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  • face_melter11

    Alright ladies. Today marks a significant step in face_melter's adventures in the fabulous world of VR Fuckery. Before the Christmas holidays I gave my evil assistant at work the task of creating a VR workflow which allowed us to take our usual export from Archicad into 3DS Max / C4D and then into Unreal for that sexy Vive hotness. Given the state of some of our models, I thought it would prove to be a battle worthy of Hercules - but no, the mad Spanish bastard went and fucking owned it. Took the model and set everything up wonderfully, way beyond what I was expecting - I was thoroughly impressed.

    To cut a long story short, thanks to a sit-down with my minion covering the basics I have spent the past few days learning the initial stages on Unreal - taking a model from C4D and importing it into Unreal. Spanish Fly uses 3DS Max so has a few scripts and plugins to assist him in making the correct UV maps and materials - things that don't exist for C4D so I have had to figure out ways around it. Today I sat down with one of my models and pieced it together in UE4 to get it up and running with my Vive. And after a few teething problems, fuck me silly if it doesn't work like a champ! Some remodelling is required to sort out some UV and lightmap problems, but as a first test i'm incredibly happy. Taking what is ostensibly a static 3D model and being able to stand *inside* it was fucking amazing. A small moment which completely justified the purchase. I made a Lidl video of how it looks. Observe:

    This is the model I made for Major's apartment, from the Ghost In The Shell film. There are finished versions in the C4D thread I think. Next step is to tidy the model, then move onto materials and lighting. My ultimate goal is to recreate my static images in VR and for the first time in a long, looong, time I genuinely excited about working in 3D. And from using Unreal for only a short time I know it is entirely possible.

    • Very interesting. I've always been into still images compared to animation, but this is opening some new possibilites.dyspl
    • ^ word of warning, I have found out through my initial steps that C4D is possibly the worst program to use to make assets for Unreal.face_melter
    • < is that a pc?shapesalad
  • face_melter7

    The past couple of weeks have been a bit intense at work so I haven't had the time nor the energy to get further into this VR hole. But today was a lot quieter so I used the time to become more comfortable with 3ds Max and exporting to UE4. And this is the result, well, a reproduction of what I was trying at work - learning how to create proper UVW maps (using UVW Unwrap) and exporting geometry that works in UE.

    It looks simple because it is - my way of learning 3D stuff is through repetition, repeating the fundamentals until I can do them without thinking - then I build on that with additional steps, in this case creating the light material in UE and editing the navigation and collision maps. So it seems that 3ds is the way to go, it's a different way of working compared to C4D but the results are more solid. With this new test, i'm feeling a lot better about being able to take it further. Good times.

  • feel6

    I've been playing Wipeout VR on psvr and maaaaan it is so cool

    • OK that does it. Price drop, I’m going to get it/one...MrT
  • detritus3

    Ooh, new Vive Pro unveiled at CES2018 looks nice - 'no sub pixels visible - even pixels are hard to discern'. We're getting there!…

    Doesn't say anything about refresh rates though, which seems to be one of the bigger issues.

    • I didn't read the entire article, but I wonder how much graphics power is needed to push all those pixels. Consumer level.monospaced
    • 'Enough' to keep things expensive for now, but if there's one thing that comes down in price quick, it's GPU/CPU's ability to hypershit computations...detritus
    • To get consistent performance you need a 1060/70 as a minimum. But GPU prices are all over the shop because of those cryptocurrency fannies.face_melter
    • Yup. Basically, if you want to use one, you’re tethered to a gaming rig. Not quite off the shelf gear yet. When it has an integrated gpu, then it’ll cook.monospaced
    • ...and when the GPU's on our heads, then we'll cook :)detritus
    • Yeah, I really want a 1070 firing at 90-100% strapped to my head.face_melter
  • Polisz3

    I have a VR salon in Poland, look at what people do :D…

    the best game form me is co-op Arizona Sunshine

    • :)sted
    • Love it. I see a future of awesomeness for VR.wagshaft
  • detritus2


    $200 lo-fi Oculus VR headset…

    • Nice one. It's been so expensive for ages.PhanLo
    • It's not the rift. This is a mobile version, so basically a phone inside w/o the phone.formed
    • b00detritus
  • sted4

  • PhanLo3

  • detritus2

    OOOOH, Rightie then.

    This is getting somewhere:…

    • 4.3 inch 18 megapixel AMOLED display
    • 5500 x 3000 resolution
    • 1443 dots per inch
    • 120 Hz refresh rate

    4.3" display - so I assume this would be one per eye?

    • ... but but google ...mugwart
    • The Cardboard concept and ecoSystem is one thing I can't fault Google for. Besides, this tech just presages what's yet to come from other manufacturers.detritus
    • I agree but the problem is what they use our data formugwart
    • Really want to learn VR/ Unreal/ VR cinematography just so expensive its frustratingmugwart
    • Likewise, for ever now. I still hope to, at some point, but I need to make big strides in my life to afford the time and money needed to invest in it.detritus
    • ^ snap. Going through unreal cpp and blue prints. Got two ideas for apps I want to write and then expand out into VR/ARmugwart
  • CygnusZero41

    VR is weird. I literally have no desire to actually use it for myself, but Im currently in the process of learning how to develop for it. Ive been using the Oculus at work. I actually enjoy making things for it, seeing things working in it is satisfying, but I cant see myself ever playing a game with this thing on my head.

  • nb0

    People: you have no idea until you try it. Head-tracking in a virtual seated environment is nuts. Certain experiences are so immersive. Pqrn is insane. It's going to permanently fuck with so many people.

    You remember seeing the Star Trek Holodeck when you were a kid, and thinking, "whoa if I had one of those I would never leave it!"

    That's the future.

    Riding on a completely packed, silent subway car today during rush hour – some people looking at their phones, most people staring blankly while ignoring each other – it occurred to me that we'll soon see the day when at least 1 in 5 subway commuters will be VRing daily on the way home from work.

    It's going to be great!

    • before we shot the stuff for the video I posted screenshots of bellow, we tried a rift with a roller-coaster demo, beside of the lowres it was really awesome :)sted
    • can't tell how exited i'm about this, and how many ideas we had for content. i think that the never leave it experience is about to emerge in the next few yearssted
    • even a 10-20 years space travel looks closer with this vr solution than hibernation and all that shitty stuff...sted
    • this is what I'm hoping forfyoucher1
    • Downvotes for what? VR is the train which has no brakes.nb
    • I have yet to see it + my friend develops VR right now... I'm super hyped about experiencing it.bklyndroobeki
  • microkorg1

    got myself a headset i can put my iphone into and really loving this shit at the moment.

    check out the app VRSE for awesome documentaries and short films where you can look all around.

    Google CARDBOARD app is worth a look

    RoundMe and Splash allow you to create your own VR world with photos.

    Cannot wait to get my hands on a VR 360 Camera to shoot videos on holidays. Immersive videos to keep memories alive.

  • sted1

    To avoid that mistake i did with MR i'm publishing new stuff here.
    In a few months tech industry will learn a new abbreviation:

    • Audio for Virtual and Augmented Realityuan
    • nope :)sted
  • Nairn3
  • mantrakid2

    Some pretty cool new stuff coming in the next year or 2....

    I honestly would not count VR out yet, and even more so, i feel like it's slowly becoming what the internet was in those early days. diehard adopters and developers being free and creative and experimental.

    • I don't at all think VR is DoA, it's just nowhere near arrived yet.Nairn
  • monNom-1

    "VR is weird. I literally have no desire to actually use it for myself, but Im currently in the process of learning how to develop for it."
    --CygnusZero41, 2 years ago

    Totally this.

    Given that it is now 2 years later and VR is still languishing, I wonder how common this feeling is? Maybe nobody actually wants a VR experience beyond the initial novelty of it?

    Does VR = 3DTV?

    • It still exists in deep geek territory. It’s expensive and demanding still. No major commercial use for it. Even these VR shops and popups are super lame.monospaced
    • We've begun developing it for our archviz work. My evil assistant got one of our projects up and running in Unreal with minimal effort.face_melter
    • We develop on Vive but that's too hardcore for our clients so we have a couple of S8's and GearVR googles to keep things more portable and friendly.face_melter
    • Initial results are positive in terms of workflow / quality of output. My goal is to sell it as a service beside our regular 2D work. Worth a punt.face_melter
    • archvis/interior design actually seems like a great use-case for VR, especially room scale where you can move about in a space. Pretty niche though.monNom
    • It already seems like a good fit - my evil assistant has already made leaps and bounds in terms of workflow and overcoming potential technical problems.face_melter
    • I feel like it's an issue with content, not having a reliable steady stream of enough quality contentcannonball1978
  • face_melter1

    Wooooord up, you slags. After my initial, albeit, tentative steps in VR glory, buoyed by the heady thrill of my superior intellect smashing through the impossible conundrum of randomly clicking a few buttons to export some geometry I was brought down to earth with a thud. Left broken and mangled like Morrissey after a night on the pills and a bit of rough trade from Bracknell.

    The cause of my thuddiness? Cinema 4-fucking-D. Yes. Betrayed! The fucking slut! As it happens, C4D is kinda trash at making workable geometry for Unreal - UE4 relies on accurate UVW Maps and smoothing groups when it calculates lightmaps - something C4D is apparently incapable of exporting correctly. With a heavy heart I discuss this with my Spanish Guardo Camino at work and he shows me his method in 3DS Max which, as it happens, is foolproof thanks to some nifty UVM wrap scripting and plugin fuckery.

    The result is that after further testing, testing, and more testing and some YT videos and cracking the 2018 version of 3DS Max I can now export unblemished geometry from 3DS directly into UE4. Now, the obvious downside is the entire 3DS Max bit... But. It gives me the perfect reason to actually learn it. C4D isn't dead, it's merely taking a holiday in Vienna where its fucking Charlotte Rampling.

    • Once you master that you'll want to look at maintaining consistent pixel density for your textures.cannonball1978
    • Yeah, my Spanish dude showed me the density settings in Unreal - to make everything green and to split large faces into smaller pieces.face_melter
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  • monospaced0

    Checked out the new Samsung store next to the Highline, and rode on a virtual rollercoaster with the Oculus/Gear headset and a moving seat. Have to say that despite shitty resolution and a heavy headset, the experience itself was quite convincing and fun. I highly recommend going down there and checking it out for a couple of minutes.

    • my co-worker bought one of those cardboard VR boxes for his samsung...Al_dizzle
    • ... I tried it out, and I agree. Depsite the low quality its still pretty cool/fun.Al_dizzle
    • this was a bit different with hydraulic seats and seatbelts, more like a "ride," but I can imagine a standalone headset could be similarmonospaced
    • I tried it out about a month ago. The resolution is just about the same with the google cardboard so I didn't get the vr.pinkfloyd
  • detritus2

    Basic VR is just normal 3d environment/application creation, with the option of outputting stereoscopic versions.

    if you want to dev, it would be worth looking into vr systems with positional tracking as that's where, as I understand it, things get a bit more complicated.

    Right now though, if you've already got a 3d head, just go buy yourself a headset, then download something like Unity andget cracking!