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    These niggas got plenty ammo, but they ain't got plenty guns
    I'm bustin' out of these cars, got the hoes on the run
    I'm hearin' plenty of words, but ain't no actions to boot
    We can do some straight war for war, we can do some stickin' and movin'
    We can meet in the middle of these streets or in the middle of this rain
    I can pop your chest, blast the Glock, or pop your jaw diamond ring
    Bitch don't hate me hate the bank, or snatch the G's that I take
    Or hate my shiny wristband, and big ass rims I rotate
    See people flip when I'm comin', got some of 'em sick at the stomach
    They wonder what I brought in, they wonder what I got comin'
    Niggas I'm comin' like this, off in your mouth like a bitch
    Test me when you think I'm in, I'm bringing water, I'll start it

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