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  • drgs8

    • one word: flexboxhotroddy
    • Who says? eh eh eh?!robthelad
    • hehe. but using which method?fadein11
    • But which framework should I use?detritus
    • http://howtocenterin…drgs
    • Pfft.
      Tables are where it's at.
    • two words: CSS Gridshapesalad
    • "One word: Flexbox".detritus
    • Achievement UnlockedBennn
    • align-items: center;shapesalad
    • https://css-tricks.c…shapesalad
    • HTML, CSS, and the entire DOM needs scrapped and re-wrote. shit feels like a hack job 100% of the time. Even with Flex and Grid.section_014
    • There are still issues for sure but its a lot better thanks to Zeldman and allfadein11
    • zeldman is indeed the man. got to meet him once years ago in Miami ... such a nice dude.exador1
    • Bang it in a table...see_thru
    • what is this scorcery?ok_not_ok
    • I don't get it.monospaced
    • *unless your webdesign carreer was made in Flash™feel
    • @mono vertically centering content in a div (what it should have said) is way more convoluted than it should befadein11
    • fine when you know how but not that obvious as a beginner :)fadein11
    • margin: autojhey
    • </words to live by>utopian
    • Jhey, if only it was that simple. Works horizontal, not vertical. Zzzz, im boring myself here hafadein11
    • oh, this only applies to web coders ... no wonder it wouldn't make sense to most peoplemonospaced
    • I'd hate my life if my job involved "centering a div" at any pointmonospaced
    • no thanks.notype
    • lol on which browser? is display: table-cell faking it?Squiddy
    • What a twattish thing to say on a site with a load of web coders on, mono.detritus
    • +1 detfadein11
    • Hahahaha. Sorry that sucks.monospaced
    • As a graphic designer on a graphic design site it’s totally okay for me to say this. I’ve avoided coding for a reason, and glad I don’t know what this is.monospaced
    • Gabor here didn’t even specify design or websites at all. It’s not like all adults should do this or anything. Jeez. I just have hit a nerve with the coders.monospaced
    • But look. I understand if someone actually enjoys coding sites. Fine with me. Sorry if I offended. It’s just my feelings and I’m glad I can focus on pure visualmonospaced
    • I’m grateful that amazing web guys exist to take graphic design and make it work on the web. I love my web coders! It’s just not my thing :)monospaced
  • Gardener11

    • Yeah, I spend more $ on discogs than I do new stuff.DRIFTMONKEY
    • What's a discog?set
    • I helped a mate move house recently. The records were the worst part, 3 flights of stairs with loads of old soul and funk records. Defo needs off the Discogs.PhanLo
    • Never purchased from discogs. sounds like a rabbit hole for myself.futurefood
    • Discogs is my first bookmark, lol... moving records is a effin pain PhanLo, I feel for ya... and I only have 15 crates.canoe
    • What kind of a twisted version of hell have I fallen into here?!nocomply
    • Hmm how have I never been on discogs beforeset
    • I think we've just lost set to this particular rabbit hole.Continuity
    • cough cough buy my records etc. https://www.discogs.…kingsteven
    • what is the most expensive record you boughtdrgs
    • For the record my first question was misleading, obviously I know what a discog is but I didn't know what discogs was. See you in 9 hoursset
    • I totally switched to Everything Digial Mode. No more CDs, DVDs, Books, papers, etc.Bennn
    • Those things take sooo much space in a house.Bennn
    • Me: https://www.discogs.…DRIFTMONKEY
    • And me: https://www.discogs.…scruffics
    • @set "For the record ..." nice pun! :)Krassy
    • I never even thought about using discogs before to sell old vinyl. Record shops take the piss for what they offer!microkorg
    • How do you guys send stuff out when selling? what box do you use and where you get it?microkorg
    • I make boxes from cardboard out the back of supermarketsGardener
    • i use musicmax mailers: https://is.gd/l8wHhe… + stiffners + 450g poly sleeves. haven't had one issue since i switched to them...kingsteven
    • "you've enough vinyl"soundofreason
    • got to have a spine... flat mailers are fine for single 12" domestic but had a few get damaged over the years. musicmax are about 10p more for peace of mind.kingsteven
    • i have two cabinets with my stock (arranged by price), stuff that needs to be listed and packing materials. all separate from my main collection.kingsteven
    • i have all my stock priced to sell (still far more than a store would offer). it is surprisingly easy, the worst bit is queuing in the post office.kingsteven

  • GeorgesII1


  • Krassy16

  • autoflavour12

    • amenmoldero
    • ramenBennn
    • amengonzalle
    • ramendrake-von-drake
    • But, but, but, Flying Spaghetti Monsterism is Creationism.
      JPG debunked.
    • hahahpinkfloyd
    • Crock of shit. That is clearly a fusili, not a spaghetti. Ergo, Flying Spaghetti Monster doesn't exist.Continuity
    • Flying Fusili Monster, maybe though.Continuity
    • Apparently you haven't heard of spaghetti being resurrected as a fusili?pinkfloyd
    • HeilApeRobot
    • The Chinese invented pasta, just sayin'fadein11
    • that's not fusili! my people believe it is called rotini! and it is not a true descendent pasta of the holy spaghetti monster!sarahfailin
    • is there a anti-flying spaghetti monster.. ie like satan, but for the FSM?autoflavour
    • @autoflavour: Robert Atkins?nb
    • prove it's not truedigitdaily
    • inescapable logic, it CANNOT be denied!drake-von-drake
    • gluten free is the anti-FSMmonNom
    • If you sin, the Gluten Free Fairy comes in the night to curse you with a gluten intolerance.nb
    • Depending on the severity of your sin, you might get anywhere from a mild intolerance to full-on celiac disease.nb
    • Worshiping The Wheat Endosperm Lord, is the only Absolution.
      from the Book of glutenin and gliadin 1:8
    • The FSM's version of Satan? Rice.Continuity
    • Even yuri can't disprove this.monospaced
  • Ramanisky217

    Michał Sawtyruk

  • detritus15

    • Like it a it. Looks annoyingly similar to some art projects I've been working on myself.set
    • a lot! *set
    • fuck. what a cool idea.Gnash
    • I saw a piece at the recent Lumiere:London that I at first thought was comprised of large lt buttons. It wasn't. but the thought stayed with me...detritus
    • ... https://www.youtube.… was cool anyway, despite lack of pressy pushy.detritus
    • (Although the experience was marred by the objectionable abuse of useless after-hours lighting in the adjacent Google LDN HQ - synthetic cunts)detritus
    • Georges?Bennn
    • *LIT buttonsdetritus
    • seems pointless to me but whateverhans_glib
    • It's art. The point is simply to be appreciated, which it clearly is...set
    • by some, maybe.hans_glib
    • Well that was entirely pointless.
    • Waiting for dickbut on it.Longcopylover
    • Its not pointless, its Art. Get out a bit.Bennn
    • It reprensent the struggling of the World in an Era of digital emptyness. EVERYONE KNOWS THAT!!1Bennn
    • I'd like to see a more interesting use of it, than 'Hello world'...set
    • Turn it horizontal and let a couple have sex on itset
    • Not thatset
    • Not thatset
    • This gave me an ideasection_014
    • Hello World, has some significance in this instance.
    • Yea, I got the reference. I just want to see nymphomaniacs sliding around on it.set
    • lolGnash
    • Nymphos on switches is the second program I ever wrote.garbage
    • i would totally make this for festival goers to play withscarabin_net
    • <superb />fadein11
    • damn. 4,000 switches at $.20ea is like $800scarabin
  • drgs18

    • I lol’dmaquito
    • I cannot see.notype
    • making doctor appointment is a bigger deal than all this?Bennn
    • If you don't get it, you don't get it.detritus
    • i dont get it, i dont get itBennn
    • haha been trying to get an appointment for 3 weeks now! Thought I was the only one!mugwart
    • :)Gnash
    • I don't know about other countries, but where I live the dentist calls you, basically add a levelArchitectofFate
    • i get itutopian
  • omg9

    • cool, open-mindedness and experiencing other cultures. have an upvotesarahfailin
    • Fart contestnbq
    • wise children prepare for their future...gonzalle
    • where is utopians mandatory comment? ;)sted
    • Yoga is the work of the Devil!fooler
    • as soon as I saw the pic knew it'd be a omg or robo post. says it all really.inteliboy
    • Funny how you anti-Trumpers are against Moore for dating underage girls, when underage girls are perfectly pro-Muslim.robotron3k
    • what does trump and anti-trump have to do with under age girls? go get some fresh air nutcase.inteliboy
    • Only anti trumps are against dating underage girls? So pro trump supports dating under age girl?pango
    • That's right pango, pro-trump supporters are mostly pedophiles. That's not me saying that, I hear people talk!zarkonite
    • Well yeah look at Hollywood ^ no said.sureshot
    • This is Holland btw and we are disgusted by thissureshot
    • I'm just trying to understand robo's argument. He pretty much just said trump supporters aren't against dating underage girls.pango
    • which doesn't make sense. sure they support trump but they're not all scums.pango
    • yeah that would be fucked up ( aren't against dating underage girls )sureshot
    • don't waste your time boys. Robo isn't coming back to this thread anymore.scruffics
    • "we are disgusted by this" - lolfadein11
    • open-minded... experiencing other cultures... *giggle... uh huh. Next up is singing hymns to Jesus and Bible time... right guize? Or perhaps a yamaka fitting?PonyBoy
    • Isn't it just a school visit to the local mosque? what is wrong with that (apart from it being religious). This was the norm when I was growing up - we went tofadein11
    • every local place of worship. Sikh temple, church, central mosque, synagogue. How this disgusts anyone says more about the disgusted person than anything else.fadein11
    • This is done in Holland fade. Period. But I get your point.sureshot
    • *notsureshot
    • churches/Jehova/Jewi... etc no problem. But no islam.sureshot
    • so this is in a school and the pupils are being forced to pray to mecca?fadein11
    • This is in a mosque. Clip here:

    • Police and judges etc arent allowed to wear Hijabs here either.sureshot
    • I wonder how many muslim kids are visiting churches.sureshot
    • I guess you are freer than them.pango
    • ah so its a school visit to a mosque as I said. And if there are muslim children in the class they will go to the church when they do that on Christian week :)fadein11
    • I dunno what freer means, but its the law here. Always been.sureshot
    • This isn't just a single case? they took the kids to a mosque to learn something about Islamic religion?sted
    • Sted: this is the dude who also peaches there, although he wasnt allowed
    • Well if he has done anything illegal he needs to be arrested/removed but I would say it's nonsense he was up front preaching to the kids lol. More divisive BSfadein11
    • I am sure The Netherlands has similar strict rules to the UK on what can be preached/promoted in Mosques.fadein11
    • Good for kids to learn about theirs and other religions, so they realise how infantile and overly prescriptive they are and dismiss then when older.detritus
    • https://www.snopes.c…dmay
    • and there we have it - thanks dmay.
      what a load of bullshit which people fall for hook line and sinker.
    • thanks dmay...sted
    • DMAY..dude I am Dutch..dont you think I understand my own language. Its a DUTCH school dudesureshot
    • You prolly forgot I am Dutch and I understand EACH word they are saying.sureshot
    • the endsureshot
    • I can give you the name of the school if you want?sureshot
    • take a step back from the keyboard and stop hyperventilating, sureshot - dmay's link explicitly says it's a Dutch school.detritus
    • I am very calm...I am on my cell that is a device hard to get rid of these days. But the content is NOT CORRECT..anyway enough. Maybe you right detruis.sureshot
    • my apologies Dmaysureshot
    • eh? the snopes article says its Dutch.
      and that it was a school visit to a mosque as I said. Whats the issue?
    • Sorry, didn't see that det had cleared that up. It's just an image being used out of context to stir more trouble up. Nothing to see here.fadein11
    • Learning about different cultures is healthy education and long may it continue.fadein11
    • fucking robo ... underage girls are pro Islam? Are you fucking retarded?monospaced
    • ^^ oh shit..just when I though it was over.sureshot
    • ^sureshot
    • "underage girls are pro Islam?" they might be if they thought bearded sugardaddies would fulfill their Amazon wishlists for them. As might I, to be fair.detritus
    • "underage girls are perfectly pro-Muslim" — robotron, this side threadmonospaced
    • I hear lots of you saying that they're at the Mosque to learn... fair 'nuff... but why the fuck are they in a prayer position? C'mon....PonyBoy
    • ... if they goto visit the local church do they drop to their knees in front of Jesus on a cross to see what it was like? OR HOW 'BOUT A YAMAKA FITTING??! :)PonyBoy
    • Taking the kids to a mosque to witness people of faith in action is fine, to learn bout the religion / 'culture' is fine... but get them praying... ...huh?PonyBoy
    • Get off the fucking ground, kids!! You're not Muslim—cut the shit. Learn and ask Q's etc—but you're not there to participate—else it's hymn time at the church!PonyBoy
    • it would have been a bit of fun I am sure. What do you think a bunch of kids are going to be radicalised in an hour walk round a mosque lol. Come on.fadein11
    • We don't know what was said before or after do we? It's clearly an innocent picture being used for divisive purposes.fadein11
    • It's not about radicalization... if your kid came home and told you today his teachers had him pray to Jesus I'm sure you'd probably feel that a step past...PonyBoy
    • ... 'learning about other cultures'. And let's be clear... Islam is not 'culture'... not in the least fucking it bit... it's a religion.PonyBoy
    • -itPonyBoy
    • + <3 :)PonyBoy
    • It is a fart contest - just like everything else on this site today.SlashPeckham
    • I agree PonyBoy, forcing children to participate in ANY religious activity should be avoided. Including dumbass prayer in government or schools.monospaced
    • and yeah, if my son came home one day and said his teacher had them pray to jesus, I'd fucking lose my shitmonospaced
    • Calm down, it's education, not 'forcing' of some belief system on innocents. Christ, I'm usually on the other side of this debate.detritus
    • How the fuck is Islam not a culture? Islam has a greater foundational structure of culture than most ill-perceived Western 'cultures', in disarray as they are?detritus
    • That's a significant thought for any good-thinking Westerner, as far as I think.detritus
    • (Which is about 2½")detritus
    • That one fell asleep.pango
    • Mono and I agree which is rarer than a girl qbner... all the rest of you can go pray with the flatulence and flagellating kidsPonyBoy
    • What Det said. And of course noone was forced to pray. Like I said I bet it was a bit of fun "this is what we do in here". I actually remember visiting a mosquefadein11
    • with school and it certainly wasn't a serious affair. Religious Education (RE) is still a thing in the UK and as part of that you study religion and often visitfadein11
    • places of worship. I would be willing to bet money on the fact those kids were not forced to pray and it wasn't serious. But yet again a misused photo triggersfadein11
    • some people.fadein11
    • Having said all of that I cannot believe I am defending religion here as like Det I would normally be arguing the opposite way but in this instance because offadein11
    • the misuse of that photo it just seems silly to presume this is a negative event. Christ too early that didn't make sense as I am not defending religion justfadein11
    • pointing out the context. Phew.
      And yes I know it's a Dutch photo but I presume the Netherlands has similar education.
    • I didn't say they were 'forced' to do anything... but they are in 'prayer' position which is the purest form of obeisance in just about any faith to 'God'.PonyBoy
    • I can understand touring the Mosque, learning the history and even reading a bit of the Koran to get a feel for the religion... but the act of dropping to...PonyBoy
    • ... your knees and bonking your nogging to the ground is genuflection... there is zero purpose for it outside of actual worship or mocking...PonyBoy
    • ... I just find it a step too far in terms of 'learning'. Before you know your kid's on a mountain bike in white shirt/black pants discussing Joe Smith. // :)PonyBoy
    • is *a genuflection...
      ... and I'm being a smartass about Joseph Smith... everybody knows he was Jewish.
    • I can see your point but as a non religious person I perhaps don't treat the 'act' so seriously. But yes let's agree to disagree. What is isn't though is whatfadein11
    • the right knob jockeys are using the image for.fadein11
  • chukkaphob5

    • I love Californiasureshot
    • I want to go thereutopian
    • this looks acceptabled_gitale
    • what part of Detroit is this?_niko
    • Man, Denmark looks great at this time of year.face_melter
    • Iowa?freedom
    • The Thames is such a lovely colour in the summerset
    • Ooooh, Belgrade. It's been a while since I've been there last.Continuity
    • I need to upgrade.spunji
    • Netherlands never looked betterSimonFFM
    • photoshoppedBeeswax
    • lol @ allsureshot
    • Swansea? I'm pretty sure I stayed there oncefadein11
    • A rare sunny day in Vegas.Akagiyama
    • Ocean water?Fax_Benson
    • I hear water is so clear, it's drinkablefuturefood
    • Has no one here been to New Jersey?CyBrainX
    • it's Clapton Pond in Hackney!Bluejam
    • This is Nebraska. C'mon, guys!Krassy
    • I'm shocked that noone here recognizes Denver, Colorado! WTF, guys! You all need to travel more or at least google some places. SMH.chukkaphob
    • this is Reno, if i have ever seen Reno.futurefood
    • I'd be shit-bored after about two days on holiday here.detritus
    • lol Bluejamzarb0z
    • Don't listen to him, zarboz, it blood well isn't. i went past there the day and it was nothing of the sort.detritus
  • autoflavour5

    • yepBen99
    • skinny David Brent is right!tank02
    • Word to Allah!HAYZ1LLLA
    • i smell kuffarApeRobot
    • ugh - smug little turdhans_glib
    • Is that the british dude who dresses up like a lady?sureshot
    • I don't know but isn't he clever.Morning_star
    • substitute gods with opinionszenmasterfoo
    • there's nothing smug about this or himmonospaced
    • there is and there is.detritus
    • that statement supposes way too much to be as clever as he'd like it to be. but in the name of humor - sure, why not.SteveJobs
    • Yes! My God is the best God!pango
    • how so, detritus? the first part is a simple fact, the other is just pointing out how one group calls the others made up nonsense, which is also a factmonospaced
    • eh, forget it... he can be smug because he has the right to be, and it doesn't change the fact that he's totally right, so yeah, here's to smug!monospaced
    • he is stating a fact. whether you like it or not.hotroddy
    • he'd be smug if he was calling you a turdhotroddy
    • VERY SMUG. It's all in the tone... his message is delivered as a personal sarcastic attack at 'Your' belief. It's rude and meant to be belittling.PonyBoy
    • @sureshot The British dude who dresses like a lady is Eddie Izzard. He too is funny—and smart.karj
    • http://theshowtellpr…pango
    • Pitch forks! Ya! Screw people who disagree with my godless, moralistic ideology, bunch of idiot God people!Hayoth
    • My god is better than your God.pango
    • Notice how no one has been able to respond to this without personal attacks. Deep down they know!hotroddy
    • < I was able to. Simply stating the fact ¯\_(ツ)_/¯pango
    • it's smug to people who believe in a religion. obvious for those who don't.inteliboy
    • smug is smug— doesn't matter if you believe what a person is saying or not— has everything to do with deliver (and I happen to agree with his point)PonyBoy
    • his delivery is consistently smug (it's part of his comedy / persona as a comedian)PonyBoy
    • *deliveryPonyBoy
    • yet he works for NBC, one of the most religiously controlled networks whose mission is to destroy or weaken opposing religious beliefs.omg
    • yes, that is in their mission statementmonospaced
    • dominate banks, control the law, monopolize mass media. that day will soon come.omg
    • he's not quite the enlightened humanist he likes to think he is.Fax_Benson
    • He's stating a fact, plain and simple. People can take it however they want.formed
    • cockwombleWeyland
    • @formed. There isn't one fact in that collection of words.Morning_star
    • @Morning_star, if you look to comedians for facts, god help you.MrT
    • MrT, spot on.Morning_star
    • if you look to the bible for facts...monospaced
    • If you look to Ricky Gervais for facts...PonyBoy
    • it is a fact that many people believe there have been other gods but only theirs is truehotroddy
    • exactly, that is the overwhelmingly huge fact heremonospaced
    • Nobody is arguing the validity of the statement— they're arguing the delivery of said statement is SMUG. Ricky Gervais is NOT making some genius statement here!PonyBoy
    • That's a matter of opinion. I can see how it would seem smug to someone who believe their God was not only real, but the only true one. Still, it's an opinion.monospaced
    • ... hmm... so now we're back to things being a matter of opinion...
      *giggle :)
    • Hahahamonospaced
  • scarabin8


  • sureshot11

    • Loved this! I still have that Battlecat somewhereWhiteFace
    • Skeletor was a comedy genius, he should have done stand up, natural progression for him, waste of talent.mrAtor
    • Nice, I had most of these too, except the vehicle on the left. I think Castle Greyskull is still in my parent's attic... I should look for it for my son.elahon
    • It's a sad fact that people often feel stuck in the job they're in, and don't have the confidence to play to their strengths.Continuity
    • (re: Skeletor)Continuity
    • hahahah. Fuck yes! I had this. Skeletors castle. I lost the orange gun turret top left it tormented me for years.rabbit
    • I wanted a battle cat and was so sad to hear they didn't exist.IRNlun6
    • Battlecat existed. I had more than onemonospaced
    • ;)monospaced
    • I have Snake Mountain on a shelf 10 feet behind me.i_monk
    • I never had Battlecat :(rabbit
    • OMG this shit takes me BACK https://www.youtube.…rabbit
    • I had all of these. There was a plane that looked like a bird that locked into the turret of greyskull also.GM278
    • which one spit sparks with a flint from a bic lighter? They don't make toys like that anymore!fooler
    • mattel's ploy to sell dolls to boyssarahfailin
    • action figuresmonospaced
    • Luzern, Austriaallthethings
    • The 'bic lighter flint' guy was Saurod, from the Master of teh niverse movie. Still have it.
    • i had everything in the picture plus. my grandfather hooked me up with his friends to mow lawns. i swam in these and gi joes as a kid.imbecile
    • holy shit i had this!cruddlebub
  • Bluejam18

    • Niceset
    • There's a guy who explained how many things you can do with those yellow vest. its an all access pass for many places.Bennn
    • I stole a roof once wearing a yellow vest and a hard hat. Slate is pricey.robthelad
    • Wonderful!
      @robthelad: not very Christian of you?
    • or a dlsr with multiple lenses, and pouches.
      Also a nice looking suit.
    • Banksy?Krassy
    • +imbecile
  • since197916

  • ernexbcn19

  • zaq14

    • lolRamanisky2
    • Hahaharobotron3k
    • lolGnash
    • Spin-off of the "untitled folder - MacOS Edition" trilogy, "untitled folder", "untitled folder 2" and "untitled folder 3"elahon
    • And from the same cinematic universe: 'Layer 17', 'Layer 17 copy', 'Layer 17 copy copy'Continuity
    • lol you guys haven't seen anything until you've seen untitled-8-Recovered..._niko
    • and untitled-8- Recovered- Recovered.psd_niko
    • _niko, stop snooping my scriptsimbecile
    • *spoiler* - empty trashpinkfloyd
    • Untitled 22 - Final - Last version REAL final - FINAL FINAL version A FINAL DRAFTBennn
    • I like the scene where they cannot delete it because it is open by another programlajj
    • Haha. I think Kernel Panic is the last in the seriesIanbolton
  • hans_glib4

    • I still can't get my head around how anyone could have ever thought this was a good idea.Nairn
    • some dudes in Europe & England around 16th or 17th centuryuan
    • silent horrordrgs
    • They need to space the clones out a bit, I think they're overlapping.PhanLo
    • There are not enough maidens in the world to be rescued from the tower... useless thenOBBTKN
    • It makes my stomach turn thinking about how much Resource was expended making this godawful waste of effort.Nairn
    • https://www.youtube.…soundofreason
    • turkeysted
    • story of the day
    • drgs called it last month
      Motherfucker's ahead of the curve
    • Love thisDRIFTMONKEY
    • china?pango
    • Tricky coming home wasted.BH26
    • How the hell could you tell your house apart from the others?rattail
    • "...and they all looked just the same"jaylarson
    • I've seen those house somewhere before...

    • Watching the drone video of this gave me ebola. How did anyone think that was a good idea?PhanLo
    • Builder of $200 Million Turkish Chateaux Project:Krassy
    • https://www.bloomber…Krassy
    • ticky tackyCalderone2000
    • this copy paste generation gets out of controlapi
    • holy hell i thought it was photochopp.sea_sea
    • would make a hell of a movie set, just needs the right story.Gnash
    • ahh zoning on protected green sites, foreign money full of promise, bribary at local municipalities and the political corruption. gotta love dictatorships.helloeatbreathedrive
    • maybe a fantasy parody? a not-so-subtle comment on capitalism. Staring Will Ferrel.inteliboy
    • Disney parodysted
  • Ramanisky214

    there ... I fixed it