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    You niggas made a mistake
    You shoulda never put my rhymes with Dre
    Them thug niggas have arrived and it's judgement day
    Hey homie, if you feel me
    Tell them tricks that shot me that they missed, they ain't kill me
    I can make a motherfucker shake, rattle and roll
    I'm full of liquor, thug nigga, quick to jab at them hoes
    And I can make you jealous niggas famous
    Fuck around with 2Pac and see how good a nigga's aim is
    I'm just a rich motherfucker from the way
    If this rappin' bring me money, then I'm rappin' till I'm paid
    I'm gettin' green like I'm supposed to
    Nigga, I holla at these hoes and see how many I can go through
    Look to the star and visualize my debut
    Niggas know me, player, I gotta stay true
    Don't be a dumb motherfucker 'cause it's crazy after dark
    Where the true thug-niggas see your heart; niggas can't see me!

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