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  • drgs0

    Police in Vernal Heights, Florida, arrested 3-practicing cannibals who claim eating human flesh cures both type-1 and type-2 diabetes and depression.…

  • mugwart0… god only knows whats going down.

    • shitfadein11
    • on cnn nowGnash
    • Terror attack... with a knife. lol.robthelad
    • lol?IRNlun6
    • A least a dozen people have been injured on Westminster Bridge after large bangs were heard outside the British parliamentGnash
    • being knifed is hilariousGnash
    • the U.K. sucks at terrorizing itself,

      Muricuh Fuck Yeah!
    • We're so desensitised :(set
    • Where's Bond anyway?set
    • seems like someone is upset with the British government...robotron3k
    • Jesus Christ It's Jason BourneApeRobot
    • Report: a middle aged "Asian" man with knife drove over people on the bridge and went to Parliament and was shot.robotron3k
    • Robo your sheer power of deduction is astounding, truly. Detective Robotits to the rescueset
    • Skin looks pinky white not isis off-white. And offt, dat leg..…
    • "Terror attack... with a knife. lol." - erm nope - 5 people flattened outside with a 4x4fadein11
    • ^ could be a bystanderGnash
    • Nope. Not flattened, a car drove at them, they moved. Come on people stop being so sensational and shock mongering. LOLrobthelad
    • Oh shit, is that photo I posted a victim? Fuck. Massively sorry if so - I assumed it was teh guilty cunt. WTF is goingon over there?detritus
    • This has created an excuse/reason the govt can use to implement martial law and enact powers the people would reject without emotional triggering.robthelad
    • Martial Law? haha, ok.detritus
    • @robthelad - already one fatality - sorry my stats were a little out.fadein11
    • awefulIRNlun6
    • As in, full of awe?set
    • nothing like a terror attack to bring out the intellectual heavyweights.Fax_Benson
    • fax - indeed.fadein11
    • not a terror attack, simply a disgruntled middle-age Brit with knife who is a bad driver... who is no longer Asian, per BBC newsrobotron3k
    • so... not something the alt-right can use to support gov martial law and enact powers normal people would reject without emotional triggering ... got itmonospaced
    • Like Erdogan's antics, I'm sort of bemused these cunts think this'll do anything other than just make us dig our heels in. Do they forget our history?detritus
    • If there's one thing Europe and European culture (ie. America) is good at, it's fucking things over industrially, massively and absolutely when needs be.detritus
  • set1

    Some major autism results. Vaccine aluminium adjuvants a key cause. Implications for treatment..

    This very well presented article was written just over a week ago:…

    It connects four discoveries made in the last three years regarding a major cause of autism, with implications for the treatment and avoidance of autism.

    From the article's opening summary:

    "Scientists appear to be far closer to explaining the mechanisms of action within the body that cause autism. Most of the research that has created this understanding has been published in the last 36 months, and largely from international scientists in Canada, France, Israel, and China. Four clear, replicable, and related discoveries explaining how autism is triggered are forming an undeniably clear picture of autism’s causation, and possibly ways to alleviate the symptoms, too."

    The article is long, and well referenced, but clearly written. I recommend it to anyone interested in autism causes or treatment.

    The article makes an excellent case that the aluminium adjuvants in many vaccines are far more toxic than conventionally admitted, and that the way that aluminium harms the brain and the gut closely fit with the damage commonly seen in autism.

    The article concludes:

    Is there any hope of recovery for all these impacted children? Will removing aluminum, introducing ketones to the brain, repairing the gut, and supplementing with Vitamin D do anything to alleviate autism and other ailments in children who have already been damaged?

    And, importantly, will these scientists who have published all this wonderful work pool their collective expertise and let the world know what they are learning? Will they take their exhortations for caution and further exploration — all buried inside their published studies — and publicly warn parents about what is becoming so clear?

    In my opinion, we are much, much closer to understanding how autism has been triggered in so many children, and I hope this article is another step on the path to the truth. And, for so many of you out there doing everything you can to help you son or daughter with autism live the best possible life, perhaps a clearer understanding of how their autism was triggered will improve their chances for recovery.

    • "On “tough love” and your fat friend’s health."detritus
    • it's like info wars but for healthcare._niko
    • haha, what because it isn't in line with your beliefs? That's one of the best written and well referenced articles I've read in a long time. Wake up sunshine...set
    • Reading it first might help.

    • i read another article that mentioned possible reduction or cure in the future for autism by treating gut with probiotics....microkorg
    • ... which was fascinating. No mention of vaccines being the cause of autism though.microkorg
    • *a* cause

      but yes, the gut flora element is the most interesting
    • The immune dysfunction angle is promising, but its myopic to continue to focus on vaccines. Doesn't change the epidemiolgy...mrrgl
    • which clearly shows no higher rates of autism in vaccinated vs. unvaccinated children.mrrgl
    • If my kid can't bring peanuts to school, yours can't bring the measles to school.kona
    • @mrrgl please do go ahead and provide links to the studies that prove there's no difference in autism rates between vaccinated and unvaccinated...set
    • We did last week, set.detritus
    • https://www.autismsp…see_thru
    • Content aside, anytime an article headline is in question form the content therein is entirely dubious.wagshaft
    • I post antivax stuff here and then go to another forum and post your pro vax replies there to see the response, hahaset
    • Here you all think I'm rurally anti vax and there they all think I'm totally pro vax. Fact is I have no fucking ideaset
    • Totally *set
    • Thanks for the link see_thru, I'll have a read later. I saw no such link last week, detripussset
    • 95k+ subject study—
    • bigger issues to be troubling your/ourselves with imho. Especially when zero reliable evidence to say there is even an issue in the 1st place.fadein11
    • This is when sticking your head down the rabbithole and not pulling it out once in a while does noone any good including yourself.fadein11
    • lol. I'm just sharing interesting articlesset
    • Are you suggesting you shouldn't read any article that suggests it doesn't fit with your view of the world?set
    • Or that you should only ever share articles that tackle the biggest possible issues in the world, everything else is insignificant and pointless?set
    • As usual I'm failing to understand youset
    • ha - sorry - keep posting I find it interesting. I just also worry this sort of stuff does a lot of harm as well when not successfully backed up. But sorry youfadein11
    • are right - post away - I often enjoy your links. I am slowly learning to think before I write but in this instance I may have failed badly :)fadein11
    • Well I should definitely try and do the same :)set
    • I was a bit drunk to be fair... which should always be a no no on herefadein11
  • sted3

    Seven rocky planets orbiting a nearby star may be roughly the size of Earth and could even be right for water—and maybe life—to adorn their surfaces, researchers announced Wednesday.

    "just 39 light-years away" rotfl

    • road trip time! i'll pick up the sunflower seeds!capn_ron
    • This has my inner geek squealing with glee. :DContinuity
    • To get a spacecraft there it would take:
      Accelerating at 1g the 1st half, and decelerating at 1g the 2nd half, the traveler would experience 7.3 years of time.
    • or a bit more than 40 years on earthzaq
    • perhaps in our lifetime someone will get there and sent us pics of alienszaq
    • No spacecraft exists that can do that.monospaced
    • here's an IAMA with them from today https://www.reddit.c…scarabin
    • cool ^ thanks scarsea_sea
    • You've got to learn computers!futurefood
    • near lightspeed travel is not a million light years off to be fair.fadein11
  • Gardener4

    • will be interested to see what they have done. only really liked the v.early stuff - chill out etc.fadein11
    • Good to know they're out there, planning things,. whatever it is.Fax_Benson
    • James Cauty is always busy
    • Imagine a band pulling out a machine gun in this day and age at the Brit awards and firing blanks into the crowd. (KLF @ 1992 Brit Awards). Long live the KLF!microkorg
    • ^ Yes! It was with Extreme Noise Terror, I think? The crowd just stared agog while Bill went mental.face_melter
    • Holy Heck, i had no idea he'd painted this.. https://jcauty.files… what an interesting life that cunt's led!detritus
    • that's when they announced they retire, then they burned 1 million pounds in cash and recorded a video about iternexbcn
  • utopian5

    The middle class gets a big raise ... finally!
    For the first time since 2007, median income goes up…

    • Thanks Obama!utopian
    • "this is not necessarily a good thing because blah blah bullshit bullshit Alex Jones blah bullshit bullshit" ~ Yurimonmoldero
    • lol 5.2% in 9 years. its based on a survey. you know when they said there were more jobs. technically they told the truth, unfortunately they were part time.yurimon
    • i think moldy understands that concept.yurimon
    • get a job moran!fadein11
    • im working now, on sat. thaTs why im on the computeryurimon
    • Is Saturday usually moms special 'puter time?monospaced
    • All the time is Yurimon's mother's puta time.detritus
    • .

  • imbecile5

    Ancient jaw bone found in Israel shows modern humans left Africa 180,000 years ago…

    • But, but the Bible?nbq
    • Africa has been a shit hole for some time I'm guessing...robotron3k
    • ^Trump echo chamber. Lolpango
    • Feet had seven toes? (or is that 8?)Krassy
    • great sturdy teeth as well. Fuck sugar and dentists, they are not needed, another western enslavement construct ;)fadein11
  • sarahfailin7…

    The latest on that fucked up couple who tortured their children in California.

    Turns out they're originally from Texas. Their old Texas house was apparently in such bad condition -- covered with excrement and the bathroom floor rotted out -- that they moved into a doublewide trailer behind the house before the house was foreclosed on and they moved to California.

    Billy Baldwin (the worst Baldwin) bought their old house. No lie.

    • Every kid has dads bowl cutRamanisky2
    • I can't read anything more about this story, it makes me want to smash things.face_melter
    • Specifically the parents.face_melter
    • Dad was contractor for big firm that contracted out to the government, yowza!robotron3k
  • chukkaphob1
    • ...and their dog thinks it's a cat._niko
    • living as a boy, after being assigned female at birth. assigned by who? who does the assigning in the animal kingdom? dr doolittle?_niko
    • so who's who in the pic? impossible to tell. LOLchukkaphob
    • ^ my guess from left to right : mom daughter dad son used to be dad son mom daughterspl33nidoru
    • who cares as long as they're happy and her wheelchair is charged.kona
    • Save us, Kim Jong-un, press that buttondrgs
    • lolGnash
    • Where's robo's takes on this? I want to hear from our resident expert on gender politics and sexual identity.face_melter
    • Good for the Squintiescannonball1978
  • Ramanisky24

    LOL of the Day

    Papa Johns blames falling sales on NFL Players protests
    not their shitty ass pizza ...

    • worst pizza ever. I'd rather eat a totinos box pizza.lvl_13
    • The "free market" has spokenBonSeff
    • capitalism at its finest. that's why I can't stand that knob on dragon's den from boston pizza. Like he's hot shit cause he figured out how to make a buck by_niko
    • selling shitty inedible mass-produced food to the clueless masses._niko
    • boston pizza is soooo grossGnash
    • @_niko... he also figured out cheap, fuck-up-your-car, drive through oil changes too.ETM
    • same guy that blamed sales on providing employees with health carejaylarson
  • Gnash0

    • https://media.giphy.…Gnash
    • Women's voices are silenced?
      What century do these women think they're living in exactly?
    • be quiet, setPonyBoy
    • 3 of the top 5 most popular twitter accounts are women. 12 of the top 20...set
    • You're welcome to explain to me exactly where women's voices are being silenced, ponyboy...set
    • We have a female prime minister in the UK and a women almost became President in the US.set
    • A whole day of not being on Twitter. THE WORLD'S GONNA END! SOCIETY AS WE KNOW IT WILL GRIND TO A HALT! DOOOOOMMMMED! PvtFrazer.jpgface_melter
    • Ellen and Opera have two of the biggest platforms for talking on planet earth... Where exactly are women being silenced?set
    • As pointless as counting rice.
    • Pretty sick of gender and race being brought in to areas that they should not.set
    • Do tell me Ponyboy, I'm waiting...set
    • ( think pony was being facetious )Gnash
    • i.e.…Gnash
    • He can speak for himself I'm sure..set
    • he's being a silent allyGnash
    • really not looking for an argument here... please. But isn't it to do with this?…
    • I may be wrong but her account was suspended yet Trump can threaten to destroy a nation. It really doesn't bother me by the way just may be seenfadein11
    • as double standards by some... don't shoot the messenger or call me an idiot today please :)fadein11
    • it was specifically about someone being banned for telling Ben Affleck to fuck off -…Fax_Benson
    • while no action was taken re death / rape threats madeFax_Benson
    • Well, we see what side of the fence set sites on. #triggered.severian
    • If you mean not supporting division in society by constantly focusing on gender and race divisions, then sure... If not, I guess you're confused.set
    • you do come out with some rubbishFax_Benson
    • ladies, ladies ... stfu ;)monospaced
    • set... it was a pun (be ‘quiet’)... I was calling you a woman and telling you to shut up, numbnuts... AND I’M ONLY KIDDING!!!PonyBoy
    • Well countless numbnuts here audibly oppose my opinions so not much of a stretch to assume you were doing just that. As you were...set
    • I agree ... we live in a day and age where women aren't being systematically silenced based on their gender, not anymore. This seems only to highlight a non-issmonospaced
    • Twitter banned a verified member for abuse, but didn't ban millions of non verified members for their abuse...set
    • It has sweet fuck all to do with gender and to make it in to a gender issue is utterly fucking retarded.set
    • Women telling other women to be quiet, this is going to turn out well...robotron3k
    • Her account was suspended because she published someone's private phone number. she wasn't "silenced" ffsGnash
    • Did anyone see the phone number tweet? or a grab of it? Odd she made such a fuss when that is blatantly breaking their rules. Just asking? Not arguing :)fadein11
    • ^ it was in twitters' statement (they didn't republish it, obviously)Gnash
    • No I meant a grab of it - I cannot find it, yet most deleted tweets during a controversy are somewhere. Oh well, will have to take Twitters word for it.fadein11
    • Still a strange thing to be triggered by though, a protest in relation to allegations of rape/abuse by another powerful figure abusing his position.fadein11
    • MrsT was banging on about this so I told her to shut up.MrT
  • Ramanisky21

    oooofffff ... a creep on so many levels

    • Today is Harvey Weinstein Day! Amazing all the liberal Hollywood & DNC elites who supported him for decades... Hipocracy is rampant in the liberal world.robotron3k
    • and robotard3KKK still shows his love & support for Trump the Pussy Grabber in ChiefRamanisky2
    • don't embarrass HIM?? fucking slimy piece of shit... so foulPonyBoy
    • "I swear on my children" ugggghhRamanisky2
    • FSS...just grab her in the pussy already!utopian
    • At least he isn't running for president.monospaced
    • Bets on... Suicide vs. Crawls out of the sewers with the help of lawyers and PR and is back doing his thing in <5 years?detritus
    • Donald 'The Pussy Grabber' Trump will pardon him.Ramanisky2
    • lol at commentsinteliboy
    • this is sexual abuse these days? wtfMilan
    • he is a slimy cunt, he deserve time if he raped. But this IS common place in elite circles - not this is not okay and should be exposed. Good on people comingmugwart
    • out and stating. They should have done this before but hey-ho - good on them BUT I'm concerned why this now.
      If looks and feels a political move
    • this cunt is a major player in Hollywood (always a hater here!). China has brought up major studios - is this a play?
      China's films are taking more and more box
    • office and as film industry reprosents econmoic power I wonder if this is part of it.
      That said I wonder if its a political move
    • https://en.wikipedia…
      Sex, orgies, abuse, sleeze, abuse, pedo has been going on for the last 100 years. As happy as I am...
    • ... I cant help feel this has a deeper play.mugwart
  • imbecile6

    Dyson's Bid to Build an Electric Car Just Might Work…

    No automaker likes hearing someone refer to one of its vehicles as an 'appliance.' In an industry that trades on passion and excitement, reducing a car to the equivalent of a toaster or microwave—utilitarian, mundane—feels like failure.

    But the auto industry might need a new insult, if the man who made a fortune building some of the world's coolest appliances pulls of his plan to create an electric car. British inventor, Sir James Dyson announced this week that his company will spend more than $2.7 billion to build a swoon-worthy, zero-emissions vehicle by 2020...

    • I like the guy, respect his business, his tech, commitment to our country and on the one hand am looking forward to seeing what he comes up with...detritus
    • ...on the other: http://expressapplia…detritus
    • Fucking ugly things, I'v always thought.detritus
    • lol, so succinct!imbecile
    • overly designed plastic rubbishinteliboy
    • Extremely overpriced vacuum
      cleaners and air cleaners!
  • utopian3

    Toxic Industrial Chemicals Found in 10 Types of Macaroni and Cheese Powders…

    • dried up cheese, not even refrigerated, something's wrong with that shitmoldero
    • you're an idiot if you eat anything in a box. it's your own fault. barely anything in a grocery store is good for you, let alone a box of preservatives. ffsimbecile
    • who eats shit like this. and why is it even legal?fadein11
    • preach fade!imbecile
    • thank fucking god we dont have this shit in Holland.sureshot
    • FEBO!!!!!oey
    • or you're poor, and we are systematically killing the poor and turning them into addictssarahfailin
    • it's cheaper to buy pasta and basics and live a little longer.fadein11
    • you guys act like it's radioactive or some shitmonospaced
    • A life of that shit isn't far off.fadein11
    • kraft mac and cheese gave me dick cheesemoldero
  • utopian2

    Deplorable henchman Kellyanne Conway, President Trump’s senior counselor, allegedly punched a man wearing a tuxedo at a ball in Washington, D.C., just hours after the new commander-in-chief was sworn in.…

    • with a face like that i can imagine she has anger issuesBluejam
    • She problably needs an anal hate-fuck.Continuity
    • whoavero_vandal
    • She has a face that would make
      an onion cry.
    • Haha Utopian!
      Im going to borrow that phrase
    • LOLmoldero
    • She can always fall back to her previous gig - singing for Twisted Sister.face_melter
    • ^ damn, face :) that's who she reminded me of! lolGnash
  • omg5

    2.8 million Samsung washing machines recalled due to explosions…

  • Raybandana1
    • Earth's CO2 levels just crossed a really scary threshold - and it's permanentRaybandana
    • > http://climate.nasa.…sted
    • Plant more treesyurimon
    • A one-way ticket to the end of the world.
      Fuck you Humans
    • Again Yurimon with the simpleton answer.
      It would take over 950 billion trees to reverse climate change.
    • vGnash
    • I dont harbor your brain washed self hatred or moldy, mono style aggravated biased distortions. Plants do well with higher co2 levels. not all man made.yurimon
    • environmental chemical pollution and deforestation. only man made problems on this planet that threaten civilization but not the planet. planet will adjust.yurimon
    • lesson from the past is that oxygen was considered a toxin to early life and was responsible for extinctions of life on this planet with growth of plant life.yurimon
    • now oxygen is a major component and everything else toxic to us is considered threatening. you can have sustainable products, and work on reforestationyurimon
    • on land or make floating gardens in the ocean. what ever works.yurimon
    • I have a great idea, good time to introduce that carbon tax again, to benefit banks and large corps.yurimon
    • Actually, i was reading the other day that the costs for sequestering annual CO2 emissions by tree-planting is in the low billions. Easily affordable.detritus
    • Wow - more basic facts delivered by yurimon as divine wisdom lol. We know the shit you spout already, its all out there. It's not v.clever ha... christ.fadein11
    • Wake up trees!fadein11
    • Not saying we should, but given there's no New Physics or Super Smart nuclear to take up the energy burden from fossil fuels, perhaps we should in the meantime?detritus
    • ..especially when you consider the green belts across Africa and China, as well as the mass of deofrestation from across humanity's history.detritus
    • You know how many deserts we are directly responsible for making? Have been, for thousands of years?detritus
    • Carbon emissions SHOULD be taxed though. All pollution should be. I can't think of a single viable reason why it shouldn't.detritus
    • If you want to a create starvation, the best method is to tax carbon and other production, economy halting methods. alot of our financial resources are tied upyurimon
    • in stuff like wars and useless bureaucratic monolithic agencies that produce nothing and steal production.yurimon
    • great name for a design agency:
      useless bureaucratic monolithic agency
    • ubma!Gnash
    • yep UbMa™
      I can live with that.
    • Haha. The asshole even managed to throw in an insult to me even though I didn't comment. What a bitch, especially after that bs Buddha shit yesterdaymonospaced
    • i'm constantly amazed at the amount of time yurimon must spend on this website. nearly every discussion has yuri notes.inteliboy
    • I am your reflection.yurimon
  • GeorgesII4


    • sorry nsfw :/GeorgesII
    • Beheading a child, wtf is wrong with people!utopian
    • "Appears to be an associate of" is the flaw in the chaincannonball1978
    • ^ def agree. and there are many groups pushing a no-fly zone, and compelling arguments that bombing > chaos > stronger ISISsarahfailin
    • Sorry, this fact is NOT part of global propaganda agenda... You argument is irrelevant.
      Please post only official pictures.
    • Monsters.monoboy
  • nb0…

    Fuck, this is high up on the list of the most intense things I've read in the news.

    • Even if this guy gets away with it.. he's clearly not ever going to get away with it. This will stain his life - hopefully more so than that of his poor victim.detritus
    • this photo is way different from his arrest photo…robotron3k
    • fucked up that 'rape culture' is still a thingFax_Benson
    • Why isn't his arrest photo being used?
      The PR friendly version also makes me angry. But I'm not sure it'd get the same reaction and outcry.
    • It took a few days for the news to get his arrest photo. I think. They used this first, as it was available online. I think.nb
    • I hope he gets raped in prison

      yes I said it.
      fuck him.

      in the ass.
    • read her victim statement, the one thing that struck me was that he asked her if he can finger her and she said yes. But of course she was too drunk to give_niko
    • consent. Can he not say the same thing? he was too drunk to know what he was doing? a drunk driver is still responsible for his actions, why is a drunk girl not_niko
    • i didn't read the whole story, if she was passed out and he as sober and took advantage of her that's one thing, but if they were both drunk and having a good_niko
    • time, then why is he solely responsible for his actions? Especially if she gave him the green light. Not trying to blame her and I think the kid's a bit of a_niko
    • douche, and I probably have my facts wrong but it seems to me that a 6 month sentence is fair?_niko
    • I doubt she was having a good time on the ground, behind a dumpster with her dress pulled up, pine needles in her hair and fingers in hermonospaced
    • @_niko I think you mis-read her statement. HE CLAIMS that she said yes, while she claims to have no memory of any of it.nb
    • He was caught on top of her, she was passed out, not moving, pine needles and dirt in her hair, and she was bleeding from minor wounds. When caught, he ran.nb
    • So, we can probably assume she didn't consent to any of that. Are they both responsible? NO. If someone is passed out in the dirt & bleeding, DON'T FINGER THEM.nb
    • yeah you're right, I read it again_niko
    • http://cdn2.crushabl…CGN
    • Glad that the tourists at least stepped in and saved her. Such an awful story. I'm heading out to the Stanford campus for work and keep thinking about this.stoplying
  • Krassy0

    Family of Teen Arrested for Homemade Clock Seeks $15M…

    • This story continues to piss me off.mg33
    • Stop being a little bitch Ahmed.dirtydesign
    • Milk the system...the American way!utopian
    • Yeah, he'll have NO problem demonstrating exactly how he experienced $15 million in damages.monospaced
    • that neck is greedy for $Krassy
    • This is fucking bollocks... plead racism with one hand, meet Obama, milk the attention and milk the system.babaganush
    • The teacher was spot on for detaining the kid. I'd rather he/she air on safety of the rest of the class than bow to some PC BS and fail to protect the kids.zenmasterfoo
    • the teacher could have simply taken a close look at the clock to see it wasn't a bomb toomonospaced
    • ^ a close look, the little jihadi made it look like a bomb on purpose. This kid couldnt even build a paper airplane.Hayoth
    • Giraffe boymoldero
    • this is hilarious and painfully awful in equal measures.set
    • Personally I'd launch the little cunt in to orbitset