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  • nocomply

    Hi friends,

    I've been using for my proposals for a while now, but I've never been in love with it.

    I know there are plenty of other similar pay-per-month services available like Bidsketch, Proposify, etc... But I'm not interested in any of those.

    I'm looking for something simple that allows me to create really simple PDFs with a mixture of text, tables, and a few graphics for email delivery. I know some people use InDesign for this, but that seems like overkill.

    And on the other side of things, Microsoft Word would kinda suck for this purpose too.

    Is there a particular app any of you use or would recommend for this purpose?

  • ideaist0

    I used to use InDesign/Illustrator for these until I realized how much time I was spending on estimates/quotes that weren't necessarily going to see the light of day...

    ...I now use the build in Estimates on Harvest:… (they don't seem to mention this feature anywhere?!)

    Yes, it's $10 (or so) / month and yes everything is going subscription based these days, BUT my business wasn't really flourishing until I realized that all that matters on an estimate/quote is the number with a $ next to it for people.