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  • bumdrizzle10

    Imagine being so fragile, so pathetically impotent that you spend time collecting supermarket Christmas adverts featuring black people to post on a design forum - complaining that advertising has been cowed by the black lives matter protests?

    Is the only thing that is propping up your own snivelling mediocrity your privilege? I can't think of any other reason one might be so affronted by wider representation in the media.

    You're a wee wankstain. And you know it.

    • You sound VERY happy with yourself. Well done. When you get down from that ridiculously high horse perhaps you should consider the pathetic nature of virtue...Morning_star
    • ...signalling and conformity. Maybe you should also consider what a cunt move it is to misrepresent a post so blatantly.Morning_star
    • Not being angry about black people trying to sell me groceries on the tv isn't virtuous. Do you even understand the right wing tropes you are using?bumdrizzle
    • Maybe you could try out cultural marxism, or common purpose next. Fanny.bumdrizzle
    • Of course I understand. Your post is almost the exact definition of VS.Morning_star
    • I’d be happy to discuss your opinion on the content of the offending post and how advertising is morally bankrupt and prone to virtue signalling, much like you.Morning_star
    • virtue signalling to who? there are no chicks here! lolpango
    • Imagine not permitting yourself to question how people communicate antiracism.cannonball1978
    • people need to stop coming in so hot and let discussions happen - even if you think the other person is ignorant.inteliboy
    • ^that theres some racist apologist talk there, hitlercannonball1978
    • lolcannonball1978
    • *applause* well said bumdrizzle. What an insecure fuckwit to have even posted that shit. And to have expended that much energy on it.Khurram
    • "virtue signalling" lol what a load of bolloxKhurram
    • @bumdrizzle - nope, i don't think he understands the right wing tropes he's just mouthing off. What a fucking lemon.Khurram
    • notice how they all end up jumping to the defense "oh i was just joking geez"
      don't know about you guys, I hear that shit all the time.
    • I wasn’t joking. You wanna discuss? .... No, Didn’t think so. As usual you can stew in your pathetic outrage, smuggly congratulating each other on another....Morning_star
    • ...dishonest interpretation. Well done. What are you afraid of?Morning_star
    • To be offended by this out of all the things to be triggered by. What an insecure fucking cockhat.Khurram
    • @Morning_star who care that much about a bunch of xmas adverts you fucking loser? discuss.Khurram
    • People question and discuss adverts all the time. Why would their approach to race be off the table?cannonball1978
    • @khurram. I care. I care for lots of reasons, the main one is that I’m a senior creative in an Ad Agency and make ads like these. In fact I’m due to direct a...Morning_star
    • ...series of ads starting next weekend where diversity has an influence. This is a forum peppered with folk who have a vested interest in understanding the...Morning_star
    • ...impact of diversity, equality, gender roles on advertising. You check around your faux outrage as much as you like but it seems surface level and a signa...Morning_star
    • ...signal to likeminded sheep who follow anything that comes from your perceived authority on how you should think. If you are cool with that mindless....Morning_star
    • ...acceptance, without question and without understanding, of the nuances of the argument then please stay in your echo chamber. You add nothing.Morning_star
    • And how exactly is having adverts featuring black/brown actors so problematic for you, in your all so important role at an ad agency. My outrage isn't fauxKhurram
    • And how exactly is having adverts featuring black/brown actors so problematic for you, in your all so important role at an ad agency. My outrage isn't fauxKhurram
    • It's against insecure fuckwits like you complaining about seeing too many black and brown people on your TV. I can imagine your world crumbling right about now.Khurram
    • @morningstar, what ad agency in Birmingham do you work for? Our paths may have crossed before.fadein11
    • we see: bunch of dark skinned actors on a completely irrelevant advertising medium.
      you see: a vast global anarcho-communist conspiracy spearheaded by the BLM
    • Think that about sums it up. You can go ahead and elaborate.Khurram
    • @khurram. It’s not a problem for me. Why would assume that?Morning_star
    • @fadein11 among others as I was freelance for a few years I’ve worked at Wallis Tomlinson, MCanns, Boxer, WAA, Connect and ITG.Morning_star
    • @khurram. I’ve just re-read this side bar and you add nothing other than abuse and assumption. You come across as an angry pubescent teen which I’m sure....Morning_star
    • ...you’re not. Why is it so difficult to put aside your faux outrage and contribute effectively. I’m sure you can articulate your point more effectively than...Morning_star
    • ...have been.Morning_star
    • You basically described yourself, you called the dude a cunt in your first post lolKhurram
    • No I didn’t I called it a cunt move.Morning_star
    • I freelanced at MCanns for a while and currently work with a load of ex Connect folk. Interesting. Anyway back to your argument :)fadein11
    • @fadein11. Do you work on JLR a lot and is there a number in the agency name?Morning_star
    • haha, not saying. but I don't work on JLR nope... Not sure who frequents these parts ;)fadein11
    • Fair enough. You can’t be too careful. ;)Morning_star
    • We are different disciplines anyway. Brum doesn't have a massive agency world so thought we may have a connection somewhere.fadein11
    • Dude have you checked to see if he actually is pro diversity? He might just be complaining about how hamfisted these ads try to achieve it.cannonball1978
    • So stupid how if you question the methods you trigger people barfing a while bunch of assumptions about you being a bigot.cannonball1978
    • You can be for the same outcome and think the ads are retarded.cannonball1978
    • Anyway, anyone who believes adverts are an effective path to diversity is a deluded. You’re selling product inside the diversity tent, not selling diversity.cannonball1978
    • @cannonball1978. Spot on.Morning_star
    • @cannonball1978, how are the ads retarded? they are exactly the same as any other xmas ad just with more brown/black people?fadein11
    • In one scenario, it could be because the other non-just-add-brown-p... ads are retarded too.cannonball1978
    • In another scenario, it could be because while diversity is great and all, the adds are just using it to sell you retarded shit.cannonball1978
    • And third, the adds create retarded arguments where people who are for diversity are unwilling to allow that disliking the ads is anything other than racism andcannonball1978
    • that because there is supposed diversity in the add, it automatically must be genuine unquestionable diversity.cannonball1978
    • Bonus: Christmas is a white cultural relic turned consumer gluttony flash and the only diversity here is the widening of the demo to sell Sainsbury gravy to acannonball1978
    • homogenized portrait of “brown” people who are stripped of their own cultural on the screen. That can also be retarded.cannonball1978
    • Do I or anyone her have the answer on how to do it “right”? Are we even empowered to do so in our filthy cash driven industries? No prolly not, butcannonball1978
    • that doesnt mean people dont get to dislike how ads done because it doesnt resonate with them. Especially for “brown” people like me. I dont see myself in thesecannonball1978
    • did you watch the examples? So innocuous. I was only commenting on the outrage these ads create and in context to Shapes other comments and postsfadein11
    • he has made on this site. It's just not something that bothers me in the slightest and can't believe we are still having this debate.fadein11
    • In fact as I said in the other post, this has all been done before in the UK. Xmas ads and other major campaigns have been diverse for years, he's just framingfadein11
    • it within the context of the events of this year.fadein11
    • *this debatefadein11

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