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    All the major companies now, don't want to be the only one with 100% white people in their adverts over in the UK. For fear of BLM pointing fingers at them and getting bad press.

    But watched one after another... the combined affect is the reverse of diversity. Considering the last census put non white population of UK at around 14%.

    Anyway... I'm sure this will be downvoted and have a load of comments claiming old shape to be a racist. Just pointing out the above affect... I personally think Clients and Ad agencies need to be conscious of pushing things too far, for danger of simply alienating the majority of the population and their customers. Not calling for 100% white in adverts, but perhaps brands need to check in with each other and make sure the advertising breaks aren't so diverse they end up being non-diverse.

    • you said you were a racist and apologised, noone called you a racist did they?
      You then said you were leaving and then returned 24 hours later.
    • Poor you getting upset by Xmas adverts.
      Most ridiculous thing you've ever said here haha, and you've said a lot.
    • Did you live in the UK in the 80's, we went through all of this before. Does it really matter, does it affect your life?fadein11
    • I see white peoples.monospaced
    • at least half your examples don't even illustrate your point. God we need emojis here *facepalmfadein11
    • hot take! now do anthropomorphic carrotskingsteven
    • Imagine being aggrieved by this in any way.face_melter
    • just absurd. fragile likkle snowflakesfadein11
    • Unsolved problem of political correctness vs hidden market demands (money rules in the end). Known facts in advertising: photos of black people don't selldrgs
    • Black movies don't sell, female action movies don't sell etc. Because 90% of the population are human cattle, and there is nothing you can do about itdrgs
    • Either your products mirror the demands of the average lowlives or you do social charity work, and you can't choose bothdrgs
    • The adverts should reflect the target audience, right?Chimp
    • At very least the adverts should not drive away the target audience. In America you have something that reminds of Soviet paralysis:drgs
    • Formally people say one thing, but they think something else, and its a great taboo to talk about it. Only thing worse is admitting that you are a pedophile.drgs
    • And this can last for a long time.
      Ie. people give ceremonial oaths to diversity, but don't actually like to watch black movies.
    • Black Panther was one of the highest grossing films of all time wasn't it?yuekit
    • speak for yourself drgs.fadein11
    • Black movies are as all other movies, a few good apples among the rotten ones, but because they are so few to begin with, all black movies appear baddrgs
    • anyway back to Xmas.fadein11
    • Advertisers don’t take risks. As always, they are just taking advantage of whatever the surveys tell them to doGnash
    • fadein11 - read what I posted again because I was being very balanced about it all. You entirely missed the point made and got on a leftist high horse.shapesalad
    • eh? no I didn't. you said you would get called racist, but you openly admiited to being racist on here (then apologised).fadein11
    • the issue is the idea that if many in our country don't approve of these ads (and many don't) why would they do it for 'woke' reasons?fadein11
    • I think there are more expectations to black movies. In the same way there are more expectations to for example women in high positionsdrgs
    • seems like bad business if you alienate a huge swathe of your customer base no?fadein11
    • I haven't been on any 'leftist high horse' lol, just not really that bothered by some xmas ads unlike you.fadein11
    • Do you not remember the 80's as I said? We did all this then, it's boring. You are boring if I'm honest. You are pissing in the wind.fadein11
    • In both cases you have this extra pressure/challenge because you have to disprove a stereotypedrgs
    • select some better examples in future as well (good luck with that).fadein11
    • Adverts don’t just feature THE target audience. They should also target NEW audiences. That’s the point of targeted advertising.monospaced
    • I'm not reading all the comments ,but this is progress.instrmntl
    • @mono, agreed, but drgs argument is it negates the others. It's just all nonsense getting wound up by this, like face said. How fragile must you be to go to allfadein11
    • this effort in a post about some ads most people watch once (if lucky) and then fast forward. It's boring. A fair few here love frothing up on it though.fadein11
    • Apple hasn't included any white people since like 10 years in their ads.NBQ00
    • Let's face it media, even Christmas ads, has always been a form of propaganda. If reflects the current culture and mindset of society.yuekit
    • So yes there is this tendency towards promoting diversity in films, TV and ads. But is it really a bad thing?yuekit
    • If you think back to the sudden acceptance of gay rights that happened during the early 2000s, that was largely media-driven IMO.yuekit
    • Looking back we'd probably agree it was a positive development. In a similar way I don't it as a negative that kids today are growing up with all these filmsyuekit
    • starring female or black actors.yuekit
    • just imagine being that bothered with everything else that's going on. We've done all this before decades ago.fadein11
    • Reminds me of when Star Trek Discovery was announced and debuted. An uncomfortable number of supposed Trek fans were all up in arms ...Continuity
    • ... that the series lead was not only a woman, but also a woman of colour. Proper racist shit, too. Disgusting.Continuity
    • You guys see ads? I don't remember the last time I watched a commercial.section_014
    • If you have been involved in making ads, as a professional, you pay attention to other things than normal peopledrgs
    • I think there's a natural feedback cycle at work here...people who work in creative industries tend to be liberal. So when it comes time to cast an ad,yuekit
    • they are going to approach it with this perspective in mind. Maybe this is the reason conservatives feel so alienated, media has never been more powerfulyuekit
    • and influential over peoples' lives...and it's all run by liberals. Cultural marxism!yuekit
    • Even if conservatives elect Boris or Trump, they still can't escape the black people in Christmas ads.yuekit
    • Turns out people don’t really want to hire right wing conservatives as ad execs. Wonder why??!monospaced
    • I guess the outrage is nothing new (obviously), just amplified by the loud ones on social media. And the loud ones are OUTRAGED again!fadein11
    • I didn't watch all of these. Show me a black Santa Claus without any explanation and I'll consider that a start.CyBrainX
    • @Continuity regarding Star Trek. Their social media is over run by a hideous pile of bigots. So much for the bright future where we get over that shit.CyBrainX
    • @CyBrainX revolting, isn't it? And completely antithetical to what ST has always been about.Continuity
    • People Shapesalad just need to fuck off and die... to be far. born and raised in the UK and at 46 years of age its pretty refreshing to finally see faces that..necromation
    • My wife, non white, brought my attention to it all by blurting out "Why is every family in a uk tv advert black? what about Japanese/Chinese?"shapesalad
    • Having only blacks, and not many whites or indians, zero arabic, zero chinese/cantonese(ma... from HK in UK), how are these adverts tackling diversity?shapesalad
    • look like me or my daughter. it's either we only make up 14%of the uk population so why bother or there is too many black and brown people on tv...necromation
    • What about the lotion community in the UK, no represented. All I'm pointing out is because of 2020's events, ad agencies are falling over themselvesshapesalad
    • to represent the black community and in doing so, as a collective, are failing on the issue of diversity and inclusion.shapesalad
    • make your fucking mind up. the reality is tv is pretty much white. the odd token show or channel but its still white all time. rest assured your still safe.necromation
    • lotion = typo, meant to say latino community.shapesalad
    • So, you're saying putting more diverse people is what ... racist against whites? Weird.monospaced
    • lol shape, watch your vids again, most are represented. you are also starting to make a fool of yourself now. Another apology later then dramatic exit?fadein11
    • These agencies aren’t ‘tackling diversity’ - you’re giving them waaaaaay too much credit. They just doing what the market dictates they should doGnash
    • as someone who openly admitted to being racist on this site, this post may not help, just a thought.fadein11
    • Which is simply to gain, or at the very least, not lose market shareGnash
    • To try and examine these adverts with any lense other than selling shit is pointlessGnash
    • I agree gnash but our little isle is so toxic right now these ads may not actually help business, so I'm not sure it is that simple.fadein11
    • depends on the focus groups I guess.fadein11
    • but regardless, getting bothered by them is the reason I commented. Just weird.fadein11
    • Gotta virtue signalMondoMorphic
    • Re openly admitting to being racist. Everyone is racist. Grow the fuck up and acknowledge its an inherent brain flaw, not a witch hunt.cannonball1978
    • not everyone is racist, though, grow the fuck up with that nonsensemonospaced
    • inherent brain flaw? GTFOmonospaced
    • I actually think this was posted by Morrissey... he’s been trolling this place for yearsSlashPeckham
    • ^ he's been binned by his record company, so he has a lot of extra free time now.face_melter
    • dokay mono.cannonball1978
    • All you need to do is look past skin color and see human beings. Over representation is a gift to you too. Practice.jtb26
    • if you argue that your racism is natural, and then conclude everyone is racist from that, then you've got a serious fucking issue and should respectfully STFUmonospaced
    • Merry Hill will be pleased you consider them a major brand though, a god awful shopping mall in the arsehole of the Midlands, p' their advertising worked on youfadein11

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