
    • as far as mass shootings go you can also look up the data but handguns used more. the AR thing is all political posturing. Every politician needs a platformdeathboy
    • even if there arguments make 0 sense. Which is typically the case.deathboy
    • wait mono u look for every dick drip and not looking for this one? why?deathboy
    • well i guess mono has no words to describe how being wrong feels.deathboy
  • teh0

    Home Defense?
    Get a Salt Gun. Very painful...instantly. No muzzle-flash or noise.

    Machine gun BB-gun. No muzzle flash, recoil, or noise. This will make a robber stop and think if he has just been murdered then run out pissing his pants and you and the fam can have a good laugh as you were all legally armed with machine gun bb guns or salt guns.


    • ok. dicks go get a gun for home defense.teh
    • I was shot once with a shotgun full of rock salt. Can confirm it hurtsGnash
    • lol teh, we all get downvoted every now and then. And thanks, I got a 9mm :)Maaku
    • 9mm for home defense? Yes. Got shot by salt gun by Conrail when taggin when I was younger and a machine gun bb gun would light someone up.teh
    • i got an AR replica, i love it.ApeRobot
    • Get a pump-action shotgun, just the sound of arming the thing will make anyone run the fuck off the premises. Thanks Terminator!zarkonite
    • scenario - intruder also has a gun, only his is real....umbee54
    • ^ I had a 12 gauge but sold it. One handgun is more than enough for me.Maaku
    • My wife doesn't targe practice enough, I don't think she'd do much good defending herself with a handgun hence the 12 gauge strategy =)zarkonite
    • ^ Makes sense, but had she tried holding one fully charged? They can be quite heavy.Maaku
    • Might be hard to believe but the best home defense firearm is an AR-15.IRNlun6
    • This is straight from law enforcement in a very liberal state. The problem with handguns is that they a difficult to shoot accurately.IRNlun6
    • Depending on the ammo, shotguns will blow holes through walls which puts anyone behind that wall in danger as well.IRNlun6
    • The AR-15 uses a 5.56 round. When the bullet leaves its casing, due to the shape of the bullet it is less likely to penetrate walls , they ricochet.IRNlun6
    • AR-15s are also very accurate and easy to handle for someone of smaller frame like a women, elderly, or smaller men.IRNlun6
    • ^ True, true. I've heard that, but I didn't like the rifle when I tried it :(Maaku
    • IRN do you own an AR? Something strikes me an a non owner.deathboy
    • I don't deathboy. My state doesn't allow me to purchase one. I'd have to buy a pre-ban or build one. I have fired them plenty.IRNlun6
    • I know I have other options but they're a bit more expensive than I'm willing to spend right now. I do like the IWI Tavors, those are pricy.IRNlun6
    • Dumb state laws won't let me get an AR-15, but a springfield m1a is perfectly legal.IRNlun6
    • haha wait state laws prevent an AR already. what state is this... is this the that state i also read bascially bans long 22... cant totally recall..deathboy
    • i also like the bullpups but spendy. im a non gun owner but soon as shit degrades more probably forced to get somedeathboy
    • MA. I don't see things degrading aside from cities with very restrictive guns laws and apparently no regard for quality of life.IRNlun6
    • We live in incredibly good times. I do think everyone should be proficient in firearms merely to be more informed on the current debate.IRNlun6
    • its locality. more crime. more nuts. more homeless and bigger risk takers as income inequality makes for mor edesperation.deathboy
    • plus a better and more practical hedge on investment vs stock market.deathboy
  • PhanLo0

  • aslip10

    So I have a side biz or two and one of them hosts educational seminars for paying students. Anyhoo, my business partners hosted one of our events last weekend at a really nice facility for business meetings and day retreats. It's this amazing Japanese style, zen place with historic sculptures and art in the conference room. The building is surrounded by trees and beautiful Japanese style gardens. An all-around peaceful and calm place.

    The seminar kicked off in the morning, covering lots of ground and goes well. Just after lunch it continues. One of the attendees exits to room for a restroom break. Moments later, a loud "pop" is heard from another room. One of my business partners immediately knows its a gunshot and goes into lockdown mode. I don't have the details of what transpired next other than everyone in the conference room was scared shitless as my partner leaves the room to evaluate.

    My partner then finds the attendee that went to the bathroom exiting the bathroom and informing the staff that he dropped his gun while going to the bathroom and it accidentally discharged. Needless to say, by this time the police were already on their way and people were freaking out. My partner goes back to the conference room to calm everyone and explain the situation. The cops arrive and our attendee speaks with the police for a while, then proceeds to go home after his questioning. The seminar slowly gets back in order and carries on after about an hour.

    As for the damage, the bullet broke some tile and drywall in the bathroom as it ricocheted in the room. The attendee was NOT fined or reprimanded for his accidental discharging of the gun. Fast forward to Monday: We get a call from the conference center and they inform us that our business is no longer welcome at their facility.

    I have to say, I've been OK with guns in the past. I have friends and family that hunt and own guns, but I never really took to owning myself aside from a BB gun. Although I thought open-carry is unnecessary in most cases, I simply went about my business and didn't think twice about who was armed while I was at public or private events. However, this situation really pissed me off and felt very personal.

    How is it possible that any random douche can go get a gun and carry it around wherever they go and I just have to be OK with it!? This person could have harmed or killed one of my friends, other event attendees, or facility employees with his carelessness. I could have just as well been at that event too. Even without any injuries, our attendees got the scare of their lives. Furthermore, how in the actual fuck is there no fine or ticket involved for accidentally discharging a weapon? Also, who brings a gun to an educational seminar at a place like this? The argument of: "You never know when you'll need it." is completely stupid to me. As of now, "I never know when some dipshit is gonna accidentally fire off his gun". Another gun is not gonna stop that. It's going to increase the chances or more incidents.

    I'm not saying I don't believe people should have guns. I'm simply amazed that there are next to no restrictions, training, or mandatory tests for gun owners. I have to live my life trusting that everyone is going to be a safe and responsible gun owner. This guy attended our event, fucked up the facility, ended our ability to host there again and scared the shit out of everyone in the building because he had the "right to open-carry". Now we just have to be like "OK, that's a bummer."? Total BS!

    • It’s his right to be a stupid gun owner. No questions asked. That’s what they believe the constitution says.monospaced
    • "the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed"—hmm...
      nope... not in the constitution. :) srsly tho—if you don't like it—change it!
    • It doesn't say "... unless mono thinks you're an idiot or some Gov. prick who happens to disagree w/your politics thinks you shouldn't have arms."...PonyBoy
    • ... it just says "...shall not be infringed." Pretty clear.PonyBoy
    • You see the irony in losing rights because of a minority gun owner being irresponsible? Glad no one was hurt.BabySnakes
    • how does a gun go off by dropping it? he was just too embarrassed to admit that he was masturbating with itGnash
    • What an asshole (gun owner). I dont get american culture i would truly feel like i don't belong there. I would move.mantrakid
    • haha mantra you funny. like me saying i dont get muslim culture i'd movedeathboy
    • actually american culture is quite mroe diverse so not even liek that. I dont get australian culture and ho they tolerate with big spiders id movedeathboy
    • That's insane aslip.... Im with Mantra, I can't imagine a society where people can openly carry guns - must be nutspedromendez
    • Americans think they are all characters in a western movie or something. Bunch of lunatics :)yuekit
    • Burn the whole continent with napalm and cover what's left with 1 meter thick layer of salt, so that no life ever grows out againdrgs
    • 100% with Mantrakid. as a Canuck, I've NEVER understood the whole gun thing.
      It's fucking insane.
    • @ponyboy The second amendment begins "A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state..." - so was this guy part of a militia?zarkonite
    • and is running militias actually necessary in this day and age? the answer is no but you've got supreme court justices with dementia that think it's still 1776.zarkonite
    • I don't understand people that get license to carry, unless you really need one for a night job (truck drivers?)Maaku
    • It's illegal to have a gun in many places, you can clearly see the signs on many business and buildings, so why even bother if you have to keep it in your car?Maaku
    • Every attempt to talk about this with gun-owning friends is met with a defensive response that assumes everyone wants to take away their guns.aslip
    • Shouldn't we all be working together to make certifications and training standards for gun ownership vs. arguing for or against open-carry?aslip
    • I found out that if this conference center posts a "no-guns" sign, they could be liable for any victim of a shooting on their premises. INSANE!aslip
    • it's clearly a black and white issue for most. no nuance. no discussion.inteliboy
    • no nuance needed. sometimes ppl make mistakes. far more idiots behind wheels. cant stop mistakes. best learn to accept thatdeathboy
    • Believe strongly that ownership and conceal carry is a very personal decision. I do own guns but also VERY STRONGLY think they NEEDS to be much stronger regsDarkCover
    • More regs to purchase, potentially annual check ins or certifications, and it sure wouldn't hurt to require annual psych tests with the re-cert.DarkCover
    • Home and personal protection is one thing. Hunting and sport shooting another, and while I do own an AR i have thought about getting rid of it and starting to tDarkCover
    • there needs to be more regs on those types of guns that handguns and shotsgunsDarkCover
    • haha dark gtfo. you are telling me as a fun owner you personally want to pay and schedule annual psych tests and certifications?deathboy
    • i call all kinds of bullshit on that.deathboy
  • cannonball19782

  • zarkonite0

    • Did they end up outlawing these country-wide?ben_
    • there's a real sickness to guns, both in the user and society as a whole._niko
    • hehe sickness in any user of a golf club people have been killed by the device. chefs you sick too!deathboy
  • BusterBoy0

    I have relatives that live in Tucson. Very Liberal types. One of them walked in to a Walmart last week and there was a couple, probably in their 30's...the man had an AK-47 type rifle slung over his shoulder and the woman had a double holster with two large handguns. Just walking around as though it was the most natural thing...totally fucked.

    But will never change.

    • http://worldpopulati…imbecile
    • we've been carrying guns on our person for longer than we've been riding a bike, driving, using a phone, watching tv, or listening to radio.imbecile
    • lol @ 'as though blah blah natural thing'. Dude - folks have carried weapons (the deadliest available at their time) since the beginning of timePonyBoy
    • Here in AZ it depends on where you're at but yeah... you'll see open carry all over the place. Folks holstered... rifle on person etc. You're out west, dude. ;)PonyBoy
    • Lol, If you don’t understand the psychological need for self preservation. I presume it comes from your entitlement. Your choice is not other’s.imbecile
    • Continuing to ridicule that which you don’t agree with will never yield you what you desire. And that is why guns are a part of America. :)imbecile
    • *bares toothless grin
    • lol, the Wild West, where people hunt on the ranges of Walmart aisles and steadily stalk drive through prey from air conditioned vehiclesmonospaced
    • Gotta have those weapons. It’s been like this since the beginning of time. Rival tribes, roaming buffalo. Wild is an understatement.monospaced
    • Monololben_
    • There's nothing wrong with guns, there's something wrong with Americans though.ben_
    • just throw a few firecrackers at them!futurefood
    • Yes ben_, Americans love too much. Is that a crime??robotron3k
    • guns have been a part of this country since euro-fucks took it over... being armed it's 2nd in line to freedom of speech... to be 'shocked' cuz...PonyBoy
    • ... you saw a rifle / gun in public shows you probably need to get out of your 1/4 mile or off the internet for that matterPonyBoy
    • if you read the amendment, it's not about having everyone walking around with guns, but that discussion is tiredmonospaced
    • if a person wishes to carry their rifle / gun in public they turn to that amendment to verify that right... and then proceed to exercise that right.PonyBoy
    • I'm not sure how 'that discussion is tired' given it's not even UP for discussion—I mean ol' Busty just saw a rifle-toting Walmarter exercising' his 'right'. :)PonyBoy
    • Don't know the law in AZ but in TX you need a license to carry.Maaku
    • "euro-fucks"... LOL Pony!!OBBTKN
    • sure, that's what people point to, but if you really read the amendment that's not what it's about exactly ... it's been quite misinterpretedmonospaced
    • And that discussion ... it's tired. It's at the core of the debate some would say. Some argue the 2nd gives them the right to do this. Some say it doesnt.monospaced
    • :P
      btw - I'm a "euro-fuck" too... it was my 'people' that fucked this place up... i believe I'm 93% Welsh (euro-fuck)... to be clear.
    • Sorry I don't get your point with the guns thing, gringos, but, this is your country... see you to itOBBTKN
    • As long as these people consider themselves part of a well-trained militia (they aren't), they'll do this. But that's delusional. They're not militia.monospaced
    • More clarity: I don't own a gun. I'm not an advocate for them. But given the 2nd Am. exists It's a little confusing that folks are so surprised that folks...PonyBoy
    • ... exercise the right.PonyBoy
    • (to openly carry them)PonyBoy
    • Well that escalated quickly.BusterBoy
    • But to all you "LOL ignorant" was an observation. And if you think it's normal, shows how desensitised you are. Totally fucked.BusterBoy
    • It IS normal (depending where you live)... Maybe you're a little over sensitive (vs. us being ignorant desensitised cunts) and perhaps need to get out more.PonyBoy
    • If one wishes to not be around guns they can either fight for the legislation or move to a place that doesn't frighten them so much... whining doesn't help tho.PonyBoy
    • What a cock I am for whining about some random cunt walking through Walmart with an AK47. I really need to get out more.BusterBoy
    • I don't believe I called you a 'cock' but if you want to run w/that—go for it. Again—it's perfectly legal and normal to 'them' in their community...PonyBoy
    • ... so yes... you're merely whining / complaining about people obeying the law.PonyBoy
    • Are you deliberately being obtuse...or do you really not understand the point being made?BusterBoy
    • There is nothing obtuse about what I'm saying. People have had the right to carry a gun in this country since its inception—apparently that's news to you.PonyBoy
    • Folks getting uppity when they see someone exercising a 'human' right that has existed since the beginning of the country (and time) does however feel obtuse.PonyBoy
    • haha i went into walmart looking for a cooler and had a tv screen light up and alert me it was filming me. close to gun isle. a bit over the top if u ask medeathboy
    • and absolutely pointless. but whatever pleases the pawns.deathboy
  • imbecile7

    lifted from twitter...

    Birth control?
    BAN IT!
    BAN IT!
    Gay marriage?
    BAN IT!
    Look, banning things never works. People will find ways to get them.

    • haha goes to show the hypocrisy of both parties and far as liberty is concerneddeathboy
  • canoe0

    I have a spear gun... still waiting for a thriller movie to showcase death by spear gun... better yet near death by spear gun...

    other than that I want to eat duck but don't think I would keep my guns at home... plenty of friends with legit barns and whatnot.

    I moved from the Keys to northern Michigan and life is different up here... it makes sense to hunt for game. </end>

    • Friday the 13th Part III (through her eye)imbecile
  • utopian-1

  • see_thru0

  • teh0

    Anyone in Cali have this gun?

  • EightyDeuce0

    • cartman the movie?honest
    • He's got to be careful. He's a fucking enormous target! What a fat fuck!boobs
  • randommail0

    I just go to sleep like this...

    don't even try to rob me while I'm in bed.

  • fooler20

    guns are for pussies! that's why I sleep next to these...

    and this...