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    Fundamental dualism of classical geopolitics, Land vs Sea

    Sea -- Thalassocratic civilizations of the West, coastal nations of western europe, esp. traditional seafarers UK and its extension USA, empires at sea, economically prosperous states which exist as chaotic conglomeration of individuals from all over the world coming and leaving all the time, like a pirate wharf, people with no homeland, no ethnicity, no religion and no culture. Every man fights for himself, openly pirate-like mentality, obsession with freedom (at sea there are no borders) and pirate-like activities (booze and sex), individualism, liberalism, weak juridical normatives, free market and competition, Homo homini lupus -- "man is a wolf to man"

    Land -- Tellurocratic civilizations of the East, Homo homini frater -- "man is a brother to man", large populous nations of continental europe, empires at land, ancient Romans, Sparta, Persia, nazi Germany, Russia & USSR, in asia China etc, military-authoritarian hierarchy and collectivism, conservatism, ethics and social traditions, strong juridical normatives.

    The two are always fighting each other.

    • Please explain "US Manifest Destiny" concept for massive land expansion for 150 years in light of your theory.TheBlueOne
    • Considering the US spent it's formative years not in oversea piracy as you say but rather one of primary land conquest.TheBlueOne
    • "from Atlantic seaboard to the Pacific Ocean"drgss
    • I think that's a simplistic answer and you haven't thought this through.TheBlueOne
    • And Rome is definitely in the first group. What about Japan? As an island they should be group a, but in reality they fit BTheBlueOne
    • And if Japan fits B socially, why doesn't the US, having a far greater land mass.TheBlueOne
    • And I would further postulate the greater battles are within the two groups and not between them.TheBlueOne
    • It's just a pretty weak and generic classification system.TheBlueOne
    • That guy is as annoying as Dinky.DrBombay

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