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  • GM27822

    Picked up this 1968 El Camino SS last nite:

    • Archer?face_melter
    • fuck yeah!!!monospaced
    • ^ No, I bought it in Waco, TX. Archer is way north of Dallas. :PGM278
    • NiceHayzilla
    • looks like a sicario car... nice room back for a MGOBBTKN
    • ;)OBBTKN
    • damnernexbcn
    • tidy!microkorg
    • Holy hell that's gorgeous!BonSeff
    • gorgeous indeedPonyBoy
    • hell yeah!
      bike in the back or trailer?
    • man that looks in great shape. Nice paint job.dbloc
    • this is fabu man!kona
    • Moldy, I can fit two bikes in the bed. (Needed a bike hauler.)GM278
    • Thanks all. I'm pretty stoked.GM278
    • It's glorious.aslip
    • The grill is amazing! Love the pipes too.JackRyan
    • The grill is an original from the previous owner's 54 Corvette. I can probably get a grand for it if I wanted to put the stock one back on.GM278
    • Did it come with a mullet?severian
    • BALLS OUT!stoplying
    • Fuck yes!mugwart
    • severian, it came with the ability to haul my race bike to the track and an ever increasing return on my investment...but I'd totally rock a fake mullet cap :PGM278
    • damn. nice.Gnash
    • u better drive it across the countrysince1979
    • Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii...Muncher
    • .......ce.Muncher
    • Alright, alright, alright...

      heeeey, watch the leather man!
    • SteveJobs....that was a 1970 Chevy Chevelle SS 454 although I DO live in Austin where that was filmed.GM278
    • helllllssss yeaaaahhfyoucher1
    • Balls on the wall man!pango
    • I may have to reconsider my stance on el caminos. Sickhotroddy
    • NICE Rideriteshpatel
    • nice with he iroc wheels!BabySnakes
    • that shit it sexy brothermoldero
    • How much?cannonball1978
    • You can't ask that! It cost what it was worth. = )Muncher
  • detritus6


    • I likeHayzilla
    • BMW 2002 lights, Alpina rimsmekk
    • Like a Golf GTi and a Fiesta XR2 fucked after a drunken night in a Travel Lodge.
    • More like a Golf and a Peugeot 205, imhoOBBTKN
    • ^ ThisHayzilla
    • Did a Chrysler PT rape a Fiat 500?Continuity
    • How much pony power on this Honda?HijoDMaite
    • Makes me yearn for a Peugeot 205 gtiLukeO
    • Nice, has the shape of the original. The wheels don't really go, but I get its a concept car.sofakingback
    • serial production planed for 2019...with same lights and smaller wheelsuan
    • I like. just another concept car though :(inteliboy
    • i REALLY like this. saw it on FB the other day. Cross between an old Golf and 205. Epic looking 'leccy hot hatch!microkorg
    • love itmonospaced
    • Looks a little like a VW but I still see mid 80s Civic.CyBrainX
    • Looks like a hipster Pinto with Daytons, copying off of the Benz glowing logo.fyoucher1
    • You have to hang out the window to check your charge.robthelad
    • I wish Honda would do something cool. The Civic is fucking ugly as hell now, and the Fit has no power (but the manual box is nice).section_014
    • looks like a toyBennn
    • true, looks like a VW, neatfeel
    • Like: Rims, Paint Coat
      Dislike: Too fucking small
    • I like itGM278
    • I disagree that it looks like a golf. I own 2 of them and I can tell you these lines are much closer to the Civic early models. Look at the hatch and back windosofakingback
    • Golfs have harder angled lines, with a pointier wedge feel. Civics have softer round lines. also, lower for and generally more compact looking...sofakingback
    • even though the original golf is smaller, it's design feels more spacious, the higher roof helpssofakingback
    • http://blog.caranddr…sofakingback
    • Front grill is more like the golf than the civic imomicrokorg
    • Love it. It's like they mashed the design language of the element with a 70s/80s civic http://i42.tinypic.c…monNom
    • interesting.bklyndroobeki

  • pr2-4

    Some pics of mine 1973 280.
    (It was for a photo shoot - so cleaned. So no, normally i don't keep it THAT clean inside):

    • Sent the picts to a friend in NYC who is obsessed over old mercs. He has a serious hard on for your column shifter (apparently rare)GM278
    • They build almost 20,000 of these specifically. Hard to say how rare the car is after 45 years but they do pop up for sale.pr2
    • thinking of buying a 70s porsche. a 911 or 912. how often do you drive this? did you buy it original/restored or do that after purchase?dirtydesign
    • I bought it for $6k more-or-less like this but put another $7k into it. So if i spent $13k in the first place to get prime example i would be in the same spot.pr2
    • But then I wouldn't know the car then like the back of my hand (i touch pretty much every component of this car at some point).pr2
    • wow! hell of a car dude!kona
    • Bottom line: great experience to learn about workings of a car but next time around i buy a prime example.pr2
    • Great parking!pango
    • she’s a beautIRNlun6
    • Pardon me...would you happened to have any Grey Poupon? But of course!utopian
    • Pango, when i attach the Nigerian side flags to the front sides of the car i park however i want!pr2
    • dirtydesign speaking as someone who has a classic as a daily driver (see above) it really boils down to the condition of the vehicle when you get it andGM278
    • how skilled you are at working on it. All classic cars need a bit of love and maintenance. You just have to be willing to deal with itGM278
    • (and definitely have a back up mode of transportation that's more reliable ;P)GM278
    • and be prepared to spend comically silly amount of $ for spare parts (because they are hard to find).pr2
    • Shes a beaut!instrmntl
    • wow, that's beautifulMilan
    • damn blast from the past, my family rode a similar but earlier model without the neck-protectorn thingy. Beautiful specimen!ArchitectofFate
    • Good job man! What did you use for cleaning the leather?mekk
    • we had wild times with such a car when I was around 18. a friend of mine got it from his grandfather...SimonFFM
    • Older guy in town has one of these in Brown. I always tell him to call me when he wants to sell it. So sick. I love these cars.section_014
    • mekk, 3M Marine Vinyl Cleaner for vinyl seats and 303 UV Protectant for dash.pr2
    • section, they pop up on craigslist quote often - unless it's one of the "muscle car" versions - they are quite cheap.pr2
    • Very nice but that rust around the wheel well is alarming. break out the grinder. Hows the undercarriage? It'd be a shame to have her sitting prettyMHDC
    • meanwhile rusting away underneathMHDC
    • Corrosion Free 3000 is a good undercarriage treatment. I think the Canadian army uses it. Anyway i liked how it worked and crept into all the creasesMHDC
    • MHDC, i would have to weld then repaint. Too much effort. Much easier to cover it with Fluid Film and just let it be.pr2
    • Its a very pretty car and you've done a good job cleaning it up. £6k to buy a car that needed £7k spent on it though... eeesh.Muncher
    • MHDC is right, you need to cut that rear wheel arch out and address what's underneath. The other arch looks like it has a bit of filler too in the one pic.Muncher
    • I had a 1960 Humber that came to me with a bubbled wheel arch like that. Left it alone. Two years later, it all had to be cut out and replaced.Muncher
    • Muncher, now that i had my "mechanic adventure" and touched every component of the car with my hands i would rather spend $12k on a car in great condition...pr2
    • ...rather than "save" money up front.pr2
    • That said if you are new to old cars and don't know much about mechanics, don't spend $12k! Do what i did and get one in good condition that still needs...pr2
    • ...little bit of work. You will learn a lot and when things do go wrong with your now $12k car you will fix it with blindfolds on your eyes.pr2
    • I go the other way: There's sometimes not much difference between a stock 12k car & a 6k car aside from cosmetics, more history, and a persuasive seller ...Muncher
    • So I buy at the bottom of the price range and fix up what's been neglected over the years.Muncher
    • You won!ShaneHolley
  • hoppa747

  • sofakingback3

    Heres my latest and greatest resto

    1980 E12 528i

    Engine is still in the works, actually considering switching to a 3.5L

    • had an '82 528e... same color... loved itPonyBoy
    • Great. Are those Alpina-Rims?Longcopylover
    • This is your hobby? Ever consider making it a career?dirtydesign
    • yea those are alpinasofakingback
    • I wish I could build cars for a living. From what I've seen its tough to make good money out of it... I still dream about tit though.sofakingback
    • NICE!!!!!!instrmntl
    • Very nice, indeed.Maaku
    • beautiful!inteliboy
    • 80s BMW's are amazing! would kill for a nice old estate tourer.microkorg
    • damn, this is dope. great work!lvl_13
  • hoppa747

  • imbecile4

  • _niko0

    you have $25k (i don't) is it better to buy a brand new car or an older, better model?

    What would you buy with an imaginary 25k budget?

    • also must be a 4 door sedan or hatchback._niko
    • 25k is not much for a decent quality brand new car. You'd be buying upper economy to middle range stuff.Muncher
    • But 25k can buy you an awful lot of highly desirable older stuff that has merely depreciated sharply.Muncher
    • And 25k would buy you a well sorted retro or classic car.Muncher
    • 5 yrs old will get you a 50k car for less than 25k. 25k new is Kia, Mazda, Toyota.Muncher
    • Audi A4formed
    • I'd buy a pre owned Subaru. Those things last forever, always score high on Consumer Reports, and are known for being reliable - get more for your $ over time.whatthefunk
    • 3/5 seriesimbecile
    • It seems to me older cars are often better built, newer cars offer bullshit features like the latest Bluetooth connectivity or lame gps_niko
    • If you spent $15k on a used Subaru and put the other $10k in a savings account for repairs when needed... it will probably be around longer than you will.nb
    • Yeah I quite like Subarus couldn't get a WRX for that kind of money but a decent Impreza is doable_niko
    • +1 Subaru, though you'll find that they hold their value well in used market = They're pricey. Good you don't get a WRX. Anything turbo is asking for repairs.monNom
    • Buy 2000 Honda, pocket 22kfuturefood
    • 2000 year model, last you into next decade ****futurefood
    • Lol currently driving a 07 accord, 270k km on it and it feels like it could easily do another 270k!_niko
    • old in great condition. but expect to spend $ for garage if you are in NYC ($2400/year in my case) and time on fixing things here and there.pr2
    • Hatchback Impreza ftw. Or, just keep that Accord, and buy something cool.section_014
  • yurimon2

  • JackRyan4
    • $5,500 reasonable price!utopian
    • I wonder where it will end up.JackRyan
    • Been really digging BMWs lately. 2002,e3 and e9sinstrmntl
    • 3.0CS
    • 2002
    • My first car back in the 90s... a burgundy 1974 2002 with FAHRT START superpowersprophetone
    • ...and i wish i still had it. could actually cool it out now like so http://www.stancewor…prophetone
    • mmmm... I can see that s14 being fun in that car. takes away from the classic aspect of it though. Which is odd because 02 guys swap different motors in these..sofakingback
    • all the time. I would ditch the wheels, remove window tint and repaint the engine back to stock, looks cooler that way.sofakingback
    • Price wise, this will end up at 18-22k. The motor swap makes it questionable. nice 02s bring in 21-23k right now.sofakingback
    • instrmntl: if you're digging the e9s, that red one is tempting because of the engine / tranny combo. These usually come with 3.0 engines and 4 speed trannys.sofakingback
    • Specialized shops, put 3.5 engines, with 4 or 5 speed, LSD, with a sport bilstein suspension. really changes the car... but these are fucking priceysofakingback
    • I tried getting one last year and it was tough finding the right one. That red one looks like it has some rough edges. Probably needs a resto from what i can sesofakingback
    • love itdocpoz
    • Damn, it sold for $23,750.instrmntl
  • kona2

    Someday, this will be mine.

    • get one too, prices are going up.BabySnakes
    • get one soon*BabySnakes
    • $250K for a coyote bronco is insane! The interior of that one is gross! I prefer their Sun Valley one...fooler
    • https://classicfordb…fooler
    • Yeah, it's insane. That sun valley one is dope!kona
    • I had one 20 years ago. Had to wear eye protectionn to keep the rust blowing around inside from getting in my eyes. Good times.lemmy_k
    • beautiful!capn_ron
    • ICON?jaylarson
    • /\ No, these guys stay much closer to original. ICONs are incredible.ben_
  • fooler0

    • Im thinking about picking up a cheap MX5 and replicating this buildfooler
    • but it'll always be a miatadirtydesign
    • Do it. Great fun for the price. As long as it is a mk1.Longcopylover
    • I never got the popularity of these - even when I was about 13, when they first came out, they were ridiculed as being something of a hairdresser's car.detritus
    • It's more fun to drive a slow car fast than a fast car slow.fooler
    • Miatas get such a bad rep, but can get for cheap, light weight and easy to work on.BabySnakes
    • I used to make fun of my friend that had one over 15 years ago. Now I think it will be a fun cheap project to work on and make myself an adult go-cart.fooler
    • My friend is a sort of racer, and he only has good things to say about the Miata drivability and legacy of funmonospaced
    • Apparently they can be turned into rad racers and are actually really well balanced.monospaced
    • ya we give our buddy a hard time about his, but all in fun.BabySnakes
    • The newer ones were more masculine.monospaced
    • Great car just don't wreck in em.since1979
    • Miatas are awesome, they were designed to be super balanced and enjoyable to drive. It is the Mazda philosophy and way.sofakingback
  • mg330

    Hoping to get a new car in the next year. We've got a 2007 Passat 2.0T with only 52,000 miles on it. I love the size of it. We're not ready for an SUV yet; don't have the room in our garage alongside our neighbor's SUV and we're just not SUV people yet, even with a baby.

    Current car lacks blue tooth - a $300 problem - that feels best solved with a new car. I've been holding out for Apple Car Play to arrive in more models. I don't think we'd consider much other than than the VW CC or an Audi A6. A4 seems smaller than current car. I can't think of any American cars I like enough to consider although someone did recently point out the Buick Regal to me and it looks like a great car.

    Definitely want something with AWD, so the Audi Quattro packages are highly appealing.

    Any suggestions?

    • if you have an aux input you can add bluetooth for $15…scarabin
    • Subaru?nb
    • scarabin, unfortunately we don't. The Aux is used by an iPod dock in the glove box. I want bluetooth for music from my phone and hands free phone use.mg33
    • buy a new head unit with gps and bluetooth.imbecile
    • I forget the name... bluetooth through the radio via cigarette lighter/power port. Look on Amazon under bluetooth mp3 player for car. I got mine for about $30.lemmy_k
    • The new A4 (Europe) is bigger than the Passat. But I don't know when you will get it in the US.
    • A6 all day. Got to drive one on a long drive recently. Very nice car. Lots of power, smooth ride.section_014
    • Like set said, what about a Subaru? Best value out there, imo.section_014
    • What about a (used) Merc E-Class? Huge boot, great AWD-System (4MATIC) and holds its value better than VWs and Audis. Which is actually the same.Longcopylover
    • Imprezas are pretty niceburd-turglar
  • whatthefunk3

    1969 Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona Berlinetta Alloy by Scaglietti found in barn in Japan, hidden for nearly 40 years
    €1.400.000 - €1.700.000…

  • BabySnakes5

    Just bought this 88 RX-7 Convertible over the weekend as a project track/cruiser. I love it the more i look at it.

    • These can be super dope. The anniversary and turbo 2's are insanely cool.sofakingback
    • nice oneinstrmntl
    • Gotta Love 80s sportscars, esp. from Japan!mekk
  • elektro0

    this is the Dagger GT, a 2000hp car.
    9,4 Liters V8, double turbo
    peak torque is up to 2,710 Nm
    it's expected to hit 300mph +

    • hahahah WTF is thatpillhead
    • 0-60 in 1,5 secelektro
    • it must be impossible to controlelektro
    • pipe dream will never get built._niko
    • I hope they build itYearzOne
    • you'll be able to drive it to the corner store before having to refuel._niko
    • 300+ mph and it's a convertible? hmmm...ArsenicPants
    • being hit by a bug at that speed would be lethalAmicus
    • Dagger? Come one..inv
    • -einv
    • lol.akrokdesign
    • nice coffin.akrokdesign
    • 1,5 seconds? Wow.. But I think it's American so it will just go in a straight line and if you want to turn, you die. :)Gizz
    • cost $450,000 and they're going to build 5 for 2011elektro
  • _me_0

    Range Rover Evoque - yes or no?

    • barf
      dumb name too
    • "designed" by victoria beckham. so gay.sine
    • One of the better looking SUVs, imho. I like them. Beckham had nothing to do with the design.formed
    • There is a "Special Edition" that she "collaborated" on, which actually looks nice (if you can get over her being associated with it)formed
    • associated with it)formed
    • nope. it's gay. and it's no suv...sine
    • I've allowed this to sit with me before making any rash decisions. After a period of contemplation, I have concluded ...Horp
    • concluded that I don't like it. Its strayed way too far from the LandRover RangeRover core design palette.Horp
    • All the other models are following this stylinggoldieboy
    • they're after the money - hence lots of bling and overstatement. so vulgar, so trashy. LR are coining it!hans_glib
    • SUVs are dumb cars in my opinion but I really like the styling of this one esp. insidemekk
    • it's like if dodge magnum was a SUV. every thing looks good until they roof is bending down like someone push it in.akrok
    • pretty sure, you can't see shit out the back window. oh use the cam. fu. that. make a real window.akrok
  • SteveJobs0

    for the longest time i didn't like porsche's, and along with most other expensive sports cars, I generally didn't favor their 'douchey' drivers much either. however over the last few years i've grown fond of racing (especially f1) and developed an interest in the brand and eventually even the cars aesthetics.

    well, a few weeks ago i purchased my first 911 and it's been one of the best driving experiences i've ever had. apart from the super dark window tint this one looks particularly similar to my setup:

    • so you've become a douche or they never were?albums
    • I'm ok with either conclusion :)SteveJobs
    • haha nicealbums
    • Great cars to drive. Which 911 did you get?goldieboy
    • < aren't they all the same?seeessess
    • nope... C2, C4, C4S GT, GT3, turbo, targa etcgoldieboy
    • what model/year?formed
    • do you need ferrari money to won that?_niko
    • *own_niko
    • No, like 1/5th of Ferrari money.CanHasQBN
    • had a 944 i dumped 30k on (besides the purchase price)
      porches handle like a dream, loved it
  • pillhead0

    That new jag looks plenty good. Mmmm.

    • Dear 911 owners, please be worried!pillhead
    • looks like a tiburonregiste
    • Maserati called....
    • give it 50 years....inv
    • 911 has nothing to worry about.akrok
    • jag's are for old people. like really old. like dead old. well, almost.akrok
    • nicegoldieboy
    • i see a mixture of DB9, Porche, Nissan GTR, BMW M3-kappa-
    • I like the new Jags. Remains to be seen if they can improve reliability to a reasonable level.formed