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  • fredddddd

    There's a lot of talk about American gun laws recently.

    Does anyone on the gun side have a good argument though? What do they do with guns? Hunt? Trophies?

    All the people say they want to protect their freedom and amendment rights. They don't say what they actually need the guns for.

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    </end duplicate thread>

  • antagonista0

    Hunters don't need assault rifles. It's simple, ban assault rifles, severely limit handguns and make hunters use small clip regular rifles and actual employ skill.

  • mikotondria30

    Because they are fearful that someone will break into their house in the night with murderous or thievish intent, and they believe that they will be able to get to the unloaded gun, and the locked ammunition and tackle and shoot the intruder dead. This so rarely happens, but it's not unknown, and it's counter-intuitive to understand the real statistics that you or your children are many times more likely to be a victim of gun-related injury if you have a gun in the house. Besides, I, for one wouldn't ever shoot someone for the summarial crime of robbery of my stuff. It's just fucking stuff, you can't issue the death penalty for theft, only if you believe the person robbing you also intends to kill you, which they don't - they just want stuff for money. Most gun-owners are aware that criminals say the number one deterrent of breaking and robbing somewhere is the thought that the owners have guns, so it's understandable. Only nutcases cite the 2nd amendment and think that they're honestly going to hole up and fight 'The Government' if anything 'happens'. They're also the same people that wouldn't ever contemplate bad-mouthing either the military or the endless, bottomless funding for it, but fail to realise that's who they'd be fighting if the One World Government took over or whoever it is Alex Jones has decided this week.

    • yeahCanHasQBN
    • Gaaaah, just had an argument with the high school friend on FB. She's exactly what you're describing. EXACTLY.fyoucher1
  • identity0

    What is the argument, I guess I should ask?
    I enjoy guns. I shoot them for sport and practice.
    I enjoy learning about them and hitting that little circle in the middle of the paper target. I keep one in my home for defense, loaded, next to my bedside. Feel free to ask me questions.

    • Do you live in a rough area? Do you feel threatened in your own home? I'm not taking the piss, I'm genuinely curious as to why you need a gun next to your bed?goldieboy
    • You feel the need to have a gun next to your bed?goldieboy
    • No worries! I live in an "up and coming" part of town. I'm not that worried about being broken into (I live on the 6th floor of an appt.identity
    • Complex) but healthy people still buy insurance, right? When I was younger, we were broken into at gun-point and ever since thenidentity
    • I've appreciated the right to defend my own home. I'm a pragmatist - I wouldn't keep a gun in the house unless I could use it quickly.identity
    • Use it quickly. It's not in the way when I sleep - but if I needed it I could be ready to go in a few seconds.identity
    • Thanks. Being held at gun point sucks and I would have a gun if that happened. It's happened to my mum 3 times (she worked in banks).goldieboy
    • banks - UK).goldieboy
    • Every experience is different. Sorry to hear about your mom. I understand much of what the other-side says and they do have points and merits as wellidentity
    • do have good points as well.
      I wish it wasn't us/them.
  • mg330

    I'm kind of conflicted and indifferent to guns. In the hands of responsible people, they are fine for them to have. But within that, why the need for high capacity magazines? Why the need for so many weapons that some people have?

    On the other side of it, crimes committed with a gun are most often with an illegally "owned" gun. I think murders commited with illegal guns nationaly far outweigh the number of murders commited with legally owned weapons in the hands of some psychopath like Newtown, Aurora, etc., right?

    So, I struggle to see how penalizing legal gun owners impacts common crime with illegal guns, which IMO are the things common citizens see more often and really want reduced.

    Here in Chicago for example, we just had the highest murder rate in the country for 2012. Majority commited with guns. Illinois has been the only state without concealed carry, which the Supreme Court just overruled. This was shortly before the Newtown shooting. Everyone expected that the state would comply, but make it terribly expensive to license a gun, require renewal every year, require training, concealed carry license, etc. Probably $600 to carry a concealed weapon. Illinois is nearly bankrupt, so it's a cash grab to get as much $$$ as possible and comply with concealed carry.

    So now, who knows what they'll do. So much bullshit common crime against good citizens here in Chicago; have to say that I've been a supporter of concealed carry so that people can better protect themselves. Our police are way understaffed, gang bangers come into downtown and shopping areas and take advantage of this. If the bad guys are going to have guns, why not level the playing field? Statistics show reduction of crime in cities with concealed carry.

    So, like I said, I feel conflicted about all of it.

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  • AK_tiv470

    Ya, me too @ mg33. I own a shotgun and a rifle and am also licensed to buy a hand gun. In Canada the process that allows for gun ownership is rather extensive and also is very thorough in regard to current and past relationships. The reason being to prevent domestic homicides due to relationship issues. I really do think that an armed citizenry is a deterrent to corrupt government. One thing that history teaches us is that governments are inclined towards corruption and control of populations. Resistance is not futile. Look at Vietnam, Afghanistan, (maybe not Iraq), Sudan, Cuba, etc..
    That said, I think it is fair to request a psychological background check, levy hefty fines for anyone that is found to improperly store their firearms (thinking of the Connecticut shooter's [whose name deserves no mention] mother), and have mandatory safety training. I also believe that illegal guns are a much greater threat to society, especially in the states.

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  • mg330

    One more thing: I am SICK of seeing people post that image of Obama surrounded by secret service that says "guns make us less safe" on Facebook. As if we wouldn't protect a president with an armed force. Suggesting he's a hypocrite for what he said is absolute idiocy.

    • Exaclty. It's one of the stupid NRA's top arguments.fredddddd
    • As if normal people are as likely a target as the president. It just is for dumb people.fredddddd
    • seems like tax payers are the target.teh
    • Obamas afraid the NRA might try to assassinate him.monospaced
  • identity0

    I'm just sick of arguments in the form of viral pictures

  • mg330

    That Obama image I referred to pisses me off so much. I thought all the Obama hate would fade after the election. But no, all my Republican friends who hate having a black president, this is their new form of hate.

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    Isn't there enough excitement on NTC or is it necessary to make flame bait threads? Go outside and get some fresh air.

    • freddddd isn't a member of NTC that I am aware of.chossy
    • It's Dinky. I like him, but fuck him.instrmntl
  • d_rek0

    I a gun owner, an avid hunter and have hunted my entire life, and occasionally shoot for sport.

    I own a single action shotgun for big game hunting and a semi-automatic ruger .22 varmint rifle for small game, and plan on purchasing a compound bow in the near future. I do not own a pistol but have considered getting one and getting my CCW/CPL permits simply because it's my right to do so, not that I necessarily have a compelling argument for ownership. Although one could argue that simply having that Right is itself a compelling argument.

    So, in speaking as not a gun owner but as a Hunter and Conservationist I think firearms do play an important role in America for several reasons.

    For one, Hunting is one of the premier activities for an outdoorsman. It provides unparalleled liesure time for someone who even remotely cherishes the great outdoors. Not only that hunting your own wild game has myriad advantages to your diet and conscious - the least of which being you're eating ultra-lean meat provided from the land and you know exactly how that animal was killed and processed; something you can't rightfully say for industrialized livestock yards.

    As a Conservationist most people simply do no understand that we as Human beings are the Alpha Predators in our ecology. That means we are responsible - as it has been for thousands upon thousands of years - for keeping the population of wild game in check. Game herds can and will encroach upon civilian populations if left unchecked. This is when you start to hear stories about Coyotes savaging your neighbors poodle or a brown bear running around through downtown.

    Also something most people don't realize is that the popularity of Hunting (for many reasons) is at an all time low. Grandparents and parents are no longer indoctrinating the next generation into a life enriched by outdoor activity and hunting. We're a bunch of passive, city-dwelling hipsters who would as soon stop in at Chipotle and grab that burrito for our next meal than worry about actually having to work for it.

    So there is more to Hunting and Firearms ownership than simply owning the firearm and killing something for a trophy. That's a gross and ridiculous simplification of the role and responsibility of the hunter in society.

    Hopefully that all makes sense.

    • +100. Excellents points. These are the kinds of things I want to, and like to see. Rational reasons for gun ownership.mg33
    • Ah yes. If it weren't for guns in my country the bears would take over the city.Peter
    • Oh waitPeter
    • It's not only about encroaching on civilian populations. Conservation goes way beyond the human element of society.d_rek
    • Everybody has a gun, that is why bears don't roam the streets in the US. Rest of the modern world, on the other hand ...Peter
  • identity0

    I'm still able to answer questions. I'd really like to give a rational, and measured account of what the other- side thinks. Also, D- Rek sums up the hunter's perspective pretty eloquently.

  • fooler0

    open beer bottles?

  • CygnusZero40

    I go to ranges and shoot for practice, for no other reason than its fun and I really enjoy it. My girlfriend also enjoys it and its something we do together. Couldnt care less about what any asshole thinks about my hobbies.

    I know a LOT of gun owners, and most of us dont have them because were worried about protecting our rights. Lol, dumbest shit I read all week. I know a lot of people that either hunt or go to the gun ranges. And I dont know a single person that owns an assault rifle. I dont know anyone that shoots them for fun or hunts with them so I dont give a shit, ban them. Wont stop people from killing with guns and it wont stop people from getting assault weapons anyway. The import business will boom and nothing will be fixed.

    The US is a huge country and there are a lot of crazy people here. Why do 12 year olds in China have machine guns? Because they are fucking crazy. Not all of us that own guns are paranoid or have them because were worried about getting murdered.

    • Darn 12 year old Chinese with machine guns.Peter
    • Peter - I understand you disagree, but you don't have to be so cunty about itidentity
    • An incredibly ridiculous sentence deserves a ridiculous answer.Peter
  • Peter0

    > I go to ranges and shoot for practice, for no other reason than its fun and I really enjoy it. My girlfriend also enjoys it

    > I dont know anyone that shoots them for fun

    • >guns

      >assault rifles
    • I can't imagine anyone shooting an assault rifle for fun.Peter
    • You've clearly never shot an assault rifle :-)identity
    • Congratulations Identity, u just noticed something odd with the post above. You should repost it. Or jst copy the stuff to the leftPeter
    • :DPeter
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    • They always do. Nobody wants a hero story. Hero stories don't sell. But horror stories do.d_rek
    • Very true. If there's anything Hollywood never sells it's hero stories.Peter
  • GeorgesII0

    guns are such as made for like killing,
    u know people such as uman and animalz and like all,
    as a god believing atheist, I demand the end of the 5th almondment!

    • you wan to end sel-incrimination and
      protection against abuse of government authority in a legal procedure
    • Geoerge you make no sense! Get your head correctly! Aniamals have the right to own and shot the gun! Have a like new year!CanHasQBN
    • Ey, I laik u 2, lets kill all anumalz 2gether :p :)(:GeorgesII
  • 23kon0

    People may want guns to defend their homes against the police or the army coming to seize their guns if the government changes the 5th and bans all guns?
    Just sayin.

    • dumb shit, you don't even know what the 5th ismonospaced
    • He pleads the 5th though.dibec
    • shoot thy father and thy mothermoldero