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  • yurimon-37

    - Ability to categorize n somehow organize favorite posts.

    - caching of images so if they disappear you dont have a blank missing image in a post. i think pinterest does this.

    • oh an put that eye soar bold voting number thing somewhere else, so it doesn't dominate the post at least if you are not going to eliminate it.yurimon
    • that many downvote for a suggestion, lol, you beat my record mangeorgesIII
    • I think people just downvote yurimon's comments for no other reason than it's yurimon.monospaced
    • LOL for some reason this one particular gets even more dvotespango
    • I guess it's because he had to go on about downvotes in the side note too. This could have been his first upvoted post.ORAZAL
    • lolset
    • hehe i agree that organizing the post list would be helpful. kind of like stickiesjuanluisgarcia
    • I like this idea actually, like highlighting favorite posts or sum shitmoldero
    • I'm downvoting this post btw, don't take it personal by any of us yuri, its just our twisted sense of humormoldero
    • lol, no worries explains why society goin down hill. long live mediocrity.yurimon
    • much love brother!moldero
    • at this point, I downvoted yuri too, I'll never be able to beat himgeorgesIII
    • when you see everyone kicking a guy on the floor, you just had to go kick him too. even though you don't know what's going on. lolpango

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