Sketch VS Figma VS Adobe XD

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  • sublocked

    Interaction designers... Which one are you using? Are you using more than one? Are you using one but moving to another?

    I really want to use Adobe XD for my work, but nested symbols and plugins keep me on Sketch — for now. XD I think is in a great position by sitting back and picking up all the good pieces of the Sketch ecosystem and implementing them.

    Sketch constantly bothers me because of its slow nested symbol performance, and I feel my setup is sort of Frankenstein-like, as I have to utilize multiple plugins and services to get my work done (Abstract for versioning, Zeplin for dev handoff, Invision for prototypes, etc)

    Figma also looks really interesting, but haven't jumped into using it just yet.

  • whatthefunk0

    I'm reserving judgement until I view Invision Studio which has yet to be released but they're just rolling out beta links to those who requested early access…

    I'm not sure if anything will replace Zeplin for specs (haven't seen if studio addresses) but studio should drastically improve the prototyping phase eliminating the extra Sketch>Invision situation. I come from using Axure and have been frustrated with Invision's limitations with prototyping.

    • Invision's plugins for Sketch worry me. I went through a period where it would detach all of my symbols. I had to revert my file to get my work back.sublocked
    • ...With that in mind I'm not too sure if i trust their software dev expertise with Invision Studio.sublocked
    • I think that's why Invision is building its own product. Plugins and Craft have been problematic with sketch...fingers crossed.whatthefunk
  • Maaku0

    Sketch does the job for me. As long as you deliver work on time, are able to present your design and hand off assets to developers, they really don't care what you use.

    • Not considering this for devs. Considering this for my workflow, efficiency, and speed. Sketch's performance seems to slow down all around with each release :(sublocked
    • Oh I see, my bad.Maaku